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It's gonna be hot in the city

Now *that's* the world I wanna live in.


Am I right or am I right?


Cinch up your Faneuil Hall fanny packs, touristing Herbs, because it's Red Sox summah in the Red Sox city and the emotional threat warning is red with a touch of red.


My man boobs are tingling.



What's up with Papi lately? Maybe he's got a tingle under his Manzierre, and the only cure is silencing those Tampa Bay cowbells.

Herbs. Heh...

Sounds like Bill's turning into a Master Beta.

(Oh, come on! Somebody had to say it.)

Children, today we will learn about herbs and betas. I must confess, kids, that I thought I was following a link to a happier, more pleasant, greener type of herb, but I was enlightened nonetheless.

and flip flops do not make me a herb, herb makes me wear flip flops.

re: Papi, did anyone hear/read his EEI interview where he was all bullshit about Francona's lack of confidence, the team will live or die with Papi, blah, blah, blah? I believe he fails to understand that shortly after Francona embarrassed the mother fucker by pinch hitting him, he got his groove on. Credit Papi, Francona, or Sriracha in his jock strap, but the groove IS on.

So, was Pedroia's first hit a ground rule single? I missed it, but that's what I surmised when I was watching Extra Innings.

Too bad the Celts couldn't close it out.

LarryE - actually no. He hit the speakers over his head where the speakers were in foul territory and even though TB caught it on the way down, that is a ground rule dead ball. Shortly after that, he hit a standard issue single. Orsillo was completely befuddled by the whole thing and Remy was laughing about the ridiculousness of the whole field.

Talk about bad omens - the B's lose game four in OT with a 3-0 lead, and now the C's lose game four in OT with a 3-0 lead.

Jeff - of all people, Aaron Bleeping Boone (shall we call him "Squeaky" now with that voice of his?) had the call right about the speaker slam.

Yeah, I saw the game on the Deuce last night. Just one more reason NOT to live or work in Alabama. (I gotta find a real job...) Oh well, at least I got to watch the game. Thank God for East Coast bias.

Wakefield is the only Red Sox player I like, precisely because of his stoic reaction to the Boone HR.

"Fire is the test of gold, as adversity tests strong men" --Seneca

Mariano Rivera is the only Red Sox player I like, precisely because he could smile with good humor at the Red Sox 2005 Opening Day Championship ring ceremony after receiving a standing-O for blowing the saves that helped us win the 2004 pennant.

(Well, that, and the fact that he's the probably the greatest closer that ever lived.)

Uh, Yankees player. Jesus, I need coffee this morning.

@Buckner re: your problem with your furry friend chewing electronic items. If you get some essentil oil that you don't mind the smell of (either cinnmon leaf or eucalyptus preferably, but tea tree works too) and put a bit on a cotton swab and dot it on the device. They don't dig the smell of these oils and will typically leave your things alone. If not, the oils are non toxic so you don't have to worry about making him/her sick. Sorry OT, as you were.


thanks for the tip. I gotta try something. It's getting pretty expensive, and I can't get out of the habit of keeping stuff within reach (for me, which coincidentally is hound-eye level)

I'd pass on the Tea Tree Oil ,Buck

paint all your electronics in Yankee pinstripes, then the destruction will seem ok. not really helpful, is it?

thumbing through my classic R&b records and found it! Peaches and Herb! brother herb was too cool to be known as an Herb. Must say the songs are fitting for my current Sox soundtrack. Go on Papi.."shake your groove thing"..the Sox seem back and its.."reunited..and it feels so good."

You could always whoop his ass whenever you catch him chewing.

Or there's stuff to put on chewing things...I think the store-bought kind is "Bitter Apple". There's also sriracha and tabasco.

Maybe my dog was crazy-girl (possible, considering her mother ;) but none of the bitter apple, sprays, taste/smell-based things worked for Tess. You just had to put things away, quarantine the dog at times, and wait for the 2nd-3rd year to come...

@Nat, my mum tried the 'let's wait til she gets older and she'll calm down' approach too. (The reason I know about the essential oil thing is because I was mixing up some aromatherapy oil and accidentially spilled it on the Sophie's 'biting corner' and she never chewed there again.) Sophie's 9 now, and still a complete frigging lunatic. Can't wait to see her when we visit in July. Well, and my mum too.

I wish Tampa Bay had fans so we could laugh at them now that we're finally winning.

@Jason O: you'll never see this, but Wakefield was crying in the locker room after the fact. I remember Mueller going up to him, and saying, "It's not your fault." It was sweet that he got to pitch those three scoreless innings in (and ended up winning) Game 5 the year after.

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