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Priorities, people

So the Iranian Supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei says that on February 11th he's got some big friggin' news to delivah...


But it's like, cleric-dude, c'mon...

Everybody knows Truck Day is the 12th.





"And on the 11th, we shall pre-pack the Glaschka (truck) with explosive power which shall ackalaka (stun) the Western powers including the imperial Satan deceptively known as the Angels."

Puh-lease, Ayatollah. The West is the KING of building up expectations of a tremendous "punch" that will knock us all out...and then delivering warmed-over tripe that we've all seen a billion times before.

Excuse me if I don't ramp up my fear and expectations just to be let down by some wannabe bogeyman. When you can let an ICBM fly, look me up. I'm in the book.

LOLatollah: I can has ICBM?

Uh, H.B.? Why are there Iranian date sites and Muslim matrimonial sites advertising on Soxaholix (not that there's anything wrong with that.)

Bob, just saw that! It's the Google key words stuff. Guess the bot is picking up on Bill's "INSHALLAH."

Nothing wrong w/ some Persian princesses to start the erect...I mean insurrection.

Where's Curtis Lemay when you really need him?

Alu Nomar!
/is places on FBI watch list

Thanks Yaz - I had gone SO long without thinking of that ass Lemay. It was nice while it lasted...

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei is a fucking retard.

(is that okay, Mrs. Palin?)

And a fucking faggot.

Just kidding. There are no gays in Iran. Ahmadinejad said so.

Oh yes there are; worked there in the late 70's and lots of people in my company were gay and were there for the - um - good fellowship.
Marg Bar MFY's; Durud Bar Sawx. (that's Farsi)

I feel like Jim Carey and almost wish to click on muslima.com. It's probably easier to convert a center fielder to left field than to convert a muslim to say rational athiesm, or atleast agnosticism.

What happens when my sausage loving, vodka swilling, devout Polish National friend marries her Muslim boyfriend? Massive pierogie implosion?

Israeli F-111's will be arriving over the Ayatollah's skies soon... (Gee, the Israeli's don't have any F-111's. I wonder where they got them? All of ours are parked out at Davis Monthan, I think...)

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