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2010... Not so bad afterall

You know, Mahts, you just gotta love the whims of fate...


Highest payroll in baseball beaten by not only one of the lowest payrolls in baseball but beaten by a team that declared fucking bankruptcy earliah in the year.


Oh, and did I say "beaten"? That's not quite right is it? Because the Yankees weren't just beaten, they were bludgeoned weren't they?


Beaten by the long ball. Beaten by small ball. Beaten by pitching. Beaten by the pen. Beat, beaten down.


Yeah, well, fuck you Callaghan. Where were your Beantown Beaners and their 2nd highest payroll in baseball during the playoffs?


You friggin hypocrite.


Oh, Mahty, do you know how good it is to hear you measuring the Yankees stature by comparing then to the World Renowned Boston Red Sox, the team with the greatest fans in the world, playing in the greatest ballpahk in the world?


It's a very good feeling, Mahts, very good.


[Sound of sniffing] Wait, what's that smell?... Oh, it's schadenfreude!


I loves me the smell of schadenfreude in the morning, Mahts, don't you?



Also beaten by that rare bread- a mid-season trade that the MFY desperately wanted but who decided (at least for now) that all the money in the Bronx wasn't worth his time.

Am I imagining things, or does Marty's right hand seem more tightly balled up into a fist than usual?

You can almost hear his cartoon arteries snapping shut.

Can we hire Nolan Ryan as our new pitchig coach?

I wonder if Greg Maddux is looking for a job in baseball? Isn't it his brother is the pitching coach at Texas?

Giants versus the Rangers.

That reminds me...football AND hockey are both on now. Way to go, MLB.

Mystique and Aura don't do well in the harsh reality of daylight.

HB, please continue the Mahty thread. Not feeling enough of his pain. Not even close. There should be enough material to go the whole winter torturing that prick. Maybe Doug could reach out and make a sales call. Hey, where's BigBri when you want to hear from him?

I prefer the Marty strips where Bill is left fuming.

I'm with Lazio... been waiting for the Mahty post with baited breath, and you did not disappoint ("schadenfreude" has been my favorite baseball term since '04). However, one strip alone is not sufficient to convey how much joy abounds at MFY expense. More, please, we need more. Much more.

And not only is the schadenfreude sweet (VERY, VERY sweet) but the Rangers are a pretty likable team, with no A-Rod-type assholes and some trading deadline pickups that have really helped. I hope they go all the way.

my Yankee fan friends are no longer trying to counter my previous argument that Phil Hughes was in no way deserving of being an all-star . . .

Can't believe nobody has mentioned this yet:


Solid gold.

Just got a cool "Thank You Season Ticket Holders" card in the mail. It's signed by all the players and coaches.

Check out the Onion Sports News in brief: "A-Rod finally leads Rangers to the World Series"

Looks to me that along with his velour sweater Mahts has his velvet underground in a twist...

I hope it's knotted up good.

"Also beaten by that rare bread- a mid-season trade that the MFY desperately wanted but who decided (at least for now) that all the money in the Bronx wasn't worth his time. "

Actually, it was the broken ankle of Yankees prospect David Adams that made the Mariners decide the trade wasn't worth their time. That, and the fact the Rangers relented on prospect Justin Smoak.

What would make this schaudenfreude even better is if Texas goes on to win the World Series and Cliff decides 'Hey, pitching here in Texas 4 hours away from home isn't so bad. Think I'll stick around for another 5 years here.'

Mistake and horror baby,mistake and horror-bwahahahaha ;D

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