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Doing our part

Jumpin' John Edward Thomas Moynahan (Brady) that was a nice comeback.


OK, let's see where we stand...


Red Sox feasting on homecoming and winning at Fenway?


Rays collapsing as they go on the road for the tough part of their schedule?
Ah, fuck me.


Friggin Texas.


Seriously. Wasn't it enough for Dallas that they killed JFK? Now they've gotta go an' roll ovah on the Rays while we're kicking the living stuffing out of the Angels?


But you know no mattah how this season plays out, there have been some high points.


Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, Bill Hall.


Yeah, Hall but also McDonald, Patterson, Kalish and Nava.


Yeah, well, hold on to those good thoughts as you may need them come Novembah when the trees are stripped bare and the Yankees are getting a tickah tape parade down Broadway.



Those kids are all very promising. It'd be great if the Sox could become a sort of Super Tampa Bay; able to develop great young talent, AND able to afford resigning them when the time comes.

Of course, "promising" is all well and good, but championships in the here and now are pretty nice, too.

Here's how it's going to go down. The sox come home to Fenway for the last 3 games of the year against the Yanks 3 games back, sweep, and then of course win the 1 game playoff, in which (you guessed it) Bill Hall hits a 3-run homer off of Kerry Wood in the 7th. Bard and Paps shut the Y's down.

Then we get swept by Texas in the first round!

That scenario would swell my gourd ;O

Damn, GSGH. I was happily following you down that primrose path and really enjoying the scenery, until I stepped on bear trap you buried in the October leaves. Thanks for taking the edge out of the morning for me. :(

I approve of GSGH's scenario.

Of course I would since I have tickets to the October 3rd season-ender against the Yankees. However, I think we'll take the Wild Card and beat Minnesota in the first round.

Kaz, please don't refer to the October 3 game as the "season-ender." It's the last game of the regular season. Right?

So I'm thinking it's an interesting coincidence that h.b has a stiff neck yesterday, the 43rd anniversary of Tony C getting beamed by Jack Hamilton. A little couvade going on h.b.?

So think about whether we could have won the WS in '67 if our clean-up hitter hadn't suffered a season-ending (and, effectively, a career-ending) injury on August 18, 1967. He was 22 years old, already the youngest player to win a HR championship and the youngest player to hit 100 HRs. Yaz and Tony C would have been one of the most feared and productive 3-4 tandems (and outfield teammates) in BB history. Unlike Ortiz and Manny, Tony C could actually field and Yaz was gold glove caliber.

OK. enough with the trip down memory lane. Where I thought GSGH was going with his scenario was that we'd lose the 1-game playoff against the MFYs. That scenario would be sweet revenge for '78 but ..........

Even with Tony C., I have to go with the Cardinals. Gibson still wins three and Lonny still comes back on short rest.

The Yankees winning a world series is like the inevitable case of chafing that dude's are going to get on really hot days. No matter what you do to prevent the pain, no matter how often you change to dry clothes, no matter whether you are a Gold Bond, Desitin, Johnson & Johnson's, or Budreaux's Butt Paste devotee, no matter your plan to keep the balls off the legs, every so often your crotch goes butt rash nuclear and there's nothing you can do about it.

No matter what, every so often the Yankees really give me a case of the red ass.

And the Redsox this year are just not keeping up with the chafing heat. Not doing such a bad job that I can just sit on the bench and be grateful that I can air things out a bit, but not doing a good enough job to keep the red ass at bay.

Bob, they don't call it the "postseason" because it's time to put up the cattle fencing on the prairie.

When it all comes down to that first round of the playoffs, I think we could easily keep Texas in range or make Minnesota do a double take. I might be crazy, but I don't think we'll lead the division. New York just seems to be a bunch of jerk-offs with enough of a lead to keep us in second.

Comparing the Yankees with a case of heat-induced crotch rot. Successfully, too. Nice!

A tip of the cap (and a container of Gold Bond) to you, Jeff.

NY Times: Roger Clemens to be indicted for perjury.

I'm here daily but seldom comment. Can't aspire to the comedic heights of you regulars but enjoy them almost as much as the strip. For the record, not off the bandwagon, never was. Not overly optimistic but the fat lady is not even in dress rehearsal yet.

H.B. My RX for your neck... Double up on wife's pain meds and wash them down with a tumbler of Scotch. Might not make the pain go away but you won't mind it as much.

Yep, still optimistic but definitely not as optimistic as Kaz & GSGH...actually enjoying the season more now though.

Having lived some time in VA, NC and SC, swamp ass (or crotch rot) was miserable - much like the Yankees. Perfect anal-ogy Jeff.

BTW thanks for all the sympathy and advice re the neck.

Feeling much, much better today. Still limited range of movement but no longer random, blinding pain.

Yep, Steve -- There is justice in this world sometimes.

maybe the one day a year when i don't act the fool, but please consider, especially those of you outside of Boston, to giving to the Jimmy Fund Radio telethon today or tomorrow. mention that you are a member of this creepy band of commenting goons. it won't get you a prize, but it will do some good.



I am ready to lead the lemmings off the bandwagon.

I already gave this morning, L.C. 10% of my salary. It's the best $50 I ever spent.

billy "hall game"

I just spent too much time trying to convince a friend of a friend on Facebook that American Adjunct Lagers (like Budweiser, Miller High Life, and Coors) are crap compared to a real Pale Lager (like Sam Smith's Pure Lager (yum), or even Heineken or Moosehead) because of the Adjunct (corn or rice...to bring the cost of the beer down for mass production).

He then replied: "But that's just it, you're comparing two different kinds of beer."

Sigh...uncouth moron.

Speaking of drinking, most of you probably know about the assault at the Lansdowne Pub where a guy died because some jackass threw a glass mug across the room at his table (not even at him) that shattered and cut his jugular. Well, word has it that the city's licensing board is going to consider whether the entire city should have to go glassless because of it. Morons...

next up - steak houses without knives.

Bars would be better off trying to go moron-less.

There are good beers from the US and nobody's ever heard of them because the crap gets all the marketing (and sells 30-racks for $20).

mm, this post is making me thirsty. Going to get me some cold refreshing beer.

Greetings from Munich!
-- R

Rolo's got the right idea: beer at 10am in the morning! Now I am salivating. Damn these all day meetings...

Ironically, I can suggest a similar strategy for getting through meetings ...

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