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Cabin fevah

Nothing like a snowstorm on Truck Day Eve Day to cement the relationship between hoping for Spring and going batshit loony.


Seriously, when you staht thinking, even for just the splittest of split seconds, of exclusive photos of Benjamin Brady in a Brazilian magazine as news worthy of a coolah discussion, then you know you've crossed some sort of line.


Cute kid, though.


Sure, but without a baby Welker by his side, what chance does he have?


Heh. Reminds me, the best thing about the Supahbowl this year is rereading these bits from the CHB written the Saturday before the game:

"Clutch is crucial. … When is the last time Manning had a bad game in a big game?… Even without a running game, he cannot be stopped."


Bra-vo, Dan-O. I smells me a Pulitzer.


Yeah, you're doing a heckuva job, Shaughnessy.



When's the last time Manning was stopped in a big game? Seriously CHB? Is that hair of yours growing inward?

Snowpacalypse News Coverage Drinking Game (for all you folks working from home), whenever you hear the phrase "hunker down" drink 1X, live video from a supermarket drink 2X (double it if "Bread and Milk" is uttered).

We need Lisa out on temporary Snowmaggedon news coverage for one of the local stations.

Hmmmm...I smell a book in this,Dan-o

Sorry guys-my brains not up to full speed yet.Damn cabin fever

" Sure, but without a baby Welker by his side, what chance does he have?"


*snort* Why's it always 'bread and milk' anyway? Why not 'beer and cheese'? Wouldn't that be way more fun when you're snowed in?

How many surrealists does it take to name how many times Manning has has a bad game in a big game?

Thanks, Lehane

The whole idea of speculative sports journalism is just idiotic. Nobody knows who's going to win, so why waste ink pretending to be smart enough to predict the future?

Just give me half-assed essays that draw meaningless parallels between societal issues and sports...

I don't recall who ran the numbers (might have been Nate Silver at 538.com) but someone analyzed the "experts" as they predicted games all season and something like 40% of all of the "experts" were SO wrong in predicting the winner that they'd actually be better off betting all of their money AGAINST their own judgement...and they'd have ended up winning more than losing! LOL.

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