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"The object of this competition is not to be mean to the losers but to find a winner."

Just when you think, at last, the final page of the Bill Bucknah saga has long since been turned and the volume shelved, dusty and forgotten, we get this...


"My first thought when it happened was, 'Wow, I get to play in a seventh game of a World Series. How cool is that?'"




Buckhah has somehow managed to become a caricature of a caricature of a caricature of himself.


He reminds me of one of those hapless American Idol contestants who don't care how they 15 seconds on TV as long as they get those 15 seconds.


Maybe Bucknah should audition.


Yeah, instead of Pants on the Ground he could sing...


♪ Lil' rollah on the ground
♪ Lil' rollah on the ground
♫ Lookin' like a fool with a lil' rollah on ground



Since you bright up TV...can we look forward to one final and epic season of Lostaholix here?

By the time Buckner is 80-, he'll be claiming that he intentionally let the ball get past him. Because, you know, he's such a competitor, he just wanted to keep playing ball.

Wow. Just... wow.

@sdu, it's been rumored that lc was seen boarding a plane at Logan bound for Cancun. Lisa the Temp was seen on his arm as he entered the airwalk. Lucky bastard!

Lostaholix is definitely a cool idea to reprise... the problem is, and this is why it's fallen off the past few years, is that I rarely watch Lost the same night it premieres. I typically am one or even two full days behind before I fire up the DVR.

Tom Jackson is already on the record saying " That's the thing I admire about Billy Buck. He was never afraid to boot a grounder"

Why all the attention still about BB? It wasn't his fault they lost that game.

Total LOL from me this morning, hb... although I now hate you because Pants on the Ground will be stuck in my head for the rest of the day, and no one here gets the reference, they just think I am having a minor stroke or something when I walk around muttering it under my breath. :)

Touche,Nat!! ouch ;D

If only Buckner's pants had been on the ground that day!

Someone posted a comment on the discussion board related to Buckner's comment that suggested he was being facetious. Seems like the more plausible explanation.

I was being sarcastic Don't you all get it? I get asked that question every day so I thought I'd start having fun with you all. At least the people in Chicago got it.

Haha-what a tool

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