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Made with 100% Boof

So Dave Pinto wondahs what you'd call a game with 27 strikeouts, i.e., a game where, othan than fouls, the hittah makes no contact with the ball.


You know, a step beyond the perfect game.


Wouldn't that be "pluperfect"? Defined as more than perfect?


All I know is it probably wouldn't be called a "Boof."


Well, a Boof could be the antonym for a pluperfect game.


Seriously, when your first four pitches are balls followed quickly by loading the bases, yeah, you're in the antonymous zone alright.


So Mastahson looked shahp, huh?


Wait for it...

Hey, why can't we get pitchahs like that?





Hello? Is this thing on?

How did we give up a guy named specifically for being a "Master's Son"....and get a guy named after the go-along chick from Teen Wolf?

Well, at least we got something of value for "Master's Son". We traded him for a joke from "Airplane".

I am intrigued with Boof's infinite ERA. I guess that really is the opposite of the pluperfect. We can now have a metaphysical discussion on whether he can actually get any worse. To infinity and beyond ...

Can't decide:






alls i want to know is, where's the boof?

We can now have a metaphysical discussion on whether he can actually get any worse.


Excuse me, I just Boofed. You might want to roll the window down.

Stop Boofing Off and throw a damned strike. You keep Boofing off like that and the next thing you know the bases will be loaded and you'll be losing your eyesight.

Redo the scene from The Natural where Red Blow says to Pop Fisher in the dugout during a shitty team performance and after a particularly dismal exhibition of talent by one of the players on the field..

"That wasn't so good."

Pop: "C'mon Boof! Throw Strikes!
Red: "Boof's killin' worms, Pop."

I wonder if Masterson's wife is blogging in Cleveland.

Absolutely THE worst nickname ever.Why doesn't he just call himself "Rippah" ? Imho ;O

With apologies to the immortal S. Gibson and C. Glenn (and Arsenio Hall of course):

Boof, there it goes.

I still like Boof bourguignon.

Somehow...the world already knew about Boof...

boof (n)
1. short for buttfuck (and less vulgar)
2. anything goofy, messed up, or otherwise out of the ordinary

I boofed my 9-iron and hit my foot instead of the ball.

Courtesy Urban Dictionary

referencing def#1 above, boofing one's 9-iron seems a bit painful, but perhaps not so much as the 3-wood, or driver. oh, maybe they meant grip end first?

I think lc is the winner of the Boof spoof, or more accurately, a goof on Boof (the big doof).

Do you guys use the expression 'boof head' or is that an Australian special. My Dad called me a boof head whenever I did something stupid, which was most days.


I don't know wht just happened but I'm really really sorry.

[Kaz - I need help again with the links thing. opening tag and closing tag doesn't seem to work any more

I think I must be a boof head or something.

Wouldn't it be a foob head Down Under, SDU?

Boofhead looks like he was drawn by Robert Crumb.

Fucking Celtics; fucking Kaz: what else explains the old hit the lead in the top of the ninth to, well, blow in the bottom?


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