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Make friends with Kool-Aid

I went to a baseball game and the fail blog broke out.


I don't mean to smear Paps, but. uh. wow.


Hey, at least we're not losing ground on the Rays.


Pass the "it's a long season" Kool-Aid, cuz Ima gonna chug it.



Shit happens. Not fun when it does because, well, it's shit, but closers blow games. At least they popped the aura of invincibility around Jimenez.

Nice link to failblog. You realize you've destroyed the work productivity for the day from anyone who hasn't been there before, right?

That moose headline is priceless. The game last night was not.

"Giambi makes ball disappear on way to steroid dealer who makes balls disappear."

Papelbon's failure continues to be his dependence on his fastball. Where did his other pitches go??

His slider was hit for a single even though it dropped out of the strike zone and Giambi sent his only splitter out of the park because he hung it belt-high and slightly inside. If he can't throw his 2nd and 3rd pitches in ways that they don't get sent into orbit, then he's a one-trick pony and every batter can sit on the fastball...just like his first HR of the inning.

Eff Giambi.

Well, you were right, Ponch. Hour and a half into my day and I haven't done one damn thing productive. Kinda like Pap Smear last night...

Giambi,meet Invisible Dick ;O

When Don Orsillo commented not once but twice that the Rockies had not won a game this year when they were trailing after 7 innings, the genie was let out of the bottle. Then, when Paps came in, he said that Paps had saved 7 straight and 29 out of 30 dating back to last year (sure doesn't FEEL that way). The jinx was then firmly affixed.

Happy Birthday Dr. Kaz :)

Long, glorious arc to the season.

Honestly, if we're still hanging around at 2 or 3 back come August, after the April we had and the fact that Beckett hasn't pitched since, what, March, we'll be doing just fine. Besides, don't we play Baltimore 23 times in September like we do every year? Good times.

Mahut v. Isner tennis match is crazy - passed longest baseball game by two hours. If I made the sneaky leaker, I'd be contacting their agents to sign them up as spokespeople.

Thanks, Harwich Rich. Also, re: Mahut-v-Isner...I'm starting to wonder if they aren't letting it go longer because they're a bit lazy as players. There just seem to be a number of unreturned serves where they didn't even TRY at the return...

Look, if you told me that we were watching the 2 best service games in the history of tennis, then I'd see how this game keeps going but even on some second serves, these guys aren't taking a swing at it...or are missing wildly and then going "whelllp, I guess we'll just have to play another game! My service now!".

It just seems...lazy and overly-safe. Neither one is willing to take a risk that might leave them open to losing...so the back-and-forth continues.

As I was reading your comment, Kaz, it finally ended. Congrats, Isner.

buckner - if you're out there today, I shot you an email. Hope to meet and drink Sunday - no steamers of the Cleveland kind. Looks like Lester v. Lincecum.

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