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Random Friday Yaks

Dropping 2 straight Cleveland? Um, OK... Just when I though I could set aside my "it's a long season" rationalizations for mental sanity.


What is he doing while he's on the DL, wrestling grizzlies or something?


Oh, and then there's Pedroia who may be injured, may be playing through the injury and making it worse.


Look, are we going to have to staht talking to some experts?


And I'm not saying gathah them up for a college seminah but so that we can find some answers, and you know, find out whose ass to kick.


So do you think that someday, say, 50 years from now the Sox will be unveiling statues of Schilling, Petey, Papi and othahs from "The" Team in bronze.


Not bronze. Holograms. Perpetual solah powahed holograms.


That interact with passersby?


Fuck yeah. And flying cahs.


And only the Sabermetricians and Scientists will be able to perform basic arithmetic.



An old advertising research question to clients: What would you do if you had a flying car?

They always answer, "get to work faster." The point being that new technology is always initialy used to do the same old thing.

So, what would we do if there were holographic statues? Probably put jerseys on them.


HEADLINE: "Outbreak of e coli originating from local (fill in the blank) franchise burger joint"

When asked what happened, the manager said the newly hired cook with his HS diploma only cooked the burgers for half the required time, but that was ok since he showed how he put the burger on the grill and took it off the grill, thus acheiving partial credit for his work leading the manager to serve only 500 burgers that day instead of 1,000. See? There's no problem with this concept whatsoever.

So do the Redsox get a 1/2 a win for showing how they batted, ran and fielded even though they got the number of runs required to win wrong?

Holographic images? Only if there is a way for Henry and Co. to make money from it.

Ellsbury is most likely continuing to aggravate his ribs by using his other "bat". This is my base, cheap, easy guess.

And oh yeah, Lestah getting spotted 4 runs should be a done deal.

Go Celtics.

And Bruins (Taylor Hall.


//The Red Sox now know why Jacoby Ellsbury had recurring pain during his brief stint back from the disabled list. The center fielder, who flew to Southern California and was examined by the renowned Dr. Lewis Yocum on Wednesday, has a different fracture in his left ribs than the one that initially put him out of commission on April 11.

The second injury was likely sustained on May 23, just Ellsbury's second game back from the disabled list, when he made a diving catch in the bottom of the seventh inning in Philadelphia against Raul Ibanez. Ellsbury played one more game after that diving stop before he had to shut it down again. //

Godfrey Daniel, pesky redskins.

Which way's Boston?

Well, if you want to believe the "official" story from the lame stream media, yeah, that's how Ells got his 22nd cracked rib.

But here's some home movies of Ellsbury on DL. Draw your own conclusions, dear readers.

I love, love, love how he did that one experiment outside a biker bar. Because, you know, you couldn't have men beat you with two-by-fours anywhere else.

Celtics win=Red Sox loss (and vice versa) The new math ;)

Oh and Pablo-"I've just invented the Tom Collins" lol

Yep, Harwich Rich. I've been on that theory for a while now. Only 1 Boston team wins at a time any more. It's the new math.

Interactive holograms would be used for porn. Rule 34.

I'll take a World Cup match over a game in the NBA finals any day of the week. Even with the Celtics playing.

Soundtrack to that clip is going to make me think of Ed Sullivan spinning plate acts every time Ellsbury comes to the plate from now on

unrelated to today's strip, but who is the guy on the far right who isn't doug or mike, and what is he holding? he looks like the hot dog vendor guy, but if he is, what is he doing by the cooler? if he has a line, he has to have a name...

His name is Ed and Ed holds the Holy Grail.

That's "Al"

I know I had a character bio for him, but it's disappeared. Probably overwrote it accidently.

He's been around for a couple of years. Just noticing now?

BTW there is also an oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and the Red Sox won the WS in 2004 and 2007. :)

I'm going to start insisting that if somebody schedules a meeting late on Friday afternoon, they raid the beer cart first and bring some in.

Anyway, have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have someting fun to yak about on Monday.

He told you his name was "Al"? That bastard...

I nominate that we rename Al to Dan to commemorate Daniel Nava's first hit in the bigs...a grand slam.

Celtics win, Sox lose. Stop the ride I want to get off.

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