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She loves the bare, the withered tree; She walks the sodden pasture lane.

The hiatus begins:
A tree stripped bare, November

The Soxaholix will return in December 2010.

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Kaz - I tend to agree. The prize must go to criteria B. However, using criteria A for a tie breaker would be most sensible. Or using A when never having had a B seems to be OK too - in the spirit of generosity of course.

But then again, saying A is not really a white Christmas feels a little like an argument Bill Clinton might make.

Merry Tuesday to everyone.

LC - no apologies to Mr. Angell needed. That was a classic masterpiece. Thanks for the early present.

No need to debate A or B out here. Just hoping it won't be raining. But recalling my 30yrs in Maine - I say A. We're not looking for a "snowy" Christmas, just a white one.

Merry Christmas to all.

Excellent, lc!!! I enjoyed the hell out of that! Who needs Angell?

Excellent, lc!!! I enjoyed the hell out of that! Who needs Angell?

I think Angell should be apologising to you lou.

To you and to all you other peeps and creeps, happy christmas from downunder.

And to hb - thanks for all the entertainment and for creating this creepy forum for us.


Not that this wasn't pretty much telegraphed already, but Bay was just announced bye-bye to the Mets.

Bye-bye JBay. We hardly knew ye.

bye-bye 2009. don't let the door hit you on the way out.

Happy New Year everyone..here's to A-Gonz in a RS uni by mid-summer.

I sure hope so sonomasox, because this year's offseason leaves me feeling kind of indifferent, and a bit puzzled.

I wonder, with the success of the Winter Classic, and the rink at Rockefeller Center, if it has been bandied about to have a temporary ice rink at the Fens from say Thanksgiving through Valentines Day. Perhaps charging for skating and concessions could get a few of those garish adds of the Monster, or allow the Sox to perhaps maybe cutting ticket prices a dollar or two.

off the Monster*

not if it costs $10k a day to operate

My oldest child has just stepped up from Frank's Red Hot to Sriracha. Damn - gonna have to buy it in larger quantities now.

And completely unrelated, but I saw a commercial for Easy Curves on regular TV the other night (check out the website). Someone has found a way to make money selling an exercise/breast enhancement tool that has the woman performing the handjob motion (refernce "dutch rudder") using a long cylindrical shaped piece of equipment to enlarge her breasts. I shit you not.

@Jeff - similar to the Shake Weights?

lobstaman - yes very similar. With the added little chuckle that the Easy Curve's only intention is larger breasts.

"Darling, if you want bigger tits, we don't need to spend money on plastic surgery. you just need to give me more hand jobs."

Does anyone at these companies pay attention to what they do/say/design?

Ya seen the ads lately for the kids toy called a Pocket Rocket?

Is it possible that THEY come up with these products strictly for my amusement?

Speaking of coming up with things just for amusement, we just got Adrian...


Yo, Adrian.

Well, with the holidays done, it's time for some Sox talk, and thus, some Soxaholix.

I'll start by complaining that my Sox tix have gone up 25% in the last four years. But I guess the team needs that extra money to pay for power hitters like...like...uh...

fuck adrian beltre

Happy New Year.

Here's my holiday card, sunset man.

I'm a good looking guy,too bad I'm dead.

i'm sick to my stomach that the sox are making all of these terrible deals. Scutaro instead of Gonzalez? CAMERON instead of ANYONE ELSE??? and now Beltre instead of Lowell... its like they are purposely trying to spend money on a terrible offense. Beckett, Lester, and Lackey better throw shutouts everygame.. or we're screwed!

Lou Clinton is the cream in my coffee...the charge air cooler to my radiator...the bottle opener to my Dogfish head 60 minute IPA.

hb, fuckface, publish another fucking strip already, you cock-knocker.

That's right, I just made a "Stand by Me" reference.

(respectfully submitted)

(drinking since 2:30PM)

By the way: Baseball is how America sees itself. Poetic, mythic, dramatic

Football is how America actually is: ruthless and cruel.

God Bless this land of ours.

And suck my balls.

of course I meant American football, not football.

Vandy vs. Florida MBB in Nashville this Saturday.

Go Dores!

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