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White wash

Probably but it's a pretty low bah of excitement doncha think?


Good to see the offense string two good ones togethah though.


Yeah, if there's one precedent established this season it's that this team can hit bad pitching against poor teams.


You're being stingy with the love these day, huh?


13-14 doesn't bring the love, guy.


Yeah, well, how about if the Red Sox were in one bathtub and you were in anothah bathtup and you were looking out ovah a rented sunset aftah taking a peckah poppah?


Well, sure, nobody can resist the allure of the separate tubs, nobody.


OK, meanwhile, am I the last fucking person on the planet who doesn't give two shits about Betty White?


Not loving Betty White?!? Well, that's it then – the terrorists have won.



Pretty good pitching lately, too. Let's be honest, we can't rely on this spotty offense to take the Sox anywhere (well, Papi may be going to the Sox's indie league affiliate in St. Olaf).

2nd to last Doug ;O

Nice tie in to Betty White with the St Olaf comment, Bob. I don't quite get the (sort of patronizing) Betty love myself, but anything is better than the incessant focus on the utterly useless Kardashians or Kendra frickin' Basket who gets air time for what exactly?

Is it time for me to open my eyes and take my fingers out of my ears with the Red Sox? Or shall I wait a little longer (lalalalalala)?

Betty White rules. If she and Nick DiPaolo got a sitcom together, I would never need another peckah poppah evah.

"peckah poppah"

Heh. He said, "peckah poppah"

Another nice strip. You consistently brighten my day; thanks H.B.

Anyone sick of whining should skip to the next post:
Hermida’s clutch double: aww-right!
Pedroia’s heads-up double play: Yeah! How can you not love Pedroia?
But switch teams and it’s our left fielder who doesn’t make that catch, or it’s THEIR gritty 2nd baseman who makes the tag with his glove while the ball is in his right hand.
Think you’d feel a little scalded?
A win’s a win, but I don’t feel like swaggering.
And is there something wrong when your boomer is at bat and you discover you’re chanting: “ please strike out; please strike out; please strike out”? And he doesn’t. And it’s worse. Twice.
There’s a stat (slugging) that lets you know if a guy’s hits are better than just hits; Lowell is slugging 2.250 these last 2 games. Shouldn’t there be some kind of reverse stat that lets you know that in 4 a.b.’s, David O made 6 outs?
I like Francona. I got gratitude for Francona. He’s a pro and I’m a bozo and I don’t know what I’m talking about. But jeeze! Enough! Watching an overweight, mystified Ortiz trying to hit 6-run, 900 ft HR’s at every at-bat is like punishments for crimes committed in another lifetime. Is there anyone out there who thinks Mikey, if played every day, would be hitting a buck forty?
Lester is a stud.
Give Wake another start.


RIP Ernie Harwell

In 41 ABs Mikey's OPS is 0.903. In 67 ABs Papi's is 0.598 (second worst one the team). I love Big Papi, but it's time to make a move.

I say make Lowell the DH and give Papi garbage-time at bats when the Sox are comfortably ahead (or way behind). If at some point he finds himself, and Lowell is struggling, switch them up.

"13-14 doesn't bring the love".

So true. I'll be the guy at the Angels game tonight in the Tim Thomas Bruins jersey.

I'd wear my Sox jersey...but it's #34. :( I'd say he was floundering at the plate last night, but that'd be an insult to flat fish everywhere. I was watching the game in my living room alone and I still felt embarrassed, embarrassed for me, embarrassed for him...just embarrassing. The 3-pitch K on straight sliders where one of them rolled in the dirt? The bases loaded double play late in the game? His entire month of April? I'm not sure which one was the most disappointing. :(

Betty White - watch her on one of those celebrity roasts. She has some seriously funny X-rated comedy - maybe its because I don't expect it out of a lady of her years, but she can make you laugh out loud at the TV. Otherwise, meh.

The Red Sox won? against a team as bad as they? well someone has to win. I like winning more than losing, but right now I still don't turn the game on until the late innings.

and when Nolasox comes back out from under tidying up the jazzfest stuff, I believe she will report the same - the 2010 New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival was another great installment of the grandaddy of all music fesitvals. Easier to list the lowlights than the highlights, and I completely missed the Baltimore debacle and didn't care one fucking bit.

More of an Allen Ludden fan myself.

I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotamy-thank you Tom Waits

Kitty Carlisle is HOT!

Suppose she and Gary Moore ever hooked up? :-D

(In case you missed it, I'm studiously deferring on any Sox references today for fear of ruining this massive 2-game win streak.)

uh Rob uh - that was a sox reference. time to start double reversing and triple lindying the gooch. maybe even bring out the Iron Lotus variation.

Ernie Harwell: Greatest strike three looking call ever:

"He stood there like a house by the side of the road and watched it go by."

Interesting. Six of the first 10 posts vent about Papi's demise, even though h.b.'s strip doesn't mention Papi at all. There is a collective, intense grieving going on about a star that shined so bright for about five or six years and is now, as Kaz says, embarrassing to himself and we feel embarrassed for him. You'd think that the law of averages would dictate, given all the times he comes up with men on base, that he'd eventually come through but he never does. His 2 dingers a few days ago were solo shots. He has 6 RBIs, which, if we projected out to 162 games would be 36. Remember when he'd have 136.

It's monumentally sad.

On a more positive note, Lester seems to be pretty locked in the last couple of starts, and newbies Beltre and Scutaro are hitting pretty well and Papelbon had a clean inning and Pedroia is simply awesome to have as a player between his attitude, his offense and, as demonstrated last night, his defence. We are so fortunate to have a player like him and hopefully, he'll be a joy to watch for many, many years.

@Jeff - you're cracking me up. Very funny!

That post of mine was a sad attempt at responding to yaz's response to your Betty White comment, responding to... oh forget it. I'm too old to be humorous anymore.

Jason, I heard that call on Sportscenter this morning. Harwell really was one of the great ones. "That one's back into the seats, a souvenier for a man from Saginaw."

enough is enough.. Hermida/Lowell combo DH until the trade season then go get AGon from SD(hopefully padres will be playing like the old padres by then)8th inning ab was just sad. The Angels P had thrown 20something pitches 17 balls, bases loaded no outs.2-0 count, nothing close to a strike thrown. do us all a favor. Keep the bat on your shoulder Ortiz. ahh....go C's

I can see "an insult to flat fish everywhere" as a future strip title. . .

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