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Superbowl Monday

Gotta tip my hat to the Saints.


Seriously. And was that one of the best uses of an onside kick evah?


Pretty good weekend for New Orleans. They win the Super Bowl and ditch Ray Nagin as mayor. Talk about things looking up.


But memo to the NFL — is there any way that at next year's Supahbowl the halftime entertainment could, you know, be from this Century? Is that too much to ask?


For real. I'm not really sure how the NFL can go much further back in time at this point.


Not unless they somehow figure out a way to reanimate to cadavahs of Richie Valens and the Big Boppah.


Ah, yes, The Corpse-men.


Meanwhile, I think today we can divide the world into two camps. Those that found the fiddling beavah ad spot to be brilliant and those who'll put those who found the fiddling beavah ad as brilliant on a list of peeps whose acumen they will now forevah suspect.



I'm not usually a huge fan of celebrity-focused spots, but you gotta love seeing Betty White and Abe Vagoda get faceplanted.

...and all this time I thought Fish was dead-turns out he just looks that way :D

All I know is I'm now going as the Dorito Warrior for Halloween.

For some reason because of his efforts in advertising, it's nigh impossible for me to hate on Brett Favre.

Nice outcome to the game if only for the reason that I got tired of listening to Manning being crowned as one of the greatest, if not the greatest, quarterbacks ever all week long.

Agreed yaz. ESPN always seemed to want to jump his bones much like how Fox wants to jump the bones of the Yankees.

Glad to see a more deserving QB and a more deserving team take the Lombardi. That's greater good - 1, Manning Family - 0, for this year thank God.

From Jimmy Page, to Aerosmith to the Who - Who The Fuck Are You that keeps booking these relics? How about maybe a really hot drum corps(e) from a black college. Let's get back to appropriate football halftime tunes, maybe? Who needs 12 minutes of historic medley?

And dividing the world into two camps is a great car trip discussion -

the beaver ad

Michael Jackson

the classic Elvis/Beatles debate

porn - (love it/love it too much)

the DH


Sriracha - good/good on everything



Sean Payton joined the Bronson Arroyo Nut Size Club last night with that call. There will be some happy fish in the Gulf cause everyone is flushing their Zoloft this morning. I think I'm still in shock.

Congrats NolaSox, but can we please have a new rule: you don't get to refer to yourself as a sports "nation" unless your fans regularly pack the visitor's stadiums, ala RSN and the mfy.

BTW, P. Manning is now just 9-9 in the playoffs. Not exactly hall of fame numbers.

The Globe needs to get over it. Beckett is probably not going to get a long-term big-money deal.

Steve, I agree with the overuse of the Nation moniker (I blame sportscasters for that crap). Then again Saints fans do attend away games - 4 to 1 fan ratio at yesterday's game according to my eyewitness and since we got spread out all over the place and some never came back we are nationwide.

My favorite ad was the Griswolds complementary water and room with a view.

Who dat?!

would've been nice to see Magic sitting next to Larry or maybe Larry sinking one w/ back to hoop off 19 rafters.

Sonoma - I thought the same thing about BBall Jesus draining one before walking off camera. Still, I really liked that commercial. King James has some acting chops.

And Betty White kicks ass...

Congrats to the Saints and their fans for defeating evil last night.

(0.0 x Keith Moon) + (0.0 x John Entwistle) + (0.25 x Roger Daltry) + (0.75 x Pete Townshend) = 0.25 x The Who

Gee, I'm a wicked cynic and music snob. Never enjoyed a halftime show evah, including JJ's tit. But I enjoyed the hell outa the 1/2 Who. We cranked up the volume and the 3 generations in my living room were transfixed. There was something uncommonly un-phony about them. Of course we were all wasted by then but still...

Also nice to see Satan Moaning at 1-1 in the Super Bowl while future Senator Brady reigns at 3-1.

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