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On the road to Alang

That's about right. A loss and concurrent sweep would be just about impossible to rationalize mentally.


Now at least you can, say, yeah, you know, if things break right...


So if you played all year at a 14-8 pace and split the games with the rivals, you'd win 98 games.


I can live with that.


I dunno, guys. I admiah the optimism and all, but let's take anothah look at the word "salvage" in the Globe headah...


Salvage is what you do *aftah* the shipwreck.


It's not an especially positive thing, you know, it's a whole lot of clinging to flotsam and jetsam and hoping you get picked up by the Dharma Initiative befoah the smoke monstah opens a can of twisted limbs on your ass.


But, c'mon guy, in modern usage salvage is generally considered to have a positive connotation.


Oh, yeah, right, as in salvage in the Alang Shipbreaking Yahd sense, "where ships go to die"?


Yep, there's she is, the SS Theo aground on the beach while a couple hundred unskilled Indians laborahs tear her apart with hand tools.


I'm awash in the the positive connotations.



Sorry for the delay today. I hit "draft" instead of "publish" so the strip's just been sitting around gathering pixel dust the past 2 hours.

BTW My inner Tavarez has climbed back into his hiding place in my id. He's playing dominoes with my inner Nelson De La Rossa.

Alang may be the only option - where else do you dump the Ortiz's and Ramon "Here's your Dinger" Ramirez's of the team without any visible backlash?

I know they won last night - but it was Burnette, so it only kind of counts. Kind of counts like all the hoopla about big Yankees hitting and 3 HR nights when they were facing our outfielder on the mound (Jon Van Every Position)

Salvage also means, "the value or proceeds upon sale of goods recovered from a fire."

AKA a fire sale.

AKA this upcoming off season.

In my mind, Theo drew the USS RSN onto the rocks with false lights.

So much for that Friday night Trifecta. Nice of the B's to push it into OT though. In honor of the Celtics win yesterday, I tattoed my entire right arm from shoulder to wrist.

"You may fire when ready,Theo"

Let's start now.



Okay, can we finally put all the "the Rays are doing it the right way" crap to rest? Trying to lay down a bunt with the opposing pitcher is throwing a perfecta at you? They did it in 2008 too when someone was tossing a no-no at them. A bunch of ass-wipes. No wonder no one wants to go to their excuse for a ball park to watch them play.

Oh, and three HR's in a single game? You can bet your mortgage that if Pedro or Batshit was on the mound that wouldn't be happening. The only way Tex would have got on base after two would be to take one in the ribs.

Which remindes me - is Pedro still available. We need him for the attitude alone.


ok lc - I'll start now, pessimistically.

John Farrell - always been a fan of his, but he seems to be the constant in the poor pitching srategy they are trying out. Opposing batters seem to know what's coming, not becuase of tipped pitches but becuase of predictability.

and someone needs to go and kick Beckett's ass in a dark alley - mother fucker acts worse than my 10 yr old when shit doesn't go his way. He took his own catcher out of the game!

and maybe Mothra should do the proper honorable Japanese thing and give back the money and go home, telling the Japanese media "I believe I executed my pitches well, but the score was not as positive as I had hoped".

and just sell JD Drew for whatever you can get, Royale with Cheese value meals for the rest of the team maybe? his good at bats right now are less than 30 days from expiration for the 2010 season.

sorry. Keep Bard. and I'm starting to warm up to Beltre. and Youks and Laser Show are permanent.

Weekend Highlights:

1) NESN cameras catch Beckett calling Swisher a "fucking faggot" after the 3-run HR.

2) As I moved into the concourse from my seats on Saturday during the deluge, a Red Sox fan says: "Pussy Yankees fans scared of the rain." God I love animosity.

I don't know Jason O. - there's something about Swisher - Mrs. Jeff has been calling him that since his A's days - not sure why. That fucking faggot can sure hit the ball though. Not sure whether he looks more or less like a douchebag with short hair.

I only have a little animosity on this one - he hits the ball too well.

If you want to be enraged, follow Swisher on twitter

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