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What was that?

OK. I watched the game and saw no walks. I read the game stories which say there were no walks. The box score says no walks...


Still I remain incredulous — Dice-K didn't issue a single walk? Really? Srsly? Get the fuck out.


Darting here and there
The Daisuke Matsuzaka:
Strike Throwing Machine.


Now that's the Mothra that John Henry sold the naming rights to his left nut for.


If this isn't an aberration, and Matsuzaka can build on this and remain consistent, well, you know...


Come out to view
the truth of pitchers blooming
many games behind.



Dice-K textbook start.
Future or past performance?
I'm in for Senet.



It is gyroball
It is deer dancing in sun
It is not ball four

lc's obscure posts
I'm "Lost" on Senet reference
Dice-K was quite good.


hopefully this means the rotation is blowing the crud plug off the sriracha bottle that is this season thusfar, and the wins will start to flow hot, pinkish and with gusto...

dice k's performance was as rare as seeing the c's scalabrini dressed in a uniform. is he on the coaching staff? nice wins either way for both teams. my cleveland friends text in the 4thQ last night... Le-gone, Le-brick, Le-bored, and Le-bronx.

Le-bronx? The second coming of Patrick Ewing? Well at least the NBA won't have to rig the lottery this time.

"blowing the crud plug off the sriracha bottle..."


oh..and ...Lebacle

Imagine how good LeBron would be if he had a better assistant coach under him than Mike Brown.

Also, nice win C's...but so much for getting off of the bipolar merry-go-round.

Time to lace up the skates tonight and send Philly to the golf course.

Body snatchers? shape shifters? Dice-K with no walks, Ramirez with no home runs, Okajima picking up his head to catch a comebacker, Drew bunting to left instead of trying to bash thru the shift?

These are not the Redsox I know and loathe.

and Ortiz with the only two hits of the game...body snatchers indeed.

@ Jeff, I'm kind of back since I'm almost done with JF. Glad you had fun and sorry I missed your crawfish boil - I laughed when I got your email about coming home to an apartment literally crawling with them.

Nice start by Wake. Nice tease in the ninth. Other than that, not nice.

Fucking Bruins...

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