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6 in the city

Juuuuust a little bit outside.


No doubt it was out of the zone, but considering how Ortiz has been hitting, or not, it's easier to look at the more as a prediction with a high confidence level rather than an absolute.


Yep. And a couple of years ago, Papi would have got that call with the same predictive assumption in reverse, i.e., he could hit it and chose not to, so that's a ball.


So is this going to be the summah forevah known as "6 games back"?


"Dearest Red Sox,
This is one of the best teams what i have ever seen, it is impressed me very much, thank you for taking your time to sharing this, i want to share it with my friend, they must also love your incredibleness, thank you!"



Did you know that until yesterday afternoon, the Red Sox had the best record in the American League since April 20?

It's one of those factoids that seems to go on and on until it reaches irrelevancy: The Red Sox have the best record in the American League since April 20 not taking into account that the teams they're chasing have the best records in baseball since the start of the season or the disappointing nature of the starting pitching which has improved at precisely the same time the hitting has dropped off and the bullpen has become the equivalent of an overpriced Williams-Sonoma sieve which is now on sale for the low, low price of just $299.99.

that last panel is by far the best lead in to "please attach credit card informations to return email so we can processes your contribution to allow sharing of this furtunate opportunity".

fucking umpires. but then, I have authority figure issues, so not so much credibility here, except to say fucking umpires. and the bad day thing is bullshit - there are 3 other umps out there. crew chief should make mid-game positional switches to address poor performance - Mr. Francona, Mr. Gaston, Dale Scott will be swapped to the clubhouse toilet cleaning crew and 3rd base ump will take over at home, leaving us a man down at 3rd. Please mark your cards accordingly.

The Nats are 1.5 back in the NL East. If anyone is interested.

Yep, the Nats are da bomb around here right now (what with the O's and Caps being in the dumper). And the really good news for them: they sent Strasberg down to the minors to get experience pitching with runners on base (hadn't been much of an issue for him in college), so what does he do in his first AAA game? 7 inning no-no.

With his Threater and Film Institute, it's amazing he has time to focus on baseball.

The Bruins cannot possibly do what the Yankees did in 2004, could they? 3:

BTW, it seems the FBI is in Watertown and Coolidge Corner right now investigating some suspicious shite.

"A federal law enforcement source says that search warrants are being executed in Boston, New York, and New Jersey..." in connection with the botched Times Square bombing.

I went to the Nats - Marlins game on Saturday. 70 degrees, blue skies, breezy. Perfect day for a ball game. I picked up tickets 4 rows back from the wall in left field at a 50% discount, and the park was maybe 60% full. I'd say the Nats have a ways to go before they are "da bomb" in these parts.

BTW - here is a picture from the web highlights of our close encounter with a HR. In 35 years of going to ballgames I had never even been in the neighborhood of a foul ball or HR, then on Saturday I'm within 6 feet of two in a 5 minute period.

And yes, I am wearing a Boston hat at a Nats game...and I wasn't the only one.

Look, Krejci is a nice guy and all, but I refuse to believe he was some kind of linchpin for the Bruins.

We didn't take more than about 5 hard shots on goal last night (or the game before). It's like we're trying to take it easy on the Waterboy's replacement because we feel bad for him or something. I saw almost no fight out of our team and then a TON of stupid penalties in a row that gave up the game winner.

Please, Celtics, do me a favor. Close this out tonight. Show the Bruins how it's done.

if you take out all the innings where we gave up runs and also discount our losses, the sox have the best pitching staff ever in the history of the game. bob has it so right, these comfort stats are killing me. if you take out daisuke's three bad innings, he's awesome. well that's great, unfortunately we can't. there is only one stat that matters, and that's losses. we have more in this division than anyone but baltimore, which is itself an anomaly of suck made flesh. i'm not pushing the panic button, perhaps i'm pushing the slow simmering depression button. slowly.

I went to a Nats/Braves game last year and the Nats stadium was awesome, but it was full of Braves fans. Also, they got their asses kicked, so it wasn't too enjoyable. Still, they've been fun to watch and now that they are winning I might pick up some half season tickets when I get to DC. (I also wore a Red Sox hat to the game, but a Nationals jersey.)

@da kine - If Don & Jerry saw your attire, they might call you "confused" :-).

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