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Milagro Beanfield

Remembah when the A's were the model organization in MLB?


Seems a whole othah lifetime ago now.


Yeah, speaking of othah lives, remembah when John Lackey was a good pitchah?


I will say this — Dude has an uncanny ability to work himself out of a jam.


No kidding. I swear it felt at times that there were two men on every friggin base...


Yet he only gives up 4 runs?


Yeah, it's a real Miracle of the Curves and Flushes out there.


Well, you know, what they say — Give a man a fish and he's fed for a day; give a man $85 million and every 5th day you're choking on a salted cod.



He's lackey-daisical.

Fun win to see last night, but I agree with the, um characters, that A's team is woeful. Jack Cust up in a big at bat? Pitchers I never heard of who wouldn't look good in AA? Like crying, there's no parity in baseball. Then again, tonight's Sheets/Matsusaka matchup looks monumentally boring, don't it?



He's still learning what a rotary is ;)

Yes, Moneyball - The Movie. One can hardly wait.

I oughta "cuff" you for that, Harwich. Rotary cuff. Get it?

Oh come on...

Much like Lackey, I got nothing today. But that doesn't mean I can't be a winner, gosh darn it.

Last night was Acquisition Night at the plate, wasn't it? Beltre and Martinez came up huge.

Meanwhile, Pedroia has gone from "laser show" to "Main Street Electrical Parade Ladybug float".

And what about the resurgence of Delcarmen? Back end of the bullpen is pulling their weight.

During spring training, on this venerable blog, I predicted that Lackey was going to become the ace of the Sox staff. After his first two starts, I felt prophetic. Now I just feel stupid.

I hope he starts turning it around.

Kaz - if only Pedroia had the hot little lady bug dancer girls with the lighted wings around him when he was at the plate. But alas, he is just a short bald guy with nothing going on around him at the plate. Maybe the lasers are at the repair shop?

over/under on dice-k walks tonight?

8 walks.

I'm going to stay optimistic, say Dice-K's last outing was a pot hole in the road, and take the under...

0 - none - nada walks! Mothra returns!

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