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Hammah Time

Is it me or is this the slowest offseason evah?


Hot stove? Damn thing's not even piss warm.


It's gotten so bad that even the baseball tidbit omnipresence that is Dave Pinto and Baseball Musings is finding it tough going.


I tell you what, it's gotten so bad that I'm actually looking forward to Pinto's live-blogging of curling from Vancouver.


"It's not just a rock. It's forty-two pounds of polished granite, with a beveled underbelly— and a repository of possibility."



What's that Irish gambling sport/game where they throw a rock down a road to see who can reach the finish line in the fewest number of throws?

Maybe we could find a bar with that on satellite TV and make it our off season pastime.

It's actually fascinating, in a throw-a-rock-down-a-road kind of way.

My evil plan seems to be working...


no spoilers here, but how do you not love a show that introduces a hippy Japanese guy and his John Sebastion [look it up] lookalike methhead translator in its last season?

How many days until Truck Day?

Irish road bowling. Which is infinitely more enjoyable to watch than most of the Winter Olympic sports (figure skating, snowboarding, free-style skiing, take your pick).

When I was 13-16 I really liked watching women figure skating, revealing costumes etc. etc. I'm waiting for a trendy canadian home show to have a couple that used reclaimed curling stones to make their granite counter tops. "It keeps these used unwanted rocks out of our landfills, so that there is more room for low grade radio-active waste."

Any of you kids out there remember Hot Dog - The Movie? (Banana pants? You can kiss my ass on this side...?) My how far freestyle skiing has fallen in terms of spectator enjoyment when curling is in fact more fun to watch. Bring back ganja, naked motel clerks and the Chinese Downhill to the sport!

Is it baseball o'clock yet?

Gosh Jeff, that Movie was HORRIBLE. The only redeeming part was the gratuitous nudity, I much prefered ski patrol.

during the summer Olympics perhaps Natalie could start live blogging fencing for us for some more riveting entertainment.

But featured a great Mitch Ryder cover of Prince's 'When you were mine'.

Was that a jab at fencing? I spend half my weekends at fencing competitions. It's a much more cerebral sport that is apparent to the untrained eye. That's probably why it will never be popular in the US - it requires too much thinking.

re: fencing- also a serious f***ing workout. It's been tough to pick up, and I consider myself pretty athletic, because you have to pay attention to your footwork even as you are trying to read your opponent's movements and respond to them, nevermind planning your own attack. Intense!

Thinking is way the fuck overrated.

Unless, of course, one is thinking about Natalie in a teal fencing suit.

COD, I wasn't poking fun at fencing - it is just one of those sports that I believe you need to be an insider to appreciate and enjoy watching. And I agree that the average American sports fan doesn't have the inclination to even bother trying to learn the nuances. Now, if they took the button off the end you could probably rake in the dough with PPV matches.

Madraider - HORRIBLE? Of course it was. But it had a lot of nudity, sex, Gene Simmons wife performing as only she can,... But mostly it was what freestyle used to be - a bunch of ski bums, partying, fucking and trying new shit out on the slopes. Tunr that into an Olympic sport and the Shaun Whites of the world get made, but the spirit is a little ruined, sterilized if you will.

What we need is fencing on skis, kind of an alternative Biathalon. Talk about footwork issues...

Jeff, add some Canadians throwing stones to try and knock fencing skiers on their asses and you've got a sport (or something you would see on South Park)

Oooh, a teal fencing suit? Need to look into that, so I can, in moments of victory, take the helmet off in slow motion, as I do shaking my hair so it falls down my back... Fencing is sexy, y'all! :)

My father always thought events like figure skating needed to be livened up with actual mortal challenges, like a random fire pit or punji stakes. The image does amuse...

Ha! lmao...

Now if we could just get someone to promote and fund our new Quadrennial Soxalympics events.. figure skating with death pits and punji sticks, speed skate stone dodging, traditional long distance ski jumping with mid-air fencing duels with spectators in the landing zone,..

Well if not an actual event, maybe a good Wii game.

For those of you not sick of the Saints coverage yet Boston bar on the front page of the TP today.

Nola: Understood, and agreed. I finally have picked up the nuances of foil after watching my son for 4 years. Saber still baffles the hell out of me.

Give me a good old fashioned Claymore battle axe anyday ;D

I like the idea of the Soxaholympics... I volunteer to be Bob's color man at the broadcast center located at the NE corner of Pete's.

btw, lc's back. We can start the offseason now.

Yes it would be better if the freestyle skiers had to funnel a pitcher of beer, go head to head like that skicross format, and throw down big tricks stick the landings while their opponets are body checking them. But these guys wanna be taken seriously as athletes for playing in the snow. I blame the lawyers for taking the fun out of society. before long it'll be mandatory to wear a helment to go down the green dot trails. You can't even smoke on a skilift anymore let alone go barrelling down the slope wearing a beer helmet.

And try as the X-Games and Dew Tour might, these sports are only semi-relevant every 4 years.

I know - what's the incentive now for a beginner skier to get over the wide arcing snowplow when they no longer have to contend with guys like me barreling ass down the green trail to cross to the next mogul field?

"ON YOUR LEFT!" and a pile of poles and skis under a spray of snow comes into existence. no amount of parental encouragement to try parallel turns can top that.

Fencing is awesome...

For the simple fact that, with a French Grip, you can beat off until you're bound, then disrobe your opponent and quickly thrust, lunge, and glide to the forte...causing your partner to feint...and then your point is rammed home.

Everybody's a winner.

Also, penis.

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