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Summer of rows and hoes

Dude, I want to believe.


All but the most cynical among us do, but when you start running the numbers, well...


I know, it starts looking about as likely as a Greek economic recovery.


Still, my anecdotal side keeps thinking: It's only 6 games ovah 130 remaining.


And, c'mon, the Rays and MFYs are *not* going to stay on their current 115/113 pace.


The Rays have basically been a .500 club in May.


Yes, but...




Er, that little pinstriped elephant in the room walking around leaving dung piles on the carpet?


The Yankees have been, like it or not, playing on this pace since sometime last season with no appeasement.


111 and 53 since A-Rod returned to the lineup in May 2009, if you're keeping track at home...


Yeah, well, everything collapses eventually. Just a mattah of time.


True, though I probably wouldn't be worried about getting my balls waxed in preparation for a metaphorical Summer of Love.


Dude, at this point I'd be happy for a metaphorical summah of Ambien sex.



After yesterday's game, we are now a full 20% into the season. Is that still "too early to tell"?

Taggart: [on learning the Yankees are the new sheriff of MLB] Now if that don't beat all. Here we take the good time and trouble to slaughter every last Cleveland Indian (and LA Angel) in the West, and for what? So we can appoint a Yankee team that's more obnoxious than any Indian. I am depressed.

Lyle: Excuse me, Mr. Taggart, sir, but I sure do hate to see you like this. What if me and the boys was to shoot that team dead? Would that pep you up some?

Taggart: That might help.

(There is no situation for which Blazing Saddles doesn't have an appropriate quote.)

"Dude, at this point, I'd be happy for a metaphorical summer of Ambien sex."

After the weather of the past two days, I'd simply be happy for summer.

I just want a Boston sports team that isn't bipolar!

Cleveland destroys us...we destroy Cleveland the next game like the worst playoff loss in Celtics history never happened.

The Bruins pretty much dominate Philly through 3 games. The Flyers grit out Game 4 and then shove a hockey stick up our ass in Game 5....sideways.

The Sox are 8-12 in the AL East so far. They are 9-4 against the rest of the league. The one bright spot in our 17-16 record is that it would be 2nd or 3rd in any other division right now. The one shit stain right now is that we're built on "run prevention" and yet we've given up more runs than any other team except Pittsburgh and Arizona.

Either we're amazing, we're ass, or we're in the middle. This wild pendulum ride has got to stop. All of you.

And this bipolar team is making it real hard to get into following the team this season. I haven't been this disinterested in the Red Sox in May since the dark days of pre-2004.

So true, COD.

Agreed, COD and h.b.

Excedpt for Lester, who may be getting into a groove, the starting pitching has been very inconsistent. Let's face it. Our offense by and large has done much better than most of us thought it would, but our rotation, touted before the season started as perhaps the best in baseball has been a huge disappointment. If our starters start performing to their expectations, our disinterest may diminish.

I don't know. My children are happier with me this season since I have not become a slave to the games. The Redsox are playing tonight? meh. I'll check in around the 6th and see if it's worth watching the 7th.

I might enjoy salvery to a winner again, but the alternative isn't so bad either.

Ditto. Jeff, I am so much a "front runner" this year.

I'd be curious to know what the general level of ennui on display lately translates to in terms of dollars NOT in J. Henry's pocket.

Wanna bet it's more than you and I make in a year? Five years? Ten? More?

Oh ye of little faith. In the grand arc of the season (yes, plagiarized) anything can occur. Who amongst you expected Dice-K to throw like that last night? It was about this time last year that Mike Francessa left the Skanks on the road side for dead. The RS have peaked early in the past 2 seasons while fading after the all star break. Conversely, the MFY have stumbled out of the gate only to finish strong. Sure things look bleak now but it is early and you lot are ready to jump into the life rafts with merely an inch of water in the bilge. Grow some stones, willya?

We may ultimately have the 3rd best record in baseball and finish out. But that is cuz we sucked royally agst TB and NY. Only themselves to blame. Just have to hope the injury bug kills off more of them: Pettite, Jorge, Granderson. Now for CC and Phillip.

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