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Going deep on you

He's a class act. He loved the fans. He became so, so much more than dead weight attached to the Beckett deal.


2007 World Series the M is of for Mofo MVP!






Baseball is a business.


And like most theories, the labor theory of value, is innocous when read in a textbook but can be quite disturbing when witnessed in action for reals.


Yeah, especially when the average skill and productivity metric is being applied to a guy you've rooted for and who has brought such joy to you ovah the years.


But it's beyond mere business too. It's about mortality itself.


I mean we're all familiar with the famous Giamatti quote:

"The game begins in the spring, when everything else begins again, and it blossoms in the summer, filling the afternoons and evenings, and then as soon as the chill rains come, it stops and leaves you to face the fall alone."


Well, remembah, it's not just that seasonal cycle at work but the human one as well.


Playahs come into the league fresh-faced and gangly and full of the promise of Spring and then they wow us in their primes with feats of athleticism that seem to defy their very mortality and humaness...


But then most assuredly comes their Autumn, and the gray beards and creaky knees and lost steps...


And they leave us, we watch them go, sometimes they go with grace, sometimes they go with angah, but they always go and it's always bittahsweet and difficult for us and them to accept.


For in the end, watching baseball is both an escape from our own mortality and a remindah of it.


And that's why we watch, why we have no choice but to watch.



A beauty, H.B.

I read everyday and have never commented before, but that was the most beautiful thing I have ever heard...Good job just doesn't seem to cut it!

Worth framing, HB.

That was incredible. Thanks, H.B.

Wow, that was poignant. Nicely done H.B.

Um, WOW, h.b. Words fail me.

Obviously they haven't failed you, though. That was wonderful.

I'm echoing Mike S.'s comment. This one is frame-worthy.

Pissah strip.


And re: Mikey--A baseball field, like Byzantium, is no country for old men.


Great strip today.

By thy long grey beard and glittering eye ......

From the Redsox.com coverage

"Does Lowell regret not taking a superior four-year offer from the Philadelphia Phillies instead of the three-year pact he signed with the Sox following his brilliant 2007 season?

"No, no," said Lowell. "I might have signed with Philadelphia and gone on a spelunking trip and gotten hurt and that's against our contracts, so they might have voided the last three years. You never know. They have great caves in Philly so, no, I don't."

He might have flourished in the NL, gotten another ring, and gone to the series in '09, but then, he might have lost everything in a freak spelunking accident.

Great strip today, h.b.

I don't mean to be irreverent but perhaps Lowell is hoping Subway picks him up as illustrated here. Or he is just giving Natalie and I something else to think about besides Tek thighs.

And on the other channel: Ozymannydius

Natalie, scroll down Dirt Dogs for some Tek eye candy.

Well, h.b., I find this shallow and pedantic.

Shallow and pedantic.


Dayum, Nola, Tek looks HOT (fans self), thanks for the nudge to scroll. But if Lowell is telling us ladies something in that pic, he moves to the front of the line. ;)

On a non-lustful note, how f'ing good is it to see the boys in uni again? Makes me believe this winter may actually come to an end...Going to be in Boston in mid-April for some work stuff. Soxaholix game at the Fens? Or at least Pete's?

re dirt dogs - scroll down farther and maybe you will laugh like I did at the shutter island reference.

Bravo, h.b.

As far as Lost goes, last night I learned that time has not been kind to Veronica Hamel.


Natalie, just remind as as the date approaches. We'll all do something, whether it's at the Park or Pete's.

That was a great one; any baseball fan should read it.

wow HB, nice.

I used to be younger than all players, then I was younger than most players. Now, I'm older than most players and every player that retires brings me closer to the day that I'm older than all players.

Mr. Lowell, you're never going to pay for a drink in any bar that I'm in.

"Going deep on you"

That's what he said.

how do i link this strip to my facebook?

Lovely, lyrical writing HB.

Well it's clear that every poster had the same reaction I did. h.b., you hit a home run today. You philisophically captured beautifully the range of feelings we have when confronted with situations such as the current Mike Lowell thing (and probably pretty soon with Papi). We tend to get emotional with our affection (or non-affection, as the case may be) regarding certain players. And thankfully, GMs are paid for not being emotional and for taking the hard look at what a player is reasonably expected to offer in the current year or in future years. I love Mike and he IS a class act but I personally think we're going to get more production out of Beltre than out of Lowell had Theo not signed Beltre.

That said, unless he stays on the team and becomes a DH against left-handers, which I personally think would be good, I will miss Lowell and always remember and value his contributions, especially in the 2007 WS year.

What he said

You are a poet, sir. And today is my birthday. Thank you for the existential crisis, all wrapped up in a pretty little bow for me.

Sniff. That was a beauty.

Wicked good strip, h.b.

Thanks all. It was the comments yesterday about Papi that got me thinking about this "passing" of players.

Btw I'm at a training gig for next two days, so not easy to comment.

Mike Sweeney, you're a genius. (Sorry, h.b., but it's the characters speaking, not you. I am glad you were there to transcribe it, though)

no coffee on keyboard, just a few tears. Hey, I've become a little sensitive in my decade out here.

Wicked prose today, HB.

Nice one, HB.

I'll go so far as to say that what you said is better and less inflammatory than Shaughnessy... but that's to be expected, isn't it?

I always point my husband to the Soxaholix whenever I'm at a loss whilst trying to explain the loving yet sometimes frustrating relationship a lifetime fan develops over the years with their respective team. This is just another example I can give him. The only difference is I think I'll be printing this one (on the GOOD photopaper) and hanging it up. Cheers h.b. well done.

I'm not usually a complete computer dumbass, but today I am. I want to print this out. HOW??

@Jeff, I think we have to kindly ask h.b. to allow us to do such a thing. I wouldn't want to infringe on anyone's artistic integrity and I assume things here are copyright protected, for obvious reasons. But if he says it's cool it should just be as easy as 'right click, print'.

pseudosanity - agreed on wanting and needing h.b.'s permission. Right click print isn't working so well, or I'd have gone my merry way enjoying a nice wall hanging of today's strip, no profit to be made, freely shared among friends (going with the the basic Grateful Dead live recording practice, permission - and possibly presumptuous assumption on my part here - but deadheads being deadheads, we often assume it's all cool, man)

That being said, what say you h.b.? This feels like a piece to be printed, framed and hung in the office at home.

Adding my appreciation. Had a chance to see Mr. Lowell during the White House visit after the 2007 win and he seemed, in just those few minutes, to give the impression of one who contemplates and understands and accepts such facts with grace. Maybe you could have chosen lots of outgoing players to make the bigger point, but clearly you knew what you were doing in choosing him for it.

HB, very disappointed with the reference to LTV. First of all, it really has nothing to do with the Lowell situation. Secondly, the chances that a student of economics in the US would see LTV in a text book are approaching zero. Finally, a Wikipedia citation that you clearly didn't bother to read? Really? Tisk, Tisk.

Yep, hb, great strip. Kudos. Honour is due. And so on.

Ta from down here.

It looks like the images and text are obscured through the divs/javascript/style sheets, so it won't "print as seen". Dunno if that's on purpose or just a factor of making it easier for h.b. to generate the comic.

The only way I can come up with to print the strip as it is would be to do a series of screen captures and re-stitch the panels together in Photoshop. Otherwise, we'd have to beg h.b. to pre-render the comic and make it available through a downloadable link or something.

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