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Quite a buzz

Good weekend?


Meh, somewhere between the weekend Robert Green had and the weekend Daniel Nava had.


So what's the biggah story — The Slam in his first Red Sox at bat or his unrequited love for Erin Andrews getting requited?


I dunno. But I do hope Fox can repeatedly bring us Nava's parent's reaction to Erin Andrews getting hold of their son's Vuvuzela.



And Nava tooting on Andrews' vulvazela.

(Over the line? It's Monday and no coffee yet.)

Nah, that's not over the line, but let's try this:

So you think Erin's sporting hardwood floors on that vulvazela?

I see how today will be played.

Will she "Robert Green" his balls (play with them but ultimately let them go untended)?

Can't wait to see where blog ads goes with this one...

Anyway, what a great moment at Fenway. I just wish the C's and Sox could figure out how to win on the same day - tomorrow would be a good time.

If he could close the deal with Erin that would make the score Sox-1 Skanks-0 in scoring with Erin.

Grand slam. Isn't that what the Germans did to the Aussies yesterday?

Love the Nava, but I think Jete's got scoahboahd with the Minka K. No disrespect, but...

But I have a serious question.

Does anybody __know__ (as in has real information) whether the ESPN Radio WC announcers are in South Africa or are in a booth in Bristol? it's buggin' the living shit out of me, because

1) they are a little bit behind the play [just listening to the radio, not comparing it to the TV feed, which In haven't seen]

2) those vuvu thingies in the background seem to be on an infinite loop.

Thanks so much for your kind input [serious answers only please]



lc, all I 'know' is that on Mike & Mike last Friday they interviewed one of the announcers, who 'said' he was in Johannesberg along with over 200 others from ESPN.

The Japanese team has a player named Daisuke Matsui. It blew my mind.

Sweet Caroline for the millionth time
Thunder sticks
fat guys with BUFFALO painted on their bare bellies in December
English football hooligans
NASCAR Mullets
That fat irish dickhead singing in the 7th at Yankee stadium

Culture is not always pretty, nor welcome.

That dickhead might be coming to a little bandbox near you soon. Hope he still has more on his fastball than Ramiro Mendoza did

Last night I had a dream that I was in a threesome with Nigella Lawson and Naomi Wolf.

BWF - one can only hope John Henry doesn't want to continue gilding the lilly the way Steinbrenner did. Nothing against Tynan really, I just like my stretch to be simple, with peanuts and cracker jacks and such.

I'm with you, Jeff, but I think that ship has sailed- floating away on so many RSN membership cards

So The Growlers (my acoustic trio based out of Burlington, Vt.) are playing in front of the Prudential building on July 17 during the afternoon. Ben and Jerry's promo thingy, we know a guy, blah blah blah. Anyhoo...we are looking for a gig that night to help pay for the trip and because we like to play/drink/carouse/ etc. So if any of you can put me in touch with someone please let me know. Bar, house party, bar mitzvah...


Rock, Blues and Drunken Country...just like Mama used to make.

Re: Celts and Sox not being able to win on the same day. I guess the Sox yesterday had to take one for the team (the Celts, that is). What a game! Red Auerbach would have been swallowing his cigar down the homestretch!

@yazbread: Stupid soccer. I always suspected German ruinification was a lousy idea. Should have stopped 'em at Munich; never should have let them get away with that ...

@SDU - when I saw that heinous red card I thought "How the hell did Angel Hernandez get on that field?"

Yep, the red card sucked but I doubt it will change history.

oi oi oi

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