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OK, so last week I got ribbed (for my pleasure) for saying that the offseason has been so awful that I'm actually looking forward to seeing Slappy McBluelips...


Well, turns out it gets worse — I actually read a CHB piece in the Globe and not only didn't puke in my mouth, I sort of almost enjoyed it.


You do have cabin fevah.


Seriously. I mean the bit were Shaughnessy does his classic faux pining for the days of yore when spring camp was a daily soap opera didn't make you gag just a bit?


If that didn't then how about this line: "I blame [Theo} for weeding out the egos and assembling this obedient cast of professionals."


Hey, now, let's give Dan-O credit for somehow managing to avoid comparing Theo to Cesar Milan in his obedience meme.


Yeah, well, the CHB can't help but be the CHB.


But let's face it, for good or ill, he's as much a part of Red Sox baseball as the Monstah, the Citgo sign, or the sausage vendahs.


Dammnit don't make me agree with you.


Don't listen, Al, it's the cabin fevah talking.



Does Theo go around grabbing obstinate players by the neck while making a "shoosh" sound? If so, I want video.

I wonder which orifice the thermometer goes into to measure cabin fever.

Bob, the one behind the knee.

For all the hatred he gets, how does this man still write for the Globe?

A columnist's job is not to be liked, it's to be noticed. Given how often we notice CHB around here, I'd say he is damn good at his job.

Good point, COD.

CHB is quite good at garnering attention, much like Slappy. Those two should get together at a bar one day.

Nice hockey game yesterday. Not exactly Miracle - Pt. II but enjoyable to watch. Beats ice dancing.


Do we really want to imagine the demon-spawn of the unholy union of CHB and Slappy McBluelips? Because we all know that what starts in a bar ends in a by-the-hour motel room with a mirrored ceiling and plastic over the furniture.

I pine for the old days of Dan Duquette. At least the team was competitive.

I can't believe the Rangers beat the Canadian Olympic Team.
Seriously, I know they both use red, white and blue but those were pretty much dead-on Rangers jerseys.

Now, *that* is a sign of cabin fever, Scott.

yeah, and I sort of almost enjoy ice dancing...cabin fever or a ruse?

He's as much a part of Red Sox baseball as the citgo sign, the monstah, the sauasage vendors, the permanent collective victim complex, the little league park dimensions, the white people in the stands, the white guys on the field, the "small market" "gritty" "underdog" PR myth, the myth that Epstein is the best GM in MLB, chanting "ster-oid" even after Manny and Ortiz, John Henry's deafening twitter silence after "the curse of MT," etc...

A good part of the above doesn't apply to this site and its usual suspects, I just want April 4th to get here real bad hence a little trash talking to pass the day.

JO - Good load of trash there :) It's great how SOME of the same stuff that causes one to dislike a team, causes others to like said team. Although the whole race baiting thing with the Redsox and fans still befuddles me. I am easily befuddled though.

Cabin fevah has stayed away from me. I have gone full into Olympics mode, redirected my CHB/McCarver/Buckfuck annoyance at the Costas midget and that asshole from the weather channel, enjoyed the hell out of watching Torah Bright win a gold becuase she is hot and has a cool name, got disappointed at the boredom of Ski Cross until the canadian dude tried freestyle aerials in mid run - top shelf wreck there folks, ..... and as it turns out, Curling easily, I say EASILY substitues for watching the Diasuke paint dry - there is even a Japanese dude named Daisuke in the lympics. Sidenote on curling - when can I sign up for beer drinking and horseshoes for the summer games? and if beer drinking is not allowed, how the hell can one throw a good shoe?

And Jeff - don't forget the bocce ball and tumblers full of cheap red table wine. God, will warm weather and 7:05 starts EVER resume?

Sorry h.b., still not getting anything out of CHB's horse-shit. I'm frankly worried about Bill's state of mind (and mine as well...)

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