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So if curling was a more popular sport in the US, I'm guessing that we'd have a new entry for the slang lexicon...


shuster (adj.) — the inability to be successful in a tense or must-win situation; the opposite of clutch.


Q: "Hey, guy, how'd you wreck your cah?"

A: "Dude, I hit an icy patch and I went totally fucking shustah."


Maybe A-Rod can give the Shustah the numbah to his shrink?


Or maybe just offah Shustah some tips in general, you know, show him the ol' dropping the shouldah move and all?


Christ, you know it's been a long offseason when I'm actually looking forward to seeing the blue lips and white gloves in the battah's box.


A warm summah evening in Fenway, scoreless in the 7th, Lackey staring out from the mound, A-Rod digging into the box...


Ah, baseball porn.



I don't care how long the winter is, it will be a cold day in hell when I want to see Slappy McBluelips anywhere.

God, I'm ready for some baseball. I think we went through some weird, once in a millinium offseason solstice or something.

Oh, BTW, Joe Shuster was the co-creator of Superman. Which is probably why the so-called superhero is so nervous around women.

Brown Chicken-Brown Cow.

Men's Curling had two draws yesterday. Shuster blew the first one against Denmark in yet another extra end loss for the USA.

But surprisingly, we didn't lose in the second draw later in the evening!!

We didn't play.

For some comedy gold, check out the vandalism done to John Shuster's wikipedia page. Lots of pissed off curlers out there.

Great strip, HB. That final panel had me in hysterics.

Opening day of college ball at UNC! Gonna go down to the newly renovated stadium, paid for in no small part by Steinbrenner money (seriously...), and take in some February baseball at the former home of Daniel Bard.

Go Sox. Go Heels. Yankees Suck. Dook Sucks,
I more a fan of this team. Thank God the Cavs have hope in one or two major sports. Football and bball suck.


thanks for the disgusting mental image of A-Rod digging in a box created with the use of "porn" in the last frame - I'm with da kine on this one.

Hey, Jeff - in case you didn't know today is the last day to get the $40 Jazz Fest tics.

The curling team appears to have no stones.

Nola - thank you. I have had two reminders today and blew off both of them. Maybe the 3rd is the charm.

Staying in a house somewhere in the garden district this year. I'll email you sometime soon and give my travel details. Maybe get together for mor ethan just a few minutes this year.

Okay, Nola - done. After the FU fees I'll still save about $50 over gate prices.

Party On.

So, what'd you creepy folks think of Tiger's press conference? He seemed a little wooden (that's what she said).

Anyway, have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

For new slang how about, "Lagoed"? Not quite sure how to work it in but I leave that to our dear author. Something to do with the "hypocrisy of pimping them for ratings and selling them out because they’re the easiest targets".

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