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And we're, er, back....

So the fact that Dice-K actually communicated with the Red Sox ovah his "very mild" back strain should be seen as good news, right?


I'll go with that spin.


Seriously. And as much as I miss baseball, it's just too damn early for the Matsuzaka blues. I mean pitchas and catchas haven't even officially reported yet.


Absolutely. I've gotten used to Dice-K's injuries occurring deep into the season, and, dammit , that's how I want things to stay.


Do I smell a haiku or two?


Just a mild strain,
Then suddenly another —
Summertime mourning.


Yet still we hope...


For high-priced pitcher,
There's nothing left unbroken,
But our deep longing.



Daisuke's slight ouchies
Come early this year; is he
renting a sunrise?

Daisuke - hurt pitcher
Daisuke - Olympic skater
Daisuke all the time

US Curling Team
Embarrassing the nation

Dice-K's story spun
Like a gyroball in flight
It reaches new lows.

I so enjoy the haiku days around here. (Yeah, I know, I should have put that sentiment that in haiku form!)

Bad back, more drama
Is it too early to say
Nut up or shut up

Hickory Dickor
Y Dock. My back froze up in shock. Ouch and so forth.

I dreamed of spring grass
Still covered with bright blue lines
When the snow melted

I guess I don't get
the obsession with curling.
Did I miss something?

so effing tired
glad Mardi Gras is over
too many Pimm's cups

Shawn White in the pipe,
Tearing up competition,
Could the Sox do that?

Shaun White Twenty-Ten
is Tony Hawk Ninety-Nine
mad innovation

Sox of woven red
Matsuzaka's back again
Again with his back

Vonn Deep Shin Bruise Gold
Dice-K Drew Back Pain Bench Seat
You want it or not

Note to my Mazda
Thousand dollar repair bill
was not in budget

Sigh. Is it Friday yet?

large hunks of granite
gliding down a pebbled sheet
that keeps the beer cold

Dice-K, more back pain
Theo paid so much money
Ben-Gay that shit, bro

COD's Mazda
Not meeting expectations
Like Matzusaka

Nola's Mardis Gras
We need the 4-1-1, girl
Give it to us straight.

Spill it girl... :)

Shuster needs to die
I could throw the rock better
Please stone him to death

COD's Mazda
Is old like Timmy Wakefield
Just happy it runs

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