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Can't you hear me SoS

The fallen have been honored, the chahcoal grills have been lit, and summah has, howevah unofficially, begun.


And how are we feeling?


Well, despite the "kissing your own sistah" feeling of splitting a 4 game series at home against the Royals, seriously — the Royals??, I remain tenuously optimistic.


And why not? I mean if you factor in strength of schedule the Sox are only half a game behind the Yankees and 3 behind the Rays.


Ah, fun with numbahs.


Yeah, talk about kissing your sistah.


Well, considering the questionable subtext of SoS numbahs, it's more like kissing your sistah except your sistah is Lindsey Lohan.


No mattah how you approach it, no good will come from it.



Splitting with the Royals is like French kissing your mom.

Still, the pitching and Papi resurgence is promising. Now if Dustin can start hitting (and he will), I can see us kissing some Megan Fox or Olivia Wilde.

laser show...

I'm ready to sign up, except for those silly Sunday uniforms.



laser show...

I'm ready to sign up, except for those silly Sunday uniforms.



btw, I saw R. Kalish is his penultimate appearance for the Sea Dogs on Sunday. He hit one a long ways.

Did I ever tell you about the day K. Youkillis was called up from the CDogs?

I thought so.



tenuously optimistic seems about right. The modifier being primarily caused by the Dice-K crapshoot, but also by 2 of our aces playing solid 4-5 starter roles (oh.. and the never ending Ellsbury injury).

and I vow not to feed any more trolls. I laughed a lot over the weekend during the feeding, but as my fellow Soxaholix compatriots have pointed out, I now see that "no good will come from it" (slobbery crotches, general annoyance,etc.).

Thank you, hb. I now have ABBA stuck in my head. If I were on a Greek isle ala Mamma Mia, this would not be so bad, but stuck in dreary London, it's torture. :)

So April was a crapshow and May was the Best. Month. Evah... Here's hoping that the Sox keep up the good play and we can pick up some ground. I don't think we'll end the season in 4th place- at least I sure hope we don't!

SoS is pointless if you're going to split with a basement team like the Royals. The argument for using it to examine performance is one of balancing difficulty of opponents so far. If you play all the hard teams up front on the season while your competitors beat up on easy teams, then you can get a better gauge on what the relative records mean. By adjusting for difficulty, you'd see that once we play the easy teams later in the schedule too, we'll win most of them and suddenly appear dead even with the division leaders when they finally hit the hard teams.

Bullshit. We've let the O's sweep us and the Royals tie us. The end result is that our current record on a much finer scale shits all over "SoS". Look, there are some stats that are just comfort stats for the sabermatricians. This is one of them. Adjusting defensive performance into an overall grade of a player or examining OPS instead of just batting average is one thing...SoS is just stupid.

The Rays, mfy's and Jays all have winning records against AL East opponents. We don't. Until that turns around, my optimism remains tenuous at best.

Well Bob,it's better than kissing Oscar Wilde

So apparently Al has moved on from ABBA to Lady Gaga and Tipper can't find it her PMRC heart to abide. So like a young spanish matador, their marriage has been gored.

Oh, c'mon Natalie! It might have been a crap bank holiday weekend but it was 30 (YES, 86!) degrees, weekend before last. No dreary-ery than the not nearly buried deep enough septic tank that our beloved Sox can't seem to pull themselves out of for more than 3 games at a time. *sigh* Breathe out...relaaaax.

ready for the june swoon?...."you are what your record say's you are".. some fat dude said something like that some time ago.

25-15 in their last 40. They've been pretty good for some time now, though I have to say having both Wakefield and Matsuzaka in the rotation for any length of time is probably not going to help. Get well soon, Josh (but don't come back early just to leave again, Ellsbury-style).

Fun with numbers comes down to this:
We've played more games against the East (27) than any other team including Tampa (22), MFY (19) and Toronto (16). So everything is going to be okay. Right?

yep. What SDU said.

Will the Quebec smoke monster brown out tonight's game?

Everything will be OK, as long as Beckett comes back strong!

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