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If you're scoring this, that's 3 for 5 JBRs this week

So I'll countah the sting of the Celtics losing the 7th and the mothahfucking Lakahs going back-to-back by thinking of Daniel Nava and his enormous potential.


And if that doesn't work, I'll think of Erin Andrews and Daniel Nava's enormous potential.


Ah, yes, this voyeurism of exactitude.


Speaking of exactitude, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls... "Lesbians Who Look Like Justin Bieber."


My God I love the intahwebs.


You know, it's difficult to comprehend how empty our lives must have been befoah.



Did you find that Lesbians Who Look Like the LesBeaver at dlisted.com? I laughed my ass off to read that (and Michael K's commentary). I think one of the greatest delights of the interwebs is connecting to people who have a like-minded sense of humor, like Soxa, Dlisted, Television Without Pity, Drunk Hulk and BPGlobal PR on Twitter, etc... Oh, and now I have to share the (IMO) very funny non-PC comment a British comedian made on Twitter about the World Cup (he's since deleted after massive public disapprobation, read: stick-up-the-ass-ery):
Give an African $2 a day and what does he do with it? Buys a bloody trumpet.

I was so angry last night after the game, I couldn't sleep. Today was not going to be a good day. Then along comes a LWLLJB link.

I feel a bit better now, h.b. Thanks.


Yes, via Dlisted.

Oh and the "$2" Tweet is brilliant!

I'm was not familiar with Drunk Hulk. But I am now.

I'm holding out for "Lesbians who look like Ditka"

They may look like JB, but can they sing like JB? Oh. right, they probably can. But can they dance like...oh, right. But can they talk ghetto like...oh, right. But can they romp in the surf with a Kardhasian like JB? Huh? Huh? Can they?

Harwich -- AWESOME!

Harwich, how about Lesbians Who Look Like Ernest Borgnine?

LWLL Bea Arthur?

Too soon?

That'd be a coffin mirror, Rob in CT, er, AL.

All refs in the NBA should be fired and replaced with ACC/PAC-10 refs. I mean, WTF? The refs let them play for 2.5 quarters, and it looks like the Celtic's are going to blow the mfl's out of the buidling, then all of a sudden they are calling everything against the Celtics and nothing against the mfl's. Kobe 'accused rapist' Bryant goes to the line 15 times in the 4th quarter?

Of course Ray going 3 for 14 didn't help much...

Lesbian who looks like Ditka vs Lesbian who looks like Chuck Norris. Who wins?

Find out for yourself, H.B. They're both bouncers at The Midway.

The one driving the car in a Gorilla suit ;)

Lesbian looking Bieber vs Gay male looking Kelly Clarkson?

That's easy. Adam Lambert


you get another gig in town yet? I'm feeling the need for an unofficial Soxaholix show of support

buckner shoots... buckner scores!!!!

Wait till Brazil.

2 games out.

Mannymannyfofanny mamemymomanny
Let's hope Manny's gonna be Manny


Here's to multiple strikeouts and fielding blunders to make us laugh. I'd like to see the fans cheer him, then our pitcher plunk him hard for fucking his teammates, then some fine Redsox baseball without any possibility of Celtics repercussions.

USA ekes out a tie to Slovenia, 3-2.

Kaz,I like your score better. BS offside call. At least that was the consensus at the very crowded bar this morning.

or whatever the call was.

Is it beer cart yet? Bob's been strangely unreliable the past 2 weeks, and I need a cold one

The reaction by a pub full of Brits to the disallowed US goal, in unison: They got robbed. @Natalie, Chris Evans FTW!




Buck, I eventually bid my end-of-week farewells. Just late, due to overlong meetings.

No such problem today. In fact, I am currently raising a frosty one to the Red Sox, who I can finally devote all my undivided attention to.

Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

And a 0-0 draw between England and Algeria. So Sovenia 4 points, US and UK 2 points each and Algeria 1 point. So I 'think' that if the US beats Algeria we are in the next round (regardless of UK - Sloveina outcome).

Boof is Gonzer. Designated for assignment. Most likely at Kelly's Roast Beef.

Now THAT'S something to yak about ;O

They booed Manny. Shameful. 2 World Series victories trumps all the other crap. Who's provided more joy? Manny or Callahan? Jeez. A low point in RSN history, IMHO.

sorry, he deserved it. He deserved the cheers while he was here, but he absolutley earned the boos with his attitude and the way he quit on the team and sulked his way out of town. Are you forgetting he had 20 million annual reasons to at least act like he gave a shit? That's IMHO, having nothing to do with Gerry Callahan. Now Harry Callahan, that's another story....

RIP Manute Bol-You were too tall for this world .

There are reasons to boo Manny (I would have cheered), but quitting on the team (in 2008) is not one of them. He was hot as hell the last month he was in a Sox uniform.

re Manny: Wouldn't have booed, but I wouldn't have cheered either. I would have folded my arms & shook my head in what is total detachment from a player I used to love watching. Shame really.

Why boo? It's just a business... and he was essential to '04 and '07. I cheered (in my head, anyway).

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