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Getting it together again

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls... pitching for the Red Sox, Tim Wakefield, age 43 and been with the team forevah.


When Tim Wakefield is on, God is in his heaven and all is right with the world.


When Tim Wakefield has movement on the knuckleball, an angel gets his wings.


Is it me, or is this team all of a sudden getting fun to watch?


Exhibit A – Daisuke Matsuzaka.


Holy shit, seeing Matsuzaka nearly toss a no-hittah is like showing up to watch 4 hours of grass growing and all of a sudden a time lapse breaks out.


Are you kidding me me? It's like sitting down to write a haiku and a fucking renga pours out.




Yeah, well, soak it up while we can. If this next series with the Rays doesn't go well, then the past few days will look like a watahcolah left out in the rain.



Abby: What's going on with the game?
Me: Dice-K is pitching pretty well.
Abby: How well?
Me: Really well.
Abby: What, is he pitching a no hitter?
(Soft looper to left.)
Me: No. But you just pitched a world-class gootch.

Welcome back! Hope you're healing okay.

Welcome back, hb. Hope the re-entry was kind to you.

Hope this is an actual awakening by the Sox and not one of those cinematic death throes fakeouts where the apparently deceased character comes 'back to life' with a gasp, only to death rattle moments later. And yes, I realize in this metaphor I am sort of equating the Sox with the villian in a horror flick, but whatever, it's Monday, it's all I got...

and up in Doggy heaven, Butch just got his butt sniffed by an angel.

So over the weekend, Mrs. Jeff was in upstate New York at a funeral and had to endure the rantings of her Yankee fan relations - "The Red Sox have the highest salary in baseball and they SUCK!" To which she texted me for the details (from the barstool), to which I responded with the $204M v. $164M facts and that that is equivalent to CC+Tex in annual salary, which she then relayed to the relations who then retorted with "Well How many rings do the stupid Red Sox have!?!?" There is an inordinate amount of idiocy (and denial) within the Yankee fan world.

And while all this is going on, the Red Sox are taking 2/3 from the 1st place Phils and the Yanks are losing a series to the last place Mets.

Getting it together indeed.

Good to have you back, h.b.

The weekend provided some cause for optimism. The starters have gone at least 8 innings in 4 of the last five games. Not bad. Let's hope that watercolor doesn't get left out in the rain.

Welcome home,h.b. ;)

Good to see you back on the mound, H.B.

re "healing" -- Yes, it's going on. Still a big void in my life it feels, though. Most assuredly going to bring another lil' guy into the fold during the summer.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the sympathy.

re "Lost" -- Well there's 6 years of my life I can't get back. Talk about getting ripped off. In the end I'm left feeling akin to the Lou Gorman "What would we do with a Willie McGee" days.

Welcome back, h.b.!

I'm just hoping the recent resurgence of the Sox is not akin to the sideways world in Lost. (ie - none of it matters because they are already dead)

F'ing Fox. Since we were getting mfy/mfm on Fox, us out-of-towners, (despite the expesive subscription) didn't get to see Saturday's gem from Dice-K and the defense. So we're watching the C's and ESPN breaks in with the news that Dice-K is throwing a no-no thru 7 and 2/3'rds... ten seconds later it's gone.

Nah, COD, they weren't "already dead". The church was timeless, ergo different people were meeting their endpoints at different times in life and then meeting in a purgatory-style place in order to remember their lives together...and thus "move on" together.

Ben wasn't part of their "loop" so he wasn't invited in with the rest of them. He would have his own circle of people to rejoin and "move on" with...like say Alex.

So, everything on the island happened and that's what made them bond together as a group and therefore need each other to "move on".

The church and the whole "Landed Safely timeline" were in a timeless void where they would all join once they died in the real world (where the island and all of its happenings were happening). We were just seeing it all sorta through Jack's perspective and timing.

Now, while they did a nice job trying to be non-denominational and highlight each of the major world religions in that church, they forgot a pretty significant minority: atheists. So, piss on them.

So good to have you back h.b..

Your loss grabbed @ my gutt as I suffered the same 6 years ago and was ripped apart. All that I can say is that I have since learned that the time we all share with each other and our companions is akin to a ride on the ol' Green Line; We're only remembered by the love and joy we bring others along the way.....

When you are ready, the next companion will be ready to be at your side and return the love in spades!

-go sox!

Ok, that's all I have to say about Lost (bastards). The Sox are now only 1.5 out of second place...what in the wacky wide world of sports is that all about? It's like they learned how to pull it together from the Celtics. (Psst, Bruins...pay attention)

I hope we take 2 from the Rays...or at the worst, mitigate it with 1 from the Rays while the Yankees get swept by the Twins.

Ok, 3 out of second place (certainly don't have the tiebreaker)...it's Monday and I was told there would be no math.

I hear there is this great CF in Portland who is tearing up the place. even had a walkoff homer in the 10th on Sunday. I think we should give the kid a shot.

You've got it bracketed Kaz... 2.5 games after the mfy's lost last night (A-Rod striking out with the tying runs on - priceless)

welcome back, h.b.

On a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 was the Battlestar Galactica finale and 10 was the Mary Tyler Moore finale, I give Lost a solid 8.

Yah, Steve, that's why I say 3 though. If we get 2.5 more from here out, we'd still lose because of our shitty head-to-head against the Yankees so far this year.

since we obviously have many dog people on this site, does anyone have any ideas about how to get a hound from not chewing up any electronic device left lying around?? Since last week I'm out a universal remote and a Blackberry, courtesy of the newest family member. I find myself quoting Ralph Kramden lately, "One of these days, Shelby..."

In re Lost: never again.

In re Sox: again?

Man, I hated the Lost finale. They copped out and then couldn't even do the cop out right.

This may be the end of my relationship with network TV, at least the major networks.

With that said you know I'll be tuning in to that ridiculous Spielberg produced thing about the family transported back to the dinosaur time coming this fall.

Yes, I am an idiot.

lc - yes, again. Sox fans can't actually leave the island - its a Rumplestiltskin type of deal (yes, I saw Shrek over the weekend).

Buckner - it seems you may need to decide which you prefer: leaving electronics lying around or not killing your dog. Not much help here - I still haven't decided whether I like having the dog or not having dogshit between my toes in the morning. I currently have both and have lost all hope of improving the situation.

h.b., still watching FNL? It was a great season, I thought (I watched DirecTV earlier this year). That totally redeems network TV for me. I have never seen an episode of Lost and after reading about it in Time this weekend was thinking, hmmmm, maybe I rent all 6 seasons at some point next winter and see what the fuss is about. Not worth it?

Buck, wish I could help. In Tess's first year, she chewed everything wood she could find: table corners, chair legs, even the baseboard and wainscotting of my condo. I tried the bitter spray you can buy that's supposed to retard them, but it never seemed to work. Good news is... they grow out of it.

The crazy thing about their cop out, h.b.?

They have always said all along that they knew *exactly* how they wanted to end the series! They copped out before they ever even had to cop out! Ugh.

As compared to McGoohan who couldn't figure out how to end his own series?

Kaz: re Ben. I took Ben's reluctance to enter the church and move on not as a sign that he didn't belong, but as a sign that he was not yet ready to move on. The dude did some heinous stuff on the Island, maybe he needed more time to come to grips with it all before he could find the peace that comes with moving on.

Or something like that.


3 episodes in to FNL and love it as much as ever. The plot lines aren't especially unpredictable, but that doesn't matter. (The Greeks did pretty well will predictable plots.)

I love the whole East vs West dialectic. It's the same story that's been told before just now played out in the Texas prairie.

BWF, they learn sooner or later. One of mine, (not Pepper) learned the hard way, by chewing into an electrical device that was plugged in (laptop charger). He wasn't hurt bad, but I don't suggest it.

I had a nephew who did that,only it wasn't a laptop charger-Yikes

welcome back. Nice return as well.

Welcome back, h.b.

@Natalie, I started watching Lost on from the beginning (or Genesis, as the case may be here) on Netflix in November or December, and it was worth it. It was also much easier to understand when you can watch successive episodes, rather than waiting a week and trying to remember everything that happened.

FNL ...love trash-metal sculptor dude. Brilliant addition. 2010 Sox would benefit from a week in his apprenticeship.

FNL - I started watching the pilot on an airplane. The first on-field sequence featured plays that were completely inappropriate to the game situation. Off came the headphones, and out came my book. Haven't been back since.


If you're that much of a purist than I'm surprised you can stomach pretty much anything here at Soxaholix.

I bend the truth all the time for the sake of the entertainment. That's what it's all about in the case of Soxaholix and FNL. (That is not to compare my minuscule bit of creativity here with what the writers are doing at FNL, but the point about entertainment first, veracity second, still holds.)

Lost finale:

Emotional/character payoff: 9/10 (cried like a baby near the end with Hugo and Ben)

Mystery/plot payoff:

Sorry to DP on an old post, but it's nice to hear you be completely correct Ryan about the Battlestar Galactica finale AND the MTM finale (and arguably the Lost finale, depending on what you were in it for...I'd say 7).

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