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Sweet 16 for O's

Losing to the fucking Orioles in extras is like Helen Thomas showing up at your Bar Mitzvah.


Not appreciated.


Hey, the Orioles had to win a game again at some point.


Yeah, and seeing that look of relief on the Oriole's playahs faces when they stormed out of the dugout like they'd just won the Division took some of the sting away.


How does a team get so bad anyway? I mean 16 and 41 and on pace for the 13th *consecutive* losing season?


Certainly puts our occasional hissy fits into perspective, doesn't it?


Hey, those hissy fit days are ovah. Haven't you heard? The Red Sox are no longah very populah.



The recent "unpopularity" of the Red Sox is merely a natural weeding-out of many pink hats and other fair weather fans. Don't worry, they'll make occasional appearances at playoff games, opening day, and whenever Heidi Montag is in the crowd autographing bits of her old body.

and at least Lackey pitched better and the Celtics one a great game !!!

Why was Ortiz batting against lefties late in the game? He is hitting .175 against lefties this season, and hasn't hit above .225 against lefties since 2007.

If Francona is that great of a manager, why are we like 1-7 in extra inning games? I think he gets out-managed in use of his bullpen assets and bench

If having the most wins in all of baseball (outside of the AL East) is "unpopular", then I'm gonna have to just put myself down as a fan of an unpopular team.

Sure, we're 3rd/4th place...in only the hardest division in all of the majors. Who could of expected that we'd even be *this* close right now.

But I don't like giving the O's any wins. I want Baltimore to be SO fed up with Angelos that they run him out of town on a pitchfork...the only way that's going to happen is if the team isn't just in 5th (they can live with that evidently) but to be absolutely embarassed...even worse than, say, the Pirates.

we suck in extra inning games because our bullpen sucks. We win in spite of them - they always seem to give up a few runs. The team needs a good 3 to 11 run lead before bullpen to eke out a win. Extra innings starts with a tie, and well... Francona can take some blame I'm sure, but chicken shit will never make a good chicken salad.

Are the Sox unpopular or are the fair-weather fans just getting tired? Will this mean few-pink hats and that I have a chance at tickets? Will they put the fence back up to keep the bleacher-creatures from flooding the rest of the park? I'm okay with that as long as the boys keep winning.

Although seriously, we need to start pulling out the extra-inning wins. I trust Bard and barely trust Paps, Okajima and recently Delcarmen- no one past them. The Lackey signing was a bust and Dice-K is up and down (mostly down) and Beckett on the DL. Wasn't this team supposed to be all about the pitching?

Okay, I'm done with the ranting. Jeff- I'm glad I didn't go to your family's picnics...

I could give a shit if the Sox are popular. I like them and the bandwagoneers can eat a bag of dicks.

All you have to do is follow three simple rules. One, never underestimate your opponent. Expect the unexpected. Two, take it outside. Never start anything inside the bar unless it's absolutely necessary. And three, be nice. If somebody gets in your face and calls you a cocksucker, I want you to be nice. Ask him to walk. Be nice. If he won't walk, walk him. But be nice. If you can't walk him, one of the others will help you, and you'll both be nice. I want you to remember that it's a job. It's nothing personal.

They do,da kine,they do ;O

HA! I see someone's a Louis C.K. fan. Do I shell them like edamame? Can we just have the days back when I didn't shit myself when the 'closers' come on. I'm ruining all my good pants.

if you put enough Lawrey's Season-All on the chicken shit... well, it makes you think its going to be ok (like our bullpen) but it still tastes like chicken shit and the picnic is not going to end well (like our bullpen).

and it won't help the taste of the bag of dicks at all (i'm pretty sure about that anyway, but have to confess I'm only guessing)

and re: Lackey, I am willing to ignore his mouth hanging open like a retard and his extra chin and his moles if he is going to win, but if he's going to lose, I am going to be childish and petty.

Speaking of old, withered arms (and moles, I am guessing), Helen Thomas just "retied."

I don't know that I'd have been relying on an 89-year-old to report on the day's weather from in front of a bay window, let alone on the White House.

Jason O. -- Unfortunately, Camden Yards is not the Double Deuce, and Sam Elliot is NOT walking through those doors...

And Hank Steinbrenner = Brad Wesley

(Nice reference though, Dalton.)

And for Tito's benefit:

I want you to be nice until it's time to not be nice.

I don't consider myself a fair weather fan, but nontheless, this formula seems a bit played out, but then again, or not.


I love Soxaholix and routinely forward them to friends, including today's... Can't blame you for the shot at Helen, but I can assure you from working alongside her for years that she doesn't have a hateful bone in her body, and I'd be honored to have her at my son's bar mitzvah in a few years, because the main thing that truly upsets her is injustice of all types. Can also forgive folks for making ignorant comments about what an 89-year-old can or cannot do, but the world would be a far better place if people had half the concern for humanity that she does. I'm no on-again, off-again bandwagoner with the Sox and won't be one with Helen either.

Gee, thanks Paul. I'm so glad that you can forgive the "ignorant comments" of the great unwashed outside of the WH press corps. Even though I'll (sadly) no longer have her front row editorials about "flotilla massacres" as my guide, I'll continue to strive to meet your rigorous ethical standard: Just 50% of Helen Thomas's concern for humanity.

Gee, thanks Paul. I'm so glad that you can forgive the "ignorant comments" of the great unwashed outside of the WH press corps. Even though I'll (sadly) no longer have her front row editorials about "flotilla massacres" as my guide, I'll continue to strive to meet your rigorous ethical standard: Just 50% of Helen Thomas's concern for humanity.

Fuck the Jets and their shitty fans!

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