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No kidding

Is it me or does 17 year old Bryce Harper not look a day undah 30?


So 9-game homestand about to commence... the must have is 6 but 7 would be nice.


It's doable.


And you know, despite the disappointment of the most recent road trip, going 5-5 in one of the toughest pahts of the entiah schedule isn't so bad at all.


With that 10 game nastiness behind us, chasing the Rays is easiah today than it was before the road trip.




We're kidding ourselves aren't we?


Like Lindsay Lohan coming out of rehab.



Bryce Harper kind of looks like Youk. But a little older.

someone beat that boy with the ugly stick.

No kidding. The only way he's getting on a Wheaties box is if they put it over his head.

So, like Ms. Blohan, do the Sox have a drunk mother that can whine alot about how unfair this season has been AND actually get the baseball judges to waive the requirement to finish the regular season and just allow the Sox to go straight to the playoff party?

Can we hire someone's drunk mother to do this?

I might be in the minority, but I rarely, if ever find baseball players attractive. Nice asses, sure but then they turn around and their face explodes all over you and ruins the fantasy.

Speaking of ugly ball players, I got a kick out of these.

pseudo - after reading your post, well... I think Hedley Lamarr said it best:

"My mind is a raging torrent, flooded with rivulets of thought cascading into a waterfall of creative alternatives."

...and the scary thing Rob is that I remember a lot of those cards ;D

I have probably 1/2 those cards still.

Oscar Gamble's 'fro is a thing of beauty, but nothing - NOTHING I tell you - beats Wally Moon's unibrow.

Harwich & COD, what's worse than remembering those cards, is that I once wore glasses similar to some of those pictured. GAK!

Sox are done. Sorry. I can try to believe but I can't. They can't catch the Rays/MFY. We have a 26.98664 of making the playoffs. This is down from 34% last week. Not good. Hell they can't even catch the Rangers. See you next year.

Sorry 34% was a figment from a month ago. 28 from a few days ago. Trending downward.

Sorry 34% was a figment from a month ago. 28 from a few days ago. Trending downward.

As long as we can finish within 6 blown saves of a playoff spot, I'll be happy.

There's nothing better than massive glasses and a pedo moustache to get a girls' juices flowing. Add in a .363 batting average and I'm good to go.

"The only way he's getting on a Wheaties box is if they put it over his head."


I want rustlers, cutthroats, murders, bounty hunters, desperados, mugs, pugs, thugs, nitwits, halfwits, dimwits, vipers, snipers, con-men, Indian agents, Mexican bandits, muggers, buggerers, bushwhackers, hornswogglars, horse thieves, bull-dykes, train robbers, bank robbers, ass-kickers, shit-kickers, and Methodists!

A true classic ;)

I also appreciated Hedley Lamarr's attempt to qualify for the student discount at the Mann's Chinese Theater box office.

Head 'em off at the pass?!?

I hate that cliche!

You're so ugly, every time your mother looks at you she says to herself, "Damn, I should've
just given head."

Bryce Harper or John Lackey?

Larry Bird.

Reggie Miller.

R.I.P. Bobby Thompson - "The Shot Heard 'Round the World"

I met Bobby Thompson and Ralph Branca at Runyon's in New York years ago. They were best buddies.

Dude, I have always thought Reggie Miller is hot. But I guess I am the minority... certainly by pseudo's statement. Baseball players to me are hotter than most other sports (Hockey? Football- aside from QBs?) Oh, maybe you are thinking soccer, but eh, they are so metrosexual...

Miller never sported a pedo moustache OR a .363 average, and those ears of his would lift a B-52 fuselage with a good headwind.

And clearly, all this equating of baseball talent with good looks explains my dismal failure in Little League. :-(

You see that the Spaceman is going to be pitching for the Brockton Rox?

I saw that, Bob. Might have to go check that out- it's only about 20 minutes from here

Bill Lee should have a guinea pig bobble head night. Don Mossi (Indians 50's) might have been the ugliest man to play pro ball..but watch out for Harper-- he might be our catcher some day.Jacoby and Papbomb for Harper and a middle reliever that matters-- do it now. I'm dead, but my name is Hedy Lamarr.
Mr. Jamison says thwe Sox will be in the playoffs.

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