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Dustin Pedroia will destroy ya

Really all Sox talk today can be encapsulate in one word — Pedroia.


Serioulsly. I want whatevah he's having.


Want to end our dependence on oil? find out what powahs Pedroia.


Maybe Al Gore can get onto that.



Abdominal work.


*Low* abdominal work.




Moah lowah!



Actually, all Sox talk today can be encapsulated in three words: Pedroia, and Sleep Deprevation.

After Dice-K's adventure in Slumberland in the 1st, the Sox had that game won about six times. For God's sake, I need my beauty sleep.

Good to see Circle back :))

Oh, wanted to mention that I will be on vacation next week.

It's mostly a "staycation" so there is a chance I may post, but not sure.

Actually getting a puppy this weekend and using the vaca time to get him off to a good start training wise.

Thanks again for all of your encouraging words after the passing of Butch back in May. You all played a roll in helping us to make the move toward bringing a new pooch into the family sooner than we might have otherwise.

Teal would be a great name for a puppy.

Puppy Time! Good for you, h.b. Hope you and the missus can fall in love all over again with the new little pooping machine. Can you tell us? What kind of pup are you looking at? Shelter dog or from a breeder? Give us the news, man.

Just keep in mind that the new one need not replace Butch in your heart. Let him/her find his own spot in your life and family. Congratulations!

A little pooping machine, indeed.

As much as I commend those who do the rescue/shelter route when getting a dog.... srsly, tip o' the cap, I confess I'm a get them from an established, reputable breeder kind of guy.

I like to be there right at the 8 week point for that crucial learning/behavioral stage.

We are getting a Staffy, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier. We wanted a "Butch-like" dog with lots of his same great qualities as the ABD, but didn't want the same breed and wanted to go with a smaller guy from a breed with a better health record than ABDs. The Staffy fit the bill perfectly.

Oh, h.b, CONGRATS! I almost sent you an email today because I thought of you with it being "Take Your Dog to Work Day." I was wondering how you were doing with the grief, and if you had moved cautiously to the new puppy phase yet. Glad to hear that things in the Brachen household are looking up with the Staffy! I don't envy you the sleepless nights, the chewing (seriously, Tess chewed the baseboard of my condo, she was such a beaver for the first 8 months- thank god that sucker burned, eh? ;) or the piddling, but they are SO goddamn cute it more than makes up for it. Tess says "woof!" to the new addition. Name picked out or waiting to see the little guy's personality? What about Pedey? ;)

Choices for Dog names:

1. Laser Show

2. Esruc

3. Giambino

4. Geffner (only if you intend to kick it around)

5. LC



Congrats on the pup! I think Quadzilla is a fine name for a pooch.

Fantastic, h.b. Say the word, and we'll put our long-haired German Shepherd in the car and make the trip for a doggy play date. Echo will have your pup catching tennis balls and chasing squirrels in no time. She can even instruct on border training and fly ball.

Names? I say Winston ftw. :-)

In real life, I once had a horse named after me.

it's kind of a long story, but I saw it win one day.



LC is a name for dairy cows, not dogs.

Perhaps I can use this dog situation as the catalyst to discover HB's identity and end my multi-year quest. in 2009 I had Stefan Fatsis waterboarded at an overseas CIA rendition facility...to no avail.

I feel like the reporter from the Incredible Hulk.


Here's what happened: In the late 1960's, LC was the liaison between Howard Hughes and la cosa nostra: Basically, LC would ferry messages between Carlos Marcello and Sam Giancana to Hughes in his penthouse suite at the Desert Inn in Vegas.

In recognition for his service, Hughes named one of his horses for LC and the mob fixed the race at Santa Anita, so LC could get a six figure payday.

Jason - hilarious! Is there any connection in that story to Giancana's demise in that Brooklyn restaurant? I well remember the pictures in the NY Post.

Oh - and h.b., nice Kinks reference. That song will be playing on repeat in my mind much of the rest of the day.

Congrats on the new pup hb, might I suggest the ultimate dog name: Waffles. I mean, who doesn't like waffles?

My Circle's back and there is gonna be some trouble....
Hey ya, Hey ya, My Circle's Back!

A staffy? You gotta go with the quintessential, "Rex"

Rob, I thought Giancana was shot in his Illinois kitchen while making sausages with peppers and onions (seriously).

If only he had used some Sriracha.

Maybe you're thinking of Paul Castellano. He was shot outside Sparks Steahouse in Manhattan. By Gotti, or Gotti's men.

oh, Circle you dirty whore, so nice to see you again.

Nice to see the laser show too, hope it continues this weekend.

HB, congrats on the new pup. We're waiting for our two legged pups to poop in a potty before we venture into 4-legged territory.

When we got our 2 pups 18 months ago; we named the coon hound/lab mix Hank, because he's from Tennessee and a coon hound and Hank seem to fit, and the lab/golden mix Pedey, obvious reasons. Now that the they've grown and our Pedey is a giant, 100# lunatic my wife notes we call our Pedey, "big fella", and the original Pedey "little fella" Ours can't hit though.

Get a black and white Staffy and call her Pepper.

Have a long meeting to attend in a few minutes, but at least it's with a supremely enlightened client. How do I know? They want beer cart in the meeting.

Excuse me, I have a tear in my eye.

Anyway, have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak (and bark) about on Monday.

Dog name suggestions # 24: Steamer

1980s flashback: Mac walks to the mound in the 8th, and taps his right arm. Out trots the reliever, and the Fenway crowd gasps a collective, "Oh shit, not Steamer!!!"

The dog should be named "Jim Ed" or "Dewey". That is all.

and now it looks like Pedroia has destroyed his foot. shit.

PESKY should be the name. Easy to say / hear and the heart of our nation.

PESKY should be the name. Easy to say / hear and the heart of our nation.

PESKY should be the name. Easy to say / hear and the heart of our nation.

And now they are saying Clay has a hyperextended knee... Did somebody out there break a mirror after slipping on spilled salt while walking under a ladder across the path of black cat while wearing a Red Sox shirt?

Thanks for ignoring my name suggestions.

Not for noting but these injuries are quite troublesome.



(Pastor, Church of The Whispering Pines)

Yeah lc they are dustins out for 6 weeks but buck hould be OK,

And now V-Mart has a broken thumb! Is Boston the cover of the latest issue of SI that's in the mail?

Circle's hot!

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