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On the bench

Your omniscient author in absentia:
The best thing about doing Soxaholix for fun is that I can have the occassional day where I just confess that I've got nothing.

Today is one of those days.

Meanwhile, the e-book project I spoke of before has fallen a bit behind schedule but it's still going to happen this year.

-- Hart



Medicinal pot
Spreads its tiny leaves and grows
A mouse standing guard.

This team has a lot of gutzzz.


A mouse standing guard
his tiny Beefeater hat
so big in shadows.

In absentia
Hart takes a well deserved rest
Where's the mouse button?

So big in shadows
The Red Sox waiting for fall
Pride first, Yankees next

Anybody else notice that Jose Bautista looks exactly like El Greco?

Pride first, Yankees next --
Gathering swallows twitter,
Many followers

Many followers
Used to cheer out in left field
Manny followers

Haiku and Youk-u,
we all cheer for Dustin-ku
one more week away

Five back from Yankees,
Wild card in sight - four point five
Sox nine not dead yet

Sox nine not dead yet
But Manny followers have
Got nothing today

'Got nothing today,'
Shrugged the wizened old Buddha
With a knowing smile.

With a knowing smile
I keep the haiku flowing
Mike keeps hope alive

Mike keeps hope alive
Pedroia back on Tuesday
Tek for October?

Mike keeps hope alive
Lisa keeps HOPA alive
Where is Arturo?

Tek for October?
Big Shamrock for November
A-Gon - December?

HOPA girl is fake
Jet Blue guy got a ballad
How will Lisa quit?

How will Lisa quit,
when Saltalamacchia
just got the call up?

Salty has Tek thighs
Natalie chimes from NY
a visit comes soon?

A visit comes soon
Boston in mid-September
Salty up close, yum.

'Salty up close, yum.'
Makes me all tingly inside
double entendre

Double entendre
Dispense with accuracy
Pharmacist's law suit.

Pharmacist's law suit:
Aerosmith and J Geils ask,
"What does a fen weigh?".

Pharmacist's law suit
"You gave me fake Viagra"
Oh, you're such a pill.

Dammit, Kaz!

"What does a fen weigh?"
He asked the science major.
Same as Grecian urns.

Have we exhausted
our collective haiku minds?
Will mine be the last?

"Will mine be the last?",
asked Papelbon to Tito.
"Give me the ball, Paps."

Where's the Rays game at?
Detroit Three, Tampa Bay One
Step nearer Wild Card.

pharmacist's law suit?
job security, says I
no Viagra here

Where's Miss Natalie?
Did she just salt yum and run?
A pink and teal blur

To salt yum and run
Is typically the man's role
But I can play too. :)

Will mine be the last?
A question quite neglecting
Timezone SDU.

"Timezone SDU":
Another Law and Order?
That makes me feel glum.

Timezone SDU(?)
With seasons turned on their heads
13 hours means zilch.

Nat can play too.
It's her reason for living
To salt yum and run

Get to the salt yum
"Before the Jacuzzi!"
Mel Gibson demands

Thirty-six entries,
completed in bad haiku.
Refrigerator. :-D

Now it's 39
Detroit 3, Tampa Bay 2.
How 'bout them apples?

How 'bout them apples?
What, do they play in Dallas?
Rotten to the core.

Rotten to the core. (Corp)
That's what Frank Burns was on M.A.S.H.
Hot Lips Houlihan!


Bill Hall finally broke out
waited all season

I was premature
predicting final haiku
Now mine will be last

The old pond
A frog jumps in
The sound of water.

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