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... butterflies, may be pinned any minute, anesthetized

I think I need a scrip for Restastis... damn chronic dry eye has me seeing things.


For instance, last night I swear I saw Ortiz beat the throw to first not once, but twice.


Well whadya expect, POTUS says it's National Ass Kicking time.


Even Matsuzaka read the memo.


He's pitching like a completely different guy than the one we've seen for his entiah Red Sox career.


The catapillah has become the buttahfly?


Well, until Dice-K can string togethah a couple of consecutive solid outings in a row, I'm not going to crown him a monarch just yet...


Seriously, less buttahfly and more Lunah Moth... you know, short lifespan and all.


Ah, yes, the Luna Mothra!



He's on a new Plath
Reaching his destination
In under three hours.

I could smell that Lunah Mothra payoff coming two panels away. And if you hadn't set it up for the last caption, I'd have taken the butterfly bait and done it myself. :)

When asked for comment, Mr. Magoo squinted into the camera saying, "Oh HB, you've done it again."

Good post, good win last night.

An outfield like this and only two games behind the MFY. Difficult to be displeased.
Anyone have tickets for a Saturday game in July or August they'd like to sell? Can use 2 or 4, would rather get them here than through Stubhub and you'll know there'll be Sox fan butts in your seats.

Wow, Obama is quite the fiery guy. I know if I were those utter f*cktards from BP I'd be shakin' in my boots...

I am still nursing the sprain I got from leaping back onto the Sox bandwagon a couple of weeks ago, but from my position in the back with my icepack and Ace bandage, I am stoking my excitement while keeping my hopes modest: the Sox in a hot pennant race with the Yanks in Sept for my triumphant NYC return.

PS- well done on Luna Mothra...diggin' it.

"on a new Plath." Hee hee.

Oh, BTW, changed my workout time/routine, so strips may be getting out a bit later than usual for the summer.

World Cup anyone?

doug - he's had 2 quality starts in a row, 3 of his last 4, including two outings of 8 inning shutout ball. if you insist on hesitating re: our enigma inside a mystery wrapped in seaweed and seasoned rice, you'll have to move those goalposts back a bit.

Psyched for the World Cup over here, hb. The UK allows online betting so the office is getting in on some action, and there will be a couple of early evenings heading out towards pubs. London is going to come alive... if the f'ing rain even f'ing stops, and the temp rises about f'ing 60 degrees.

Wake pitches gem tonight and Sox lose 1-0. Some things never change.

Jesus, Nat, learn to type... rain eveR stops, temp rises aBOVE 60 degrees. Grrrr. I clearly need a pint now. :)


As The Jam might say...

"Days of speed and slow time Mondays / Pissing down with rain on a boring Wednesday"

I'll be rooting for a "Miracle on Grass" Saturday as the USA takes on England.

Doug was channeling Pinto: "He’s pitched three excellent games in his eight starts this season, but he can’t seem to sustain his good pitching two games in a row."

For shits and giggles, and perhaps a decent return, got my money on the US as well. Sort of bummed I'll be in NYC on Saturday (although not really since reason for trip = Eagles/Dixie Chicks at Giants Stadium on Thurs!). Now going to check out that song by The Jam, because it could be my anthem right now...

The World Cup has me conflicted: according to SI's 'who you should cheer for chart' I should be cheering for our former colonizers (It's all about the WAGs - http://sports.gunaxin.com/top-100-footballers-wives-and-girlfriends/16979 ) but England is playing the USA in round one. Decisons, decisions...

So Natalie can afford to fly across the pond for a concert? Must be nice, but too bad the Concorde isn't around for her to really do it in the luxury she is apparently becoming accustomed to ;)

COD- priorities, man! Who needs to eat? Or invest in a 401K? The Chicks haven't toured since '06, so we are doing this in style. And my flight on Virgin booked in March- 300 quid. Not too shabby, eh? It's not Concorde style, but that's fine with me. That plane has scared me shitless since I watched an Air Crash Investigations about it. Good episode, but not as good as the one about the Russians shooting down that Korean Air flight in '83- fascinating. But I digress....probably to deflect your attention from all my shiny opulence. ;)

Looks like Natalie got the kick ass memo too. She's on fiah with opulence.

I'm conflicted about the World Cup goings on as well. Being an American married to an Englishman- who now follows the Sox more closely than he ever did the footie- waiting for the verbal beatdown if the US actually manages to pull off a win. That said, I really have to lean more towards England myself. I know they're not there yet, but if they win the whole she-bang? It'll be like the Sox in '04 but for the whole country, and that definitely won't suck.

In re: WC. best sporting event evah. I don't kow much about it, but i listen to premier league on SatRad, and sort of get the whole shebang [heh]. Also, France soi-disant
sucer un sac de bites this year, so there's that, too. metaphorically, not literally, which you know...



WC definitely. My 10 yr old son has gone full tilt soccer and is excited for the cup and it'll be fun to have someone to watch with (except since his coach is Italian, he wants to root for Italy - I have a personal beef with how Italy combines Operatic drama with Soccer, but I won't hurt his feelings too bad). Rooting for US even though expectations are making it out of 1st round at best. Mostly just want to see some quality ball. I watch MLS enough to feel like I'm watching Triple A baseball - kind of good, but not quite ready for primetime. Steve- the nice thing about avoiding those "who you are supposed to like" reports is that, like good Olympic competition, you can develop who to root for very quickly by watching the skill, style, and personality of the teams - some of the best games are between teams with a national axe to grind (US v Eng! anyone v. France!).

If y'all start talking footie my traffic to every other website is going to drop by 50%. I rarely comment here, because the regulars speak baseball much more eloquently than I, but if the converstation turns to The Beautiful Game, I'll chime in more frequently.

Also: God save the Yanks!

Wow. Nice link, Steve in MD. And to tie it back into our favorite sport, where would Kotsay's wife sit in that list?

Totally agree with you Jeff...anyone but France. The last half of their game against Ireland was disgraceful. Even Thierry Henry aplogizing profusely afterwards didn't do much for me. Not a cheat, my ass.

WC has great storylines, from Drogba's broken arm and mad Maradona to contrarian North Korea and (finally) a legitimately decent US team. My 10-year-old is a Messi fan so for him it's La Albiceleste all the way. I've got a soft spot for England having moved there as an 11-year-old the week they won the Cup in '66, but my money's on Spain. Outside Cup time we're both FC Barcelona fans in part because the Barcelona-Madrid thing is not unlike another metropolitan rivalry a bit closer to home.

I just realized the Redsox have the 5th best record in MLB. Boy, the rest of the league REALLY sucks :)

AL East: Sox, Rays, Yanks, some also-rans

WC Group G: Brazil, Portugal, some also-rans

I just can't seem to give a rat's ass about soccer. Back when I was in school (70's-80's) only foreigners and geeks played. Now all the kids are into it. When I'm an angry old man, I'm sure I'll be pissed off one day when the Red Sox are bumped from NESN for a WC match or the MLS playoffs. But for now, I'll happily ignore the WC stuff that's everywhere. Ignore-ence is bliss, right?

RE World Cup. I am more excited about Wes Welker's knee.

The WC is my only real venture (post Cathy Freeman*) into supporting my nation in sports:


* You can look it up

The WC is my only real venture (post Cathy Freeman*) into supporting my nation in sports:


* You can look it up

Stupid double posts. sorry

Hey SDU! Are you coming to town this year? (There's actually going to be a wedding sometime late summer).

Re: Cathy Freeman. You gotta love any woman with the middle name Salami. Oh, sorry. It's Salome. In any case, she used to cure, ferment and air-dry her competition.

Too young for Ron Clarke?

Too young for Ron Clarke?

Too young for Ron Clarke?

Too young for Ron Clarke?

The triple post was not an attempt at lame humor. The blame rests squarely with TypePad.

Thanks COD - Kotsay and Bucholtz can both play in that league... And then there's Tek if the Hazel May rumors are true.

Bob, a visit to Boston this year is looking unlikely but if I had a wedding date (and associated invitation) I would do my VERY VERY best.

Yaz, I was minus 6 when Ron Clarke carried the flame in Melbourne.

Cathy Freeman - What a burner! Can't hold you at fault for rooting that direction, sdu. What a phenom!

Back in '96, the missus and I attended the Atlanta Olympics doubles tennis gold medal finals at Stone Mountain (Aussies won.) A large contingent of Australian athletes competing in the games were in attendance and sat quite near us. All match long, they were screaming "Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!! Oi! Oi! Oi!" Infectious as hell.

They were a great group. We got in on the cheers with them, for which one of the athletes handed us each a beer out of a cooler and invited us to join them. Great time was had by all. Even stuck around and kept up the cheer for the women's finals match (and there wasn't anyone from Autralia in the match). Good times, good times. Aussies rock.

Wake pitches gem tonight and Sox lose 1-0. Some things never change. -- yazbread

You were looking pretty prophetic through 3 innings, yaz... Fortunately, V-Mart, Youk and Papi gave a little help to our knuckle-baller emeritus in the top of the 4th.

Carnac the Magnificant holds an envelope to his head: "San Diego, Minnesota, and Los Angeles."

Ed McMahon: "What is a beach, a blizzard, and a bunch of dickholes?"

Carnac opens the envelope: "Nope, Ed, it says 'What are the only three teams outside of the AL East with a better win percentage than the 3rd place team in the AL East?'"

Ed: "Hiii-ooooooo!"

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