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Teeth to the left of me! Gums to the right of me!

Lost final season, episodes 1 and 2?


Dude, I had every friggin intention of watching




But I was hit with a sudden onset of acute chronchitis.


And the next thing you know I was eating a mound of chicken briyani and watching Ren and Stimpy reruns.


Ah, poor you.


You're not kidding. Now I've got to spend the rest of the day avoiding Lost spoilers while also defending the merits of a diet rich in cahbs to caveman romanticizing zealots.


I thought the Atkins thing was passe.


Oh, yeah, the name has changed be the zeal remains the same.


Now it's the Paleo diet among othahs.


"Get your hands off my ziti, you damn dirty apes!"


Srsly. If mothahfuckahs are serious about the Paleolithic Era being more healthy, than why not ditch antibiotics along with the cahbs?


Bunch o' grain hatin' pussies.



Atkins, Paleo, whatever happy horseshit it's called frowns upon beer.

Yeah, I'll get right on that.

Kim Yun-Jin...사랑해 <3

The running tally...

# of Lost episodes - 2
# of answers provided - 0

I don't know what will be worse, the Lost fans bemoaning the end of the series or the series of fanfics that will result from it.

I hadn't watched a frame of Lost until early December, when I stocked my Netflix queue with the first five seasons and, not unlike a lonely cat woman (I'm a man, and not so lonely, though the automatic coupon thing at the grocery store sees it fit to give me tampon coupons on occasion. But I digress...), vowed to catch up on a bunch of TV in time for the final season.

I caught up on things and it is a very good show, though I think Twin Peaks and The Wire can beat it a head-to-head battle. And, of course, with tampons in hand, I can help stop the bleeding if things get out of hand.

"series of fanfics that will result from it."

You ain't seen what the Japanese anime folks are capable of...

Besides, once six people got off only to head back, I lost all interest in this show...except for Kim Yun-Jin. My Korean gf gets a wee annoyed by my love for her.

I got nothing.

Except I love briyani. Indian food in general. I've given the cooks at India Quality a complex, because they can't spice the food up enough to hurt me. But oh how they try.

Kaz sits down at the bus stop to wait for the 64 bus. A young woman is already waiting for the bus. A young man is approaching from Kaz's left.

Young Man (recognizing Young Woman): Hey! Are you heading for school?

Young Woman: Yeah, I just take the bus to the red line.

Young Man (sitting down): Did you see "Lost"?

Young Woman: No, I don't watch it but I think I'm going to rent the early seasons and start. Everyone's talking about it.

Young Man: Yeah, last night was pretty goo-

Kaz (immediately interrupting): Please. It's on my DVR.

Kaz gives a wry smile and raises a finger to his lips to ask for quiet.

Young Man: No spoilers. I promise.

The 64 bus arrives and Kaz continues his way to work.

....aaaand, SCENE.

I swear at this point the Lost writers are just printing up a thousand ideas, hanging them on the wall, and heaving darts at them.

It's never a bad time to listen to 'Happy Happy Joy Joy,' learn about Magic Nose Goblins, or purchase the bestest toy ever, LOG. It's better than bad, it's good!

I may be labeled a pleb for saying so out loud but I've never watched Lost. Though I have a penchant for serial dramas and mindfuckery, so I'll probably get around to it eventually. I don't think my interest has been sufficently piqued yet. Also, I can always tell when I work with someone on a carb restricted diet...they have a grey cast to their skin and they kinda smell. And they have a distinct inability to poop.

Not to change horses in the middle of the stream, but I am catching a Ralph Stanley show this weekend. Of course my students all said 'who?'. I would have called them Philistines but that would have required a second explanation.

Isn't it Doctor Ralph Stanley? and his 2008 release, Old Time Pickin' is old timey music done by a master.

On the other side of the coin, I know of T.I. and Kanye and Ke$ha, but I don't think I could pick a tune of theirs out of 100.

I often wonder when I watch guys like Ralph Stanley, Del, ... if they still, after all the years of big stages, feel like "Wow, I can't believe I'm front porchin' it up on this big stage".

I don't really wonder that about Doc Watson - he turns every venue, no matter the size, into his front porch. That and he can't see a fucking thing to know the difference :)

Ouch. This strip is funny as hell when it's making fun of Y fans and other undesirables, but this one hit home... I am one of your "grain-hating pussies." Although I don't see how eating a ton of meat, eggs, butter, nuts, and vegetables makes me less of man than some soft, pudgy pasta-eater! And I do enjoy beer and my wife makes a mean dessert, so it's not like I'm obsessed. I just make sure that the majority of my diet is real food. And I get up and run around and pick up heavy things on a regular basis.

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