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On Vacation, 6/28 - 7/05

The Soxaholix stip is on vacation.
Keep your Sox on.



More importantly, hb, how's the new addition? Name? Pics? :)

Given how things went over the weekend, I suspect the new pooch's name is Fracture. Or Dee L.

I'm starting to like this team.

Go figure.



Fracture works given the eminent puppy destruction:)

Sole possession of 2nd place, 2 games behind the Yankees.

Don't look now, but lc told you so.

Don't look now, but lc told you so.

Oof. That musta hurt to have to say, huh Kaz? :-D

You're welcome.



Enjoy the week,h.b. ;)

Despite the injuries, a fun weekend of baseball. Still trying to figure out why Lackey was pinch hitting though.

Got to meet buckner and the Daniel Nava family yesterday for some added fun.

By the way, we almost have a full roster on the DL or just plain injured right now. We're just missing a 1B and OF...

C - Martinez
1B -
2B - Pedroia
SS - Lowrie
3B - Lowell
OF - Hermida
OF - Ellsbury
OF -
SP - Josh Beckett
SP - Clay Buchholz
SP - Junichi Tazawa

Is it a gooch or a reverse gooch to pencil in J.D. Drew for that vacant OF position?

We are about to find out how strong this organization really is.

And given that "size matters", and half a season is at least worthy of a half meaningful analysis, I would say that fairly soon (2011?) the Redsox are going to have a pile of hitters hitting 30-40 pts over career avg, 2-3 20+ game winners, and no injuries more severe than a mean case of jock itch, because this season, even at only 2 games down right now, is really fucking wierd (statisitically speaking of course).

Rob, it was a gooch to write, "we're just missing a 1B and OF."

Two guesses who gets injured next.

(That, BTW, was a reverse gooch.)

Two guesses who gets injured next.

Um, Coco Crisp and Doug Mientkiewicz? :-D

Speaking of Crisp, does ANYBODY rock the throwbacks better than Coco? (4th picture...)

remember to posts some pictures of your vacation....

Okay, Bali. Here I am in Fiji:


Oh, sorry. You meant H.B. Just saw him down on the beach doing his morning exercises:


In re: Robert Byrd:

Good riddance.



But the newspapers say he was a great man, okkkay?

you live long enough, and all is forgiven.



No matter what anyone else tells you guys over the next few days, I am NOT a Russian spy.

Just wanted to make that clear.

I'm a spy...in the house of love ;)

We believe you, KAZakhstan.

ah Kaz, the stories I could tell...



Kaz - is it true the Cask and Flagon is actually a deep Russian cover haven and the sausage and sriracha guy controls one of your blind drops?

"What do you mean the microfiche was in the sausage?"

"You ATE the codes?!?"

Kaz, I think I can fill out your Sox DL/injured roster. Move Martinez to first and put Dusty Brown &/or Mark Wagner behind the plate. Each of them are on the DL now. As to the third outfield spot, I think it would be fair to include Cameron on your roster. He's not on the DL but he's also not playing every day due to an injury.

SonomaSox, I think Lackey got to pinch hit because he was 2-2 against Ubaldo Jimenez. Not many can claim that.

Kaz, I think I can fill out your DL/injured roster without anyone else actually getting hurt.
Move C/1B Martinez to 1B and put either C Dusty Brown or C Mark Wagner behind the plate. Each of them are on the DL right now.
As to the third outfield spot, I think it would be fair to use Cameron as he's not able to play every day due to being hurt.

Bob, are you saying you no want to sleep with my sister any more? She is number one whore in all of country...very NICE. Yes?

Bob, are you saying you no want to sleep with my sister any more? She is number one whore in all of country...very NICE. Yes?

Hmm...getting weird posting results. Sometimes it goes through, sometimes it doesn't.

The puppy is doing fine. We got back home yesterday afternoon after a 1500 mile round trip to the breeder and back.

The pup handled the ride and one night in a hotel like a pro.

His name is Charlie Chucho.

More later... trying to make a few site upgrades etc this week as well.

Oh my God, h.b. How great is that picture? Watch out though - I see more than a little bit of the Kaz-manian Devil in those eyes.

Congratulations! He's beautiful.

He's gorgeous! I love the white star on his chest. And he's already giving the side eye to the paparazzi that's sure to follow someone of his obvious stature. :) Enjoy him.

Chucho defined:

I'm going with #3 for Charlie.

Okay - one last post and that'll do it for me.

I'm very proud to tell you that Number One Son is getting married to one of the sweetest girls you'll ever know this weekend. So, I'll be away from office, laptop and this creepy site for a few days starting tomorrow to enjoy a very special time with family and friends.

This Saturday, if you find yourself with a beverage of choice in your hand, raise it in a celebratory toast for the happy newly-weds, Robby and Michelle. Cheers, everyone!

A thousand blessings to you and yours, Rob. Congrats.


well done, sir. best wishes to the betrothed and whomever is paying for it.



Good on ya, Rob.


Congrats, Rob, to Robby, Michelle and your entire family. Hope it's a wonderfully joyous weekend...

What a great looking pup, H.B. And he knows it. Just look at that pic: "I'm too sexy for my coat, too sexy for my coat, my coat is so haute..."

Congrats Rob. I have a sneaking suspicion that at some point on Saturday, I just might have a drink in my hand suitable for a toast.

Nice win last night. Now let's just keep putting the Rays in the rear view mirror and start looking at the pinstriped Ferrari ahead of us. Expensive car, needs lots of maintenance.

Congrats Rob. I met my wife 39 years ago yesterday, so that's a good omen, right? (Funny, she still says she's 39 years old...)

Good for you h.b. Not ready to go there myself though.

Nice start by Lackey last night, but the bullpen is looking shaky. Maybe two days off this week and the break coming up will be just what they need.

Big Papi is swinging a hot bat - we need him to carry the offense for a while.

Thanks to all my Soxaholix friends for your well-wishes. Not much left to do now except get on the plane this afternoon, get home, pick up my tux and get ready for the drive to NJ.

My biggest worry now is polishing my rehearsal dinner toast. I've had 26 years to get this speech ready, but here it is at the last minute and I'm still not comfortable with it.

Ideas, anyone? Lots of clever people here. I could use all the help I can get. Don't use too many big words though. Remember, I'll likely be half-drunk from trying to "calm my nerves" when I say them. :)

Ooo, a challenge. How about ten words or less, given the nervous/drunk aspect of the toast.

To my best friend, and my new best friend.

Ha! Very good, Bob. How about a wedding toast haiku? Any takers?

Robby and Michelle
Getting married today.
Happy life to them.

Bob/Rob - both of those are tough to beat. But since you'll be in NJ (land of the enemy) you should end the toast with a good drunken "Go Sox!" That should set the mood for the party.

Congrats Rob!

The bullpen was the suck last night (and I think should be a general point of concern at the trade deadline), but they did do AWESOME in that one game against San Fran where Buchholz was out after one inning.

It's rehearsal dinner, so you can always end your toast with:

"...and remember, today was just the rehearsal, so you both still have about another 24 hours to run. Slainte!"

Thhhheeeee Yankees LOSE....

...aaand Manny Delcarmen with the COCKBLOCK!!

We were SO close to tying up the East!....sigh.

Off to vanuatu tomorrow:



Tsunami but lovable?

Have a great time, LC. Don't have too much kava. It'll bite you.

sdu: that website is hypnotic. I just spent 15 minutes utterly riveted to the photo slideshow. As Liz Lemon would say: I want to go to there. Have an amazing time!

Jesus, I must have had eggs in my eye. Sorry sdu (and LC).

And a perfectly good surly but lovable joke gone bad.

Well then, have a great time, sdu. Don't drink too much kava; it'll bite you.

Bob, it's kinda my fault for borrowing lou's sign off style. I'm told they have crabs that eat coconuts so the flesh is infused with that sweet flavour. Hmmmmm. I want to go to there, indeed.

Yumm. They'd probably charge $200 for a crab like that at O Ya, don't you think sdu?

They would Bob, but it would doubtless be worth it. A friend was in Boston recently and, at my suggestion, he went to O Ya (before a Celtics game). He said it was a religious experience.

I have no doubt about that, sdu. That was one of the great meals ever.

Now Tek has a broken foot.

I'm really glad that Lester is scheduled to pitch at the game I'm going to.

Well, that just about completes the "all DL" team - move VMart to first with Tek behind the plate.

Wonder if Mike Ryan still lives in Haverhill and could come out of deep retirement to fill in for V'tek and V-mart? :) Certainly don't want to bring back memories of Bob Tillman or Russ Nixon behind the plate!

Where's Gedman when you need him?

On the plus side, Josh Byrnes just got axed, so maybe our front office can pick up a healthy assistant.

Should be an iteresting month, what with all the injuries. Going to the game tomorrow night, so hopefully Lester will hold mightly Baltimore down.

Anyway, have a great long weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday. Or Tuesday. Or whenever the hell H.B. gets back here.

See you next Tuesday ;O

Watching Ghana lose to Uraguay today... a real Bill Buckner moment if ever there was a second one to happen. Poor fuckers.

Maybe Tek et al are only hurt the way footballers get hurt? you know, until there is no penalty called then they are ok? maybe?

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