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Faces come out of the rain

It's not the sweep I was naively hoping for on Friday morning, but I'll take it.


Yeah, I'll take that kind of pitching any day of the week.


OMFG Bahd coming in for Lestah with the bases loaded and one out in the 7th and not just fanning but friggin going absolutely Dyson Air Multipliah on Jetah and Swish-then-rinse on 6 pitches?!


The pitch he threw to get Swishah was a 99-mph two-seam sinking fastball that broke down and away and away and away.


As Bill Hall put it: "Nobody throws a two-seamah 99. Nobody."


And was it my imagination or did Paps have his splittah back as well?


Cancel the sad trombones, hold the full-figured contralto lady in the wings, this season ain't ovah yet.


Wait, not just any season, but a "strange, strange season" according the CHB.


Of course, no word from the Shank as to what, if anything, makes this season especially strange.


Are you kidding me? Supporting a thesis is for the little people.


I don't think the CHB has evah quite recovered from loss of his Curse meme.


To him, by default even the slightest deviation from the norm is the result of some macabre phantasm.


Dude should know that it's so wrong to fake a phantasm.



Next time Bard sees Tex, he should put that 99 mph cutter in his ribs. Seriously.

"Fake a phastasm."


It was nice in the second inning to expose Phil Hughes for the chump that he has been lately.

It's a shame we didn't stomp down on the back of his neck while we had him tasting the curb though.

"Oh yeah? Well... well... I faked my phantasm, too. So there!"

Good stuff today, h.b. You're rounding into playoff form very nicely. As is Bard. Holy smokes! I didn't see the game down here, but the ESPN highlights were awesome. That last pitch to Swisher amazed me.

Actually, CHB kind of reminds me of Angus Scrimm (with a perm).

Excellent strip.

good stuff, hb. like the hurlers.



Now I come with hat in hand to ask for restaurant recommendations. Waterfront or short cab ride works fine having settled on the SDU recommendation of BHH.
Sorry to derail today's conversation, but we all know this collective readership happens to be the best concierge service for Boston or any other place in the world. I am subjecting my wife to the reunion so this part of the trip ensures that she has some fun as well.

Yaz - If you like that kind of thing (and I do), Tapeo Restaurant & Tapas Bar at 266 Newbury Street is one of our favorite places for something a little different. Tapas food allows for a lot of variety, and I like it for the chance to do a lot of conversing as you dine. The food and service there are very good, although I wouldn't proclaim for myself the title of grand gourmand that many here might. Have a safe and pleasant trip.

Actually, Yazbread, the restaurant in the BHH is quite good. Meritage. Chef Bruce is kind of a Boston legend. Great wine list too.

Also, Sel de la Terre is near there. Country French, very well done.

Of course, you're a pretty short walk from the North End and its plethora of Italian restaurants. My favs there are Taranta, Terramia, Mamma Maria, and Prezza. And Neptune Oyster for oysters and other seafood.

I had a dynamite meal at the Omni Parker last April. The Parker House rolls are not to be missed.

No one remembers your name now either.

btw, nice Doors reference, hb



Just had a quick sandwich at the Sail Loft. When exiting, who should walk by but...CHB.

Still have a soft spot for Echo and the Bunnymen's version.

By the way, anyone else notice CHB's headshot on his Globe page?

What's he doing? Auditioning for a recurring cameo on the Soxaholix strip? h.b., say it ain't so!

He didn't look that lifelike in person.

LOL, Bob.

Dyson air multiplier? If I'm spending £200 on a fan it better blow me. I lack a weiner but, damn, I'll grow one for that price.

LOL, pseudo. Although, if a fan were to blow me, I'd rather it be one without blades.

Here you go Bop, an abundance of choice. But be careful out there:


If I lie on my bed, the ceiling fan would work. Of course, I have very low ceilings.

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