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Missing my start

Your omniscient author in absentia:
Looks like my turn for a random injury...

Woke up yesterday with a really bad stiff neck and all the discomfort that goes with it, but figured I'd be better as the day went on and certainly better the next morning.

Well, no luck. Pain got worse not better and and even taking one of my wife's post-surgery pain meds last night had no effect. Barely slept, and this morning I have even less range of movement and moments of acute pain seem to be triggered by no discernible pattern of movement.

So I'm going to go check in with the doc. (Hopefully, I'll have a better time than Timmy.)

You'll have to get the discussion of last night's feast on homecooking going on your own.



will this DL stint include a rehab start at livejournal?

LOL. That is funny.

C'mon, walk it off, h.b. Remember the bloody sock.

Rub some dirt in it, H.B. Dirt mixed with oxycodone and valium.

Hope you're feeling better soon, h.b. Having pinched a nerve in my neck many years ago and having it sporadically flare up, I know how painful necks can be -- a true pain in the neck.

As for the Sox, we seem to do pretty well against Jered Weaver and Buchholz continues to impress. Let's see if we can gain any ground on this homestand.

Alright, jaHcoBy, you can have a day, but try not to make it a 3 month long day, huh? The peoples aren't buying my "he's a real special kid" shit anymore. Oh, and the trick is to take 2 of those little beauties. No? Ok, then 3.

My wife gets ill and I give her the foolproof remedy for most illnesses and injuries. Lose some weight, get some exercise, and accept Christ into your life. Her response is not pretty but it does bring her off her deathbed quickly.

I never realized it was so difficult for you to wake up with a stiffy, h.b.

Oh, wait...

(Feel better soon.)

So it seems that only thing I've found that gives me some relief is coffee.

Thought it was coincidence, but there definitely seems to be a repeatable cause/effect.

That's just simple addiction. A fine one to have in the collection.

Jeff beat me to the smahtass Jacoby remark. In any case, feel better.

I think Dr. Kaz would quibble with your experimental design.

Nope. I'll allow it.

H.B., you should repeat the coffee experiment with Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder. That would carry more clinical weight because it'd be a double blind study.

Might be worth noting that Dr. Kaz works for Victor Conte. h.b., if we see your hat size changing dramatically, well, all I can say is you were warned. Don't volunter to piss in any cups.

As a physiotherapist I suggest BioFreeze if you can't get to a massage therapist. Me? I'd have you fixed in 20 minutes. It's too bad I'm in south London kid.

The reason the coffee works is because caffine is a vasoconstrictor. Shrinking the size of blood vessels reduces pain. Hence, icing to reduce swelling, etc. Don't go overboard though, it's also a diuretic and will sap you of essential hydration if you overdo it. But in the short run it won't do you any harm.

Stop being such a pussy.

Of course I'm fucking kidding around.

LMAO. well done. feel better, hb. And as pseudo said, shrinkage can relieve pain- if it lasts more than 4 hours, though.....

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