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As long as there’s a maybe, baby

The FBI arrested two Pakistani men who authorities believe sent money to the suspect of the attempted Times Square car bombing.


Still at lahge, howevah, is the group believed to be responsible for the abduction and possible murdah of David Oriz's mojo.


No, here's the deal – Ortiz's mojo went to Arizona for an ice cream cone and it was captured, questioned, and hastily deported.


Papi loses his mojo and Jupitah loses a stripe? Coincidence? Oh, I think not.


OK, so considah this – Do you miss the old Ortiz of yore enough that you'd go to a musical in which Papi's mothah of the mothah of all walk-offs is centah stage?


Ah, sorry, I have a stipulation in my contract that prohibits me from attending any and all musicals.


I'm not anti-musical, per se, but lots of red flags go off when I hear the words "provocative social history."


What are you, some sort of racist! Jeez.



I'm not a "let's put on a show" kind of guy. But a musical that allows beer in the theater? Maybe. Just maybe.

Mickey and Judy sitting down for a beer??

I think Judy sat down for many, many beers. And Qualudes.

And pink flags when I hear the words "Spry tunes".

"It's Springtime... for Hitler... and Germanyyyyy..."

It's going
It's going
It's really really going
It's really going all the way

Gone, goodbye
We win the day!

Big Papi did it
Hip hip hooray!


Please shoot me now
This turned out really gay...

Kudos to you HB - the segue from the Paki arrests to Big Papi? Priceless.

Coffee. Nose. Burning.

Thanks, Kaz.

Speaking of musicals, does anybody else think it's weird that Macy's is using an AIDs song from Rent to promote their jewelry on TV?

I'd watch a Big Papi musical.

It could be worse. Just sayin'...

At least it's not "No, No, Nanette"... (wait do we still care about that?)

So the Sox are up against the immportal Max Scherzer tonight. Kind of sounds like he should be the comic relief in a Wim Wenders flick. That, or fighting Joe Lewis.

Anyway, have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

Dr.Evil Steinbrenner stealing Papi's Mojo-needs further investigation ;O

Re: Today's strip title

Maybe baby, I'll have you
Maybe baby, you'll be true
Maybe baby, I'll have you for me

--The fucking man, aka Buddy Holly

Check David Lynch's cigarette ad: It's both tits and ass


As opposed to the Bruins in the 2nd and 3rd periods...which were just ass.

WTF was Francoma doing putting Oki in with four straight righthanders coming up, and then leaving him in when he clearly didn't have shit? Last night's loss was completely on Tito.


I saw Johnny Baseball at the ART last night. It was a great musical, a provocative social history, and lots of good Sox history. It was a blast! You can even bring hot dogs and beer into the theater!

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