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A paucity of topics...

And here I thought the "Ramirez Provision" meant that you were only excused by MLB to miss the All Star game the first time your grandmothah dies, but not subsequent midsummah deaths.


Yeah, well, so does BigBri.


Did you see that pic of Hanky? Man, he looks more like his old man every day.


Yeah, it's like they cloned King George in laboratory undah the Stadium.


A regulah Mini-Me except without the "mini."



"Fredo,You broke my heart"

Yikes, Hanky looks like a cross between his old man and Eddie Munster.

I wonder if he sleeps in a drawer.

After watching Purdue beat IU last night I was channel surfing and found game 7 of the 2004 ALCS on the MLB Network. After watching a couple of innings I find myself officially ready for baseball season. Anything to bring thoughts of Spring. Expecting 16-20 inches of snow here in VA and this area simply can't handle it. I expect to be snowed in until Tuesday. For all the Soxaholixs in the Mid-Atlantic area, lay in a good supply of beer and chips and stay safe this weekend.

If you haven't bought your beer in the mid-Atlantic, tough for you. Stay away from the stores. My brother manages at a retail liquor shop in MD and he's having to drive to work at 2 PM today to work an 8 hour shift because the owner is too stupid to realize that means sending him home at 10 PM in the middle of the worst of it.

So, stay home so he can convince her that the place is empty. Thanks.

He's also scheduled to work tomorrow and she's said she doesn't plan on staying closed....the moron.

Be safe all you mid-atlantic soxaholics. Here in NC, we're just going to get lots of rain and maybe a bit of snow.

Re: baseball. At least college ball starts soon. Go Heels!

Hey HB,

Yesterday I went to Cannon and I thought of you. It was sunny with single digit wind chill temps, 20kn north winds, and bulletproof/boilerplate surfaces. The summit was Artic hell where the rime has overtaken the few stunted evergreens that dare lay roots up there. The snow guns were cranking full effect and the stuff was blowing uphill on Profile like wisps of low clouds. You couldn't see your boots during decent at times while the wind gusted strong enough to actually slow you down. My buddy had about 1/2 inch skin exposed between the top of his goggles and helmet brim. It undid him by 1pm and this is a guy who sailed solo across the Atlantic in a 35ft sailboat. Twice. All in all, a fairly typical outing at our favorite NH ski area.

Damn, what a great day!

talk about your paucity...we're chatting about the friggin weather now! yep, sure is cold and wet out there. yep...

sweet jesus - pitchers and catchers better show up soon.

Could be worse. We could be talking about fencing.

Lazlo, sounds awesome.

me, I prefer picket over chained-link.




Hank's father is not in a home, he has physically possessed his son in exchange for the appreciation he was unable to give him in life.

The physical changes you see in Hank come as George slowly twists his form into one he finds more pleasing, the very spirit of hate and oppression, creating despair in all who dare gaze on his grim visage.

So it was with his father before him. Steinbrenner men do this to avoid the costs of probate and cling to every nickel in their crablike grasp.


Mike - That was AWESOME!

Ack. Meetings. The Bain Capital of my existence.

Have a a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

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