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Going fallow

Rider on Green Line:
Hart here on life's long trolley ride.


Rider on Green Line:
"Next stop [garbled] ... [garbled] next stop."


Rider on Green Line:
So over the weekend I had what I think is a phenomenal idea for two new characters whom I think you'll really get a laugh out of.


Rider on Green Line:
Of course, I was especially lazy this weekend, so the ideas didn't go anywhere beyond my gray matter.


Rider on Green Line:
But it'll happen.


Rider on Green Line:
Meanwhile, expect a light week of strips, if any, as I think a lot of ideas can come forth out of a fallow period.



Are the new characters basement-dwelling douchebags who talk out their arses in support of the MFYs? 'Cause I think we already have a couple of them around here. Oh, snap!

Or perhaps they're Sox homers who never question how spending less and less in payroll every year is a good thing for winning?

2007 - 96 wins - $143 million
2008 - 95 wins - $133 million
2009 - 95 wins - $120 million

Great, management has hit their yearly targets. How do SFs feel about the outcomes?

Maybe one will be Lisa's temp job placement manager, who just happens to be married to a young Sox player.

The other could be one of the Sox clubhouse boys, dishing the dirt on the players.

Um Rob, Theo's belief is that the goal of the org is to win 95 games.

Mission Accomplished.

That usually gets you into the playoffs. The Skankees and Mets have proven that there is little to no correlation between high spending and winning the World Series. The playoffs are essentially random. Some aging DH gets hot at the right time and boom, you are the WS Champion in 2009.

What would be interesting is an analysis of where the cut off is. How much do you have to spend to consistently win 95 games? I suspect Theo knows exactly what that number is.

da kine shoots, da kine scores!!!


Meanwhile, "Rob" is being sent to the cornfield because, despite being proven wrong on the idea that this site, both the characters and community, have not been critical of the Red Sox over moves, particularly Texeira, continues to be caught in an infinite loop and insists otherwise.

I can tolerate criticism of the Red Sox from the various Yankee fan trolls who come here, indeed, I think it adds to the overall vibe -- but I really can't tolerate somebody who refuses to admit he/she lost a battle.

I'm a little tired of Rob.

just sayin'


Rob - I say this as a Yankees fan and a baseball fan, get a life dude.

Rob, I say this as a Yankees fan and a baseball fan - get a life dude.

On an unrelated note. Mad Men also goes fallow after a fantastic concluding episode. This will be the more painful of the two off-seasons.

Sorry for the double post - sometimes the refresh doesn't work on this site for some reason.

it was getting old and needed to be done, you're a good man hb for doing the dirty work

maybe that will loosen up the ol' creative juice flow...

Maybe we add Mad Mondays to the schedule next season, to go along with Lostaholix.

Well, Schroedinger went up to a mountain cottage with his mistress and a case of wine, and came back with his famous wave equation. Quantum mechanics was forever changed, and his mistress walked funny for a week.

Sometimes a break is a good thing.

I used to hate BigBri coming here and just spewing stupid all over the place like it was a race to say the dumbest thing that cheered the Yankees or booed the Red Sox.

I've learned I hate broken records more so. Thanks, Rob.

Oh Great,now that he doesn't have a wingman we'll never hear from BB. Oh wait a minute... never mind ;))

I keep thinking there's a Falun Gong joke in the title of the strip, but apparently not.

You're dirty, sweet, and you're my girl.

Falun gong, Rob's a dong, get it on.

I'm still holding out hope for a Circle/Lisa jello wrestling grudge match...

The REAL Rob (in CT)

(Oh, and good one Kaz. Heh.)

Who the hell is Rob and why have we spent so much time talking about him? I was one of the one's arguing with him?

Who the fuck am I and why was I arguing with that piece of shit.

yay!!! Rob the dickhead is gone. yay!!!



Who is this young Polack i keep hearing about in beantown? I'm sure he wishes he was the Mick.

It was only that one time

While we wallow in the fallow field, I continue to enjoy replays of a certain UNM Lobos soccer player and her on field enthusiasm.

Baseball has had a few fine moments like Carl Everett's head butt, Jose Offerman's bat, and a few managerial tirades, but holy moly - we need some punching, kicking, and pony tail body slamming if baseball is gonna stay relevant.

Jeter wins the gold glove - are you f*ing kidding me? The guy has no range at all!

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