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It's up to them to carry us

Ah, hello, yes, er, I know I jumped off the stahting pitching bandwagon but now, you see, I was wondering if you could, like, maybe scoot ovah and make room for me to, you know, get back on and all?


Srsly. Going at least 8 innings in 4 of the last 6 stahts...


And 2 1-hittahs in the past 4 games...


Oh, and those 1-hittahs? On the road against 2 of the toughest teams to hold down.


Remove the outliahs of Lackey and Beckett and this is the rotation we were told about.


Buchholz, Lester, Matsuzaka and Wakefield have allowed just 4 earned runs on 24 hits in their last 45 innings!


Let's put it this way — If Gwen Stefani is knocked up and she wants to give this kid a fucked up name as well, then I suggest "Wakeholzer-K"



Today's strip was inspired by the "An epic week of starting pitching" thread at SoSH and by a line from this post at Dlisted.


Good sound, but where's Lester?

Ortiz hitting .258 with 9 HRs? This must be a dream.

Damn it!

Okay, how about:


We need a like button ;)

I'm walking alongside, but haven't jumped on the bandwagon yet. As far as Wake is concerned, hey he should domimate any NL team since they haven't seen a knuckler in about two decades. For the the others, I see a common thread, and his name is TEK!

Steve, Like :)

Oh, Tek, *swoon* going to my happy place.

I jumped back on the Sox bandwagon so fast during this TB series that I think I sprained something. Ah, the emotional fickleness of fandom. :)

Buster Matfield


That's all I got.

Watching the last couple of Games Papi isnt just producing, he looks so much better at the plate... less bad swings, getting blown away by 90 mph fastballs. I would love to know what the difference is that can make him play so terribly and then so well.


Never was off the wagon. Still love Theo (Shortstops notwithstanding), still love the RS...even when (oh, the horror) they lose. Psychologically, RSN is damaged goods that '04 and '07 only put a band aid on. A lousy April and you lot go all bi-polar. No wonder the players think the fans are treacherous.

The Redsox could win 8 straight titles and I'd still be thinking the wheels are about to come off the bus any minute. And still be surprised when they don't.




the pitcher formerly known as Aprilsuckitude

Growing up in Mew York (upstate, not the city) allowed me to notice the tenous nature of the Boston Bandwagon for lo, these many years. It's not even, "what have you done for me lately?" regarding keeping ones seat or leaping off in a bitter rage. It's as if, when the home run leaves the bat, the Boston fan yells, "Sure ya' hit this one out, but what are ya gonna do NEXT TIME?!"

Now remember, I am a Boston sports fan, albeit transplanted, and have been through many of these ups and downs myself (I was at Bruins Game 7 loss against Carolina and the sorry Game 5 this year), so I don't mean to impune or judge. It is interesting, though. And true.

HA...Mew York...

It wasn't that the Sox were lousy, it was they were lousy and everybody, even Toronto was playing well. In addition, there always seemed to be a part of the team finding new ways to lose, parts that we thought would be awesome, whether it was shakey defense, or poor starting pitching or the bullpen screwin Wake outta wins, along with Papi's struggles. The first series in Fenway against TB was horrific, the opening series against the Yankees was tough as well. These are teams every Sox fan knows the Sox will have to battle throughout the season. It looked like our pitching and run prevention defense was rather impotent against the Yankees and the Rays. I'm still a little worried about Papelbon though.

Hmmm, Vermonter, I may have to rethink selling you any more playoff tickets- given your track record n all


Remy back in fine form. Had me laughing last night as they kept panning the crowd for head-down texters...and there were plenty. Rem-dog astonished. "Pay attention! Pay attention!" and "They can get THAT done at home, and staying home costs NOTHIN'."

SAC, my fave was during the ceremonial tossing of the manager: "Geez, I sure hope they both brushed their teeth today"

Evidently the Yankees' fans don't need the Red Sox just to be uncouth oafs.

Also, Matt Sufieldholzter.

Stat classy NY


Here's some additional good news no one has mentioned - in three games against the Rays, we allowed only 2 stolen bases. I know a lot of that has to do with the limited number of baserunners, and the game situation, but it is still a huge improvement over the past.

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