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Old Ironsides

2 7 7 7




And is this Wake being Wake or what?

"Wakefield said he was unaware he had gotten the record after retiring Branyan. He didn’t know why Martinez asked for the ball, at least until the catcher passed along the news."


And how many of those innings saved a bunch of othah guys ahms which resulted in more wins?


Thank you, Tim Wakefield.


Thank you for 2,777 minus X innings, where X represents those innings where he was throwing the spicy meatball, of course.


So does Timmah evah catch and/or surpass Clemens on the all time Red Sox wins list? He's at 177 and needs 192.


Well, questions of "when" and "if" are best left to Presidents and oil executives, if you ask me but...


If Wakefield does get to 193 then the City of Wakefield will need to change its name to the City of Tim Wakefield. That's all I'm sayin'.



Timmah! I so hope the guy who works on a never-ending renewable contract without complaint of $ and doing what the team needs of him passes Roider Clemens, who considers himself a Yankee, and acts as if his Redsox days were someone elses.

I feel priveleged to have watched Wake all these years.

congrats wakey, who was in no way shakey last nite. with pap out, we needed it. classic wake.

The second commandment in this household is Thou shall not take the name of Timmeh in vain. Ever. I had to wash the husband's mouth out with soap a few times before it finally sunk in.

Great night for Wake. But why can't the C's ever win on the same night the Sox win?

Oh, and Strasburg still doesn't have any experience pitching with runners on base.

@hartbrachen Tweet: hartbrachen

10 games over .500. Wow. I confess I didn't see this coming a month ago."

Me: you're welcome (look it up)





Of course, at the end of 2003 I said it'd be at least 10 years before the Red Sox ever got to an ALCS again.

i'm not good at predicting Red Sox fortunes.

The Nationals finally have some fans, too bad they are all bandwagon fans.

House Bill 2777: Helping fill the Medicare prescription gap.


At Timmy's advanced age, I think not.

After two bad starts with an ERA over 6 and a 1-4 record before last night, doubts starting creeping into my mind that maybe, just maybe, he's at the end of the line. And then last night -- 6Ks, no walks, 1 ER in 7.1. He truly is rather amazing. Congrats, Tim. Thanks for all 177 wins.

I have been a Nats fan since before they had a name, but never mind that Strudelburger kid; Timmuh!

Re 192: how many times in the last 4 or 5 years has Wake left a game in line for a win and had the bullpen not hold on? Anybody know? Gotta be at least 15.

perfect Timmuh not to know the importance of it all and then after the game to tell all that the win was more important.

That's why we love the guy: team and wins before the me and $.

Will forever recall walking through Logan many years ago, glancing up at the screen, and watching the oddest pitch fly out of a Red Sox pitcher's hand. I thought at first they were broadcasting batting practice. It looked soooo hittable. And yet, not.

Lets see if Strausburg pulls an 0-fer Allen next time on the mound.(what the f was that).Cant wait to see the Strausburg vs. Pujols at bat, with runners on.

Okay, so police caught Seahawks' rookie wide receiver Golden Tate sneaking into a donut shop at 3:00 AM and eating a few maple bars.

Think he had the munchies or anything?

And the name of the shop? Top Pot.

Yay Timmy. Don't tell anyone but he's been an inegral part of my internet banking password for years.


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