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It's the first day of the rest of the season

Well, well, well, hello .500 baseball, nice to see you again, did you lose weight, you're looking really swell.


Speaking of looking swell, John Lackey anyone?


The stahting rotation is actually, maybe, quite possibly settling into a groove.


Oh, yeah, and BTW a funny thing happened when I was on my way to get pahts for my DIY Jack Kevorkian suicide machine — The Boston Red Sox now rank #1 in the AL in SLG (461), and numbah 3 in runs.


That's not to say I won't need the machine, just that there's no immediate hurry related to its assembly.


Breathe from the abdomen... One game at a time.



I personally just think the aura of win from the Bruins and Celtics are permeating into Fenway's soul.

Just a thought.

Tonight it's our old nemesis Kazmir -v- Mothra. Then it's the Skanks, and Hughes, Sabathia and Burnett (and their combined 11-1 record and 2.06 ERA) against Beckett, Buckholz and To Be Announced.

I've heard good things about To Be. Supposed to have a hell of a cutter.

please, please, please Sox, can you thump Hughes around so I stop having to listen to NYC sports radio already giving him the Cy Young?

Uh, according to the boston.redsox.mlb.com/stats/, we are tied for fifth in runs, and more importantly, fourth in the AL East.

While checking the stats for my previous comment, I came across this:

Big Papi: .171 avg, 4 hr, 7 rbi, salary $13 M

Teixeira: .178 avg, 2 hr, 14 rbi, salary $20.6 M

Big Papi's a bargain!

Steve et al,

I got 11th in the MLB and sixth in the AL for Runs.


and #1 in AL for SLG and number 2 (behind AZ?) in MLB.


Sorry about the crappy HTTP links.

didn't the spankies pull Burnett because of the pressure of pitchingin Fenway?

nvm.. it's Vazquez they pushed back in the rotation because of extreme suckage.

vasoxfan, they are listed sixth, but actually tied for fifth with Detroit at 139 runs scored.

While looking that up, I discoverd something really scary - the Rays are actually plaing worse than there expected win/loss ratio (based on the pathagorean theorem of baseball).

Gotcha. Sorry I missed that.

11-5 in their last 16. Those Rays are a monster, though.

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