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So the Red Sox have the best record in baseball since April 20th.


Of course they do. Don't you know everything gets bettah aftah 4/20?


Well, except for explosions on oil rigs in the Gulf which, coincidentally, also stahted on 4/20.


60 days and counting.


Ah, stop being such a bunch of CHB doomahs and gloomahs...


Here's the deal: a relief well is dug by August, then a Septembah hurricane disperses the worst concentrations of the oil... And by next summah it's all a fading memory.


What? Did you have a beatific vision or something?


Yeah, but in Doug's case remembah that a beatific vision is shorthand for a nocturnal emission involving Sarah Palin and bukake.


Jeez, guy, you say that like it's a bad thing.



Thank God I don't put cream in my coffee.

Q: What do The Waldos, Louis Pasteur, Adolph Hitler, the Gulf Oil Spill, Sarah "I can see Russia from my house" Palin and bukakke all have in common?

A: They're all prominently featured in today's Soxaholix strip. Damn, h.b.! You're really weaving some disparate threads into some fine hemp cloth today.

Thinking about it, all you missed was a follow-up Cleveland Steamah comment.

Speaking of Which



I might have thought the term was "mazeltoss", lc.

Or Nozzle tov.

...or Douche nozzle tov ;)

apparently she wears those glasses for a reason...

It's better to look good than to feel good - Fernando

It's better to look smart than to be smart -
Sarah Palin

and to look steamed than to be steamed?

It's better to form a blue ribbon commission of smart people to talk about it. -- B. Obama

As long as those wicked smaht people delegate actually doing stuff to the little people, why not?

That's my theory with the comments.

Thanks little people. I'm sending you a Brachen Steamer as my way of saying thanks.

good thing I'm a small person, not a little one

h.b. dare I ask what a Brachen steamer is?:) If its made up of the steaming goodness of a soxaholix strip all is well... otherwise... I just shudder to think what you might come up with:)

I'ts like the Cleveland Steamer but with a hint of Sriracha.

Ohh the Sriracha makes all the difference.

Does it include a steam whistle "toot toot", or a rousing cheer of "Yankees Suck"?

I hope it's Sriracha and not blood.

(Enjoy your dinner everybody!)

Thanks Bob ;O

it all sounds so delicious

You can even eat the dishes...

My turn for liquid thru nose and onto keyboard... the liquid is red wine (though could be blood, natch)

Harwich - hilarious!

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