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The Constant

Breaking news:


Killah Whale Kills!


Lost's "answers" are just more questions.


Even in the island-is-sunk flash sideways story line Derek Jetah would still be a Yankee.


Are you friggin kidding me, even if the mysterious Man in Black were to "claim" Derek Jetah, Derak Jetah would still be with the Yankees.


Seriously. Is there any playah in the modern era as intrinsically tied to their club as Derek Jetah is to the Yankees?


And as much as it emotionally pains me to say it – that is pretty damn cool.



Yeah, it'd be like seeing Joe Montana in anything but a 49ers uniform.

Actually, remember when we actually saying similar things about Nomar? That seems like so very long ago.


Oh, Cheeee-rist. First the charactahs are sucking on Slappy's roidballs, now they're giving respect - even if only minimally - to Jeter? To quote an Adam Sandler skit: fuck me in the goat ass. I hate the Stankees and everything to do with them.

It would be like watching Ray Bourque in a Colorado Avelanche uniform.

It would be like watching Wade Boggs play in a Yankee's uniform... Oh, wait. It would be like seeing Roger Clemens take the mound in pinstripes... Oh, wait. It would be like seeing Johnny Damon cut his hair and shave... Shit, this isn't working. Ummmm, it's like seeing Carl Yastremski in another uniform! Yes, that one actually works!

Breaking News:

Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead.

I can confirm the Franco story as I lived in Spain when he died. Also, I posted this after our trip to Sea World in Nov. I hope it isn't the woman that died yesterday.

It is Chris

I know this site is called soxaholix but like a periodic alcoholic my insanity is just that... periodic. Today I am sober and Jeter is a Yankee and there is something in me that really admires a guy and a team that can stay together that long. Call me nostalgic. Guilty. Plus I love New York, its the Yankees I hate. The team and their a lot of their fans but not the individual players... well maybe there a a few individuals (A-Roid..JuiceBino when he was there) but Jeter isn't one of them.

My wife agrees with you Harwich. I didn't think it looked that much like her but I apparently I am wrong.

Toughest change of uniform for me to see was Bobby Orr wearing a Black Hawks jersey!

The toughest uniform change for me personally was Fisk changing the color of his socks. I was a little league catcher and huge Fisk fan.

Agreed re: Jeter's eternal Yankeedom being cool. The reason it is cool is the alchemy of it all: has to be someone who came up with the organization, who became a bona fide star, and then resisted free agency and the lure of the almighty dollar to stay with his club. We have true Sox in Timmy W and Tek, but the aforementioned alchemy is not quite the same. This strip nicely dovetails with yesterday's, because how will both the Yanks and Jetes react when his skills start to really erode? The Yanks do tend to be a more "loyal" club than the Sox, overpaying their "true Yankees" to stay...

It would be like seeing Joe Dimaggio or Ted Williams in another uniform.

BTW - that whale has killed before - his total stands at three. What ever happened to justice? Those liberals that run the marine parks will just blame his actions on environment and nature without holding him accountable. This is recidivism at its worst. You just need to ship this one whale off to Japan and the rest will get the message and fall in line.

yeah yazbread!! Awesome!

I'm not sure Doug's definition of "modern era" but I'd like to posit Cal Ripken, Jr. as a player more intrinsically tied to the Orioles than Jeter to the Yankees.

He set the consecutive games record with the O's. He earned award after award for his play. His dad and brother were with the organization too. He rose in prominence and the O's did too...he declined and disappeared to retirement and so did the entire team from the AL East (picking up on a theme from yesterday).

Cal Ripken *was* the "Orioles magic" ("feel it happen! O-R-I-O-L-E-S!"). Jeter will disappear too one day and Steinbrenner (Sr/Jr) will go buy the biggest name to fill the void. Cal Ripken's presence on the Orioles has never been replaced and they are worse because of it.

Cal Ripken hasn't disappeared. He was seen in the Five Guys down the road from my house a couple of weeks ago.

Not kidding...

Good points on Ripkin, Kaz.

I gotta agree with da kine about Jeter. I respect his talents as a player but I cannot possibly say that I like him. How can a true RS fan ever like someone who seems to always come up with a big hit time after time against us. You wouldn't ever say that you like hemorrhoids and that's what Jeter has been to the RS, a royal pain in the ass.

Heh. If Jeter's hemorrhoids, we have to assign a disease to the rest of the Skanks. A-Fraud? Leucorrhoea.

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