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Hair today, gone tomorrow

Oh, hai. I can haz pennant race?


For those of you scoring on your iPads that's 3 straight, 5 of 7, and 11 of 16.


I think we're gonna need a biggah bandwagon.


Lest we get ahead of ourselves, let's remember that the odds of making the postseason still stand at a modest 34%.


Yeah, it's a real jungle out there...


And by jungle I, of course, mean Sasha Grey's vajayjay cameo on Entourage.


And that folks was one of the worst watah coolah conversation segue's in history.


Yeah, well, as I always say, the pubes justify the means.



Va-ja-ja? Let's just call it what it is: a panty hamster.

Between the salt yum and the pubes, Soxaholix is getting a little frisky these days. Or wait, is that just me?

Helluva game last night. But damn, 34%? That's not even roulette odds. Still, the recent trend is encouraging. My seat on the bandwagon is secure: not all the way in the back near the unshakeabke stalwarts, but also not hanging off the front edge like some late-charging pink hat...

I think "salt yum" needs to be on a tshirt.

And, Bob, I confess this is my first time hearing "panty hampster." Worse, I confess that I really like it. (I'm still at a 7th grade maturity level for the most part.)

Also let it be know that as a guy who came of age in the "Joy of Sex" illustration 70s, Hart Brachen has no qualms with going native.

I thought about 'going native,' but I imagine it's like guys trying to grow a beard... I couldn't deal with the itchy in-between stage. Oh, and whether you are a man or a women, native does not mean untended, or else salt yum is no fun for anyone. AmIrightoramIright?

I am in for a salt yum tee BTW.... :)

All Your Playoffs Are Belong To Us

I'd like a little Turde on my Tee ;D

don't look now, but the seats next to me on the bandwagon are filling up.



I think "back stateside" version of Natalie is turned up a notch or two over the "London calling" version of Natalie.

And I think this is a good thing, a very good thing.

I feel the same way, hb. Combo of just in general being happier AND actually getting to watch these games we all talk about. Stoked for the stretch run- almost as fun as salt yum (and no, I don't think I am ever going to get tired of that euphemism ;)


If you keep talking about salt yum and vajayjays and pubes, pretty soon my IT folks are gonna block your site :-)

Seriously, though, who doesn't like a good vajayjay story to spice up the morning (I ask rhetorically)?

Does anybody here remember Crabby Appleton?

just wondering

The worst water cooler segue in history was actually in November of 1991 when Danny turned to his friend Charles and said, "What's up, Chuck?" at which point both men began to discuss the finer points of puke.

Bob - gnocchi at Taranta makes my top five all-time dish list. Any chance of sharing a pint around 5:30?

Oof-da! Is it hot in here or is it just Natalie? Heh.

Agree with LarryE. I'm going to have privileges taken from me if this keeps up.

I know Crabby Appleton. He's no Manfred the Wonder Dog. Or Tom Terrific, either.

Shite, yazbread, I'm in the edit/recording suite from 3:00-10:00-ish today. Maybe tomorrow?

Glas to hear you liked Taranta. The Peruvian chef (Jose Duarte) does a very cool take on Italian.

Not to challenge the worst water cooler segue, but after last night's victory, and grit that this bunch has shown, a favorite quote from one of my Jesuit classics professors has stuck in my head.

I'll be sitting in the "Audaces fortuna iuvat" section of said bandwagon...36% be damned

I missed last night's game to go to a Nationals game. What a disaster - both the Nats and Marlins were kicking the ball all around the field. The only fun part was watching the out of town scoreboard - until the mfy ninth, that is.

For those who have never heard panty hamster before (I count myself among those)...here is the Urban Dictionary take


@Natalie, you mean you weren't staying up until 3a.m. to watch the games live while you were here? Only me? Okay.

Side note: I have to remind myself the hubby is still learning the finer/sillier nuances of the game. While perusing YouTube for *amazing play* videos the hubby plugs Varitek's name into the search. Next thing I know he's asking me- 'Does Varitek have a lot of female fans? All these videos are about his ass! I mean I guess it's nice and all, but I think Youk fills out his trousers better.' +1 to the husband.

Big fan of the term trousers.

I do recall reading somewhere that most trouser snakes, not all mind you, but certainly more than 4 out of 5 leading trouser snakes, prefer panty hamsters.

I CAN"T BELIEVE PAPALBON BLEW ANOTHER GAME. I'm sorry, but we need to make Bard the closer or SOMETHING. Six blown games this year is too much and we had a 3-RUN LEAD.


Fuck, that sucked.

terrible. just terrible. imo, the closer torch was just passed to bard. and was then immediately dropped.

btw, those 6 games are the difference right now...

@Bob - poor planning on my part. Reunion activities begin tomorrow. Our version of 'If this is Tuesday .....'. Went to BPL today to find an obit. Entire staff appears to have interned at Registry of Motor Vehicles. Something tells me we are not in the Mid-West anymore Toto.

Maybe we kept the wrong Papelbon?

Granular -- I agree that those six games are the difference. Good point. But I disagree that the torch was dropped. You can't blame Bard for a fly ball out with the bases loaded because of Papelbon.

I wishe I felt serene right now but I don't. This of course is the downside of caring.

Completely agree with LarryE. Bard was sent on a suicide mission.

Larry you're completely right, that was the anger talking. that was pap's man, and bard got an out from it. as soon as i posted it i knew it was unfair. now i'm just disappointed, and concerned. also angry. very very angry.

dude i am so angry.

Somehow...somehow, I just knew that the 7th inning was the right time to take my laptop to a presentation and avoid watching/hearing the end of the game.

Somehow I avoided witnessing that first hand and jumping out the window in my new (to me) office. The window doesn't even open, but I would have jumped out of it anyways.

Back in '07 and '08 when Paps came in, one had the confidence that he would just get outs, no problem. Last year and this year I get very, very nervous when he comes in. I am not nervous when Bard's on the mound and it seems logical to me that he is only going to get better.

I bet Theo tries to trade Paps during the off-season> SOMEONE will want a closer that's gotten 25+ saves in each of the last three years.

Bummer of a game... glad I missed it. Does the Pap situation not just highlight how frickin unbelievable Mariano Rivera was and is? *jealous groan*

Sox also traumatizing when viewed in direct sunlight.

Well, Jonathan Papelsuckmysaltyum is now the AL leader in blown saves.

LarryE - I really really hope you are right.


Oh Hai! I can haz gud clozur? Dat's crazee!

Jesus wept.

And no wonder by Christ.

[With deference to whichever apostle wrote the first line and Jimmy Joyce (not the umpire) who added the second.]

Jeezus wept fur cheezburger?

Burgers & paps.

When Papelbon shits the bed like this, I will now call it a Pap smear...because that's all we're left with: a big ol' smear of shit where Pap was.

What? That's already taken? Damn.

don't turn around oh oh oh zaza...der kommisar's in town oh oh oh....

Waiting for BigBri to chirp in... not really

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