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Money changers and temples

Wait, what's this?!



Oh, Capitalism, you Botoxed old whore you.


"The 2010 Spring Training Truck Day presented by JetBlue Airways"


Hmm...Jet Blue....


So does this now mean that the truck will need to sit fully-loaded on a tarmac for 10 and a half hours before setting out for Florida?



Why does an organization that has more money than the GDP of a small country find corporate sponsorship necessary? Yay for jet fuel, I guess.

Truck Day, sponsored by an airline. What next, Bass Masters, brought to you by PETA?

Next year see Pesky's Pole brought to you by Viagra!

Or the whirlpools in the trainers room, brought to you by Cialis.

But those make sense.

bullshit has been my word of the week and it works just fine in this situation.

I never thought I'd see an 18-wheeler jump a tank of sharks (brought to you by the Franklin Park Zoo)...but, well, there it is.

Way to go, JetBlue and the Red Sox...you've officially ruined Truck Day. This was *our* day. This was watching you just do your damn job and know that it was a sure sign that spring and baseball were around the corner again. Why can't anything like that exist and maybe even garner (red sox) nationwide attention without turning it into a marketing campaign? This was our little thing between us and you...and you've cheapened it. You've ruined it. Bastards.

I should have seen it coming though. It started with a few fans finding out each year when the truck would be there and taking pics for the rest of us to see on the web. Then, you noticed and make a press release to make sure the papers mentioned it. More people started to show up to see the truck off because we're funny like that. I don't think anyone else does this in the Majors. Then, with a decent sized crowd gathering and a reporter or two talking to the driver/owner of the trucks...you decided to "give back" a little and would have Wally follow behind tossing candy and waving to the crowd. We appreciated the acknowledgment but should have seen the mystery of our little eye-wink and nudge about the start of Spring vanishing. Now, for the past year or two, every news chopper, sports reporter, and bandwagon fan knows about the Truck and the date. You started using it in your ads and handing out route information for the royal trumpeted exodus of a bunch of baseball gear out of the Fens. The speakeasy was thrown open and now we were all celebrating it out in the open like a mini-Mardi Gras (sans beads and lifted shirts). I'm shocked that it hasn't become Truck Week yet...

But then, you went and completely ruined it. Before today, we felt we could still act as if this was just our little thing that got big. We could fool ourselves into thinking you weren't in it for all the publicity and attention, but because you wanted to celebrate the return of Red Sox baseball with us. Don't cry for us. That naivety is smashed and forever gone. Truck Day is now right up there with Red Sox Nation(TM)(R)(C)...never to be confused with real fandom any more.

Thanks. I was almost confused enough to think you cared. Bastards.

Amen, brother.


You absolutely nailed it.

But just think of the marketing opportunities...the Red Seat brought to you by Preperation H...Smilin' Bob brings you the Fenway Frank...Green Giant Vegetables presents the Green Monster, hoo hoo hoo Green Giant

Nice post Kaz.

Bravo, Kaz. You got the 'sucker punched in the throat' feeling spot on.

What Kaz said...

/nodding head and grinding teeth

spot on Kaz, spot on.

I bet a Fenway Frank would work.


LC is working on a sunset for truck day

I completely agree with you, Kaz. This is the double-edged sword that is the new ownership. On the one hand-we have the insanity of corporate sponsorship of Truck Day or paying for the RN membership card (the most expensive tickets in basaball and a lifetime of passion and heartaches apparently isn't enough to be a member). However, much of the money raised does go toward, as Larry or Theo would say, "putting a competitive product on the field". The new ownership has given us two chamionships and I guess I feel that I wouldn't want the old ownership back, even if it meant a more pure Truck Day.

Following Kaz's thread (well it was a rope really - and I agree with it COMPLETELY), do ya think the marketing hounds will take it all so far that actual fans won't even buy merchandise anymore? like a simple hat? that team merchandise has the taint of corporate personhood and money all over it so much that real fans become identified by their lack of support? far fetched? - i'm not so sure.

Good point, Jeff. Lack of marketing support, anyway. I was thinking that I can't give up my (lucky) hat just yet, but I am fully content to rely on the better "indie" options like soxaholix and the red seat when i just have to blow some cash.

Well done Kaz.

Jeff-I don't need a card to tell me I'm a Sox fan,I read it here everyday :)

Thanks, everybody. I just about flipped my lid when I read h.b.'s link this morning. But taking his lead, I wanted to put that energy into a more...eloquent...prose.

Otherwise, I might have just gone and slashed the sidewalls on the truck or something, jealous lover style.

Amen, Rich. Amen. Now if the card would get me 20% off my beer tab, well... hmmm... No No No. That would be caving in to the obvious "Here Kid, I've got candy for you" marketing ploy. But then, I Do like beer...

Fuck it - they can keep the stupid card, I'll just buy my beer the old fashioned way - with my pal's money.

Welcome back Dr. Charles Steinberg?

Not that anybody will see or read this post, cause tomorrow's strip is just about 8 hours away. It's like a perpetual advent calendar, always waiting for the next flash of brilliance from HB, anyways, I digress.

To toss around the Curse thing a bit, If I remember right, every Sox owner has won a world title except the Yawkeys. Even that twit Harry Frazee, got a world title from his team. I guess that's a bit too much digging for the CHB to do. Also it would take a bit of sack to level the curse at the sainted Mr. and Mrs. Yawkey. They have a street named for them after all. It's because of the Yawkeys the Sox missed out on Robinson and Mays and other black talent as well.

This team is run much like a microbrewery that decides to go nationwide with distribution. It'll be consistently good, it may or may not win a gold medal at this or that beer fest, cause it has to sacrifice a bit on the awesomeness it once had, it can't be as exacting in all it's ingredients as it once was so it can be taken to the masses. Still it's better that the Bud Light alternative (New York Yankees).

Is there any way we can get Peyton Manning involved in Truck Day marketing? Because that would make me pop wood like you wouldn't believe.

If didn't get so f'ing cold here in the winter, Truck Day would not be such a big deal. Just my $.02

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