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Your choices, no one elses.

Lisa the Temp:
C'mon, peeps, what are you doing aimlessly trolling the web when you could be using this valuable time to study the great, philosophical teachings of Chairman Mao?


Lisa the Temp:
He did it his way!


Lisa the Temp:
But Lisa prefers to take her philosophical wisdom from murderers who practice their craft on a, let's say, less grandiose scale.


Lisa the Temp:
Take that sagacious sophist David Berkowitz for instance.


Lisa the Temp:
Is that deep or what, peeps? And talk about compassion. We all could really learn a lot from a guy like Berk.


Lisa the Temp:
It is about your choices and your own paths. Whatever is right for you, homies.


Lisa the Temp:
Wait, what's that?


Lisa the Temp:
OK. Stop your goddamn barking at me!



shut up and dance Lisa

Mmmmm...Lisa dancing. Tassely.

that's not barking. That's howling.

Why does Lisa not have a teal outfit?

I was living in NYC during the Summer of Sam. Weird and scary fucking time. Summer of '77 was not cool: Berkowitz, Studio 54, the Big Blackout and related riots... Damn, short of the ladies I "worked out" at the squash club, there was just nothing good about any of it.

Can we get an entire strip dedicated to Rob "working out" the ladies at the squash club??? I mean we've got til April, right?

Good thought, Steff.

That is a great line isn't it? I'd pay to see the movie.

I especially enjoy the conflict of the crass leaning "working out the ladies" phrase contrasted with the posh, gentlemanly notion of the "squash club."

Brilliant, really.

Anyone see the Rivera spitball video yet? Probably fake, I can't see him getting away with that in a stadium full of people. Has to be the angle. Sorry, slow day for me.

Octomom thinks Jon Gosselin is hot. I just barfed in my throat.

New show this winter: "16 is Enough", or "8 is enough so what the fuck are we going to do with the other 8? you know, the ugly ones?"

and uh as far as studying/following violent criminals' philosophies, I am going to sign up for the Eagle Scout Suspended for a Letter Opener study group.


Steff and h.b., you are both too kind. If you want the back story for an upcoming strip, it's going to cost you a beer or five. And if you want the Studio 54 stories, you'll have to throw in dinner.

And yeah, it really WAS the squash club. Hey, you're talking to the top-ranked 'B' squash player in NYC for 1977. And a solid mid-'A' level player in the sauna/hot-tub league. :-)

"The stories are true; the names have been changed to protect the innocent."

Or: "There are a 1,000 stories in the Naked City. This is one of them."

Speaking of the Premier League...

Did anyone catch the Sunderland v Liverpool match a few days ago?

The only goal in the game was a doozy.

Anyone heard from or seen Bob,

wow- is the fans name Bartman?

haven't heard, and he wasn't at Pete's last week either. Now I'm worried- Hopefully he's still just thawing out after the Pat's game

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