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To be...

Your omniscient author in absentia:
Like Game One of the ALDS, the next strip is T.B.A.


Figure I may as well take a breather on the off chance that well, you know, we continue to have plenty to yak about in the postseason.



I'm with hb on this one.
In '07, I went to a faraway land during the ALDS. I remember seeing the update of a MR24 game winnah on my Blackberry as I was awaking in a distant place. The games in Cali are starting at 9:37 pm. Wake me when it's over.

Hugs and Kisses,


oh, and go sox

I just need some sleep.

I just renewed my Netflix subscription in anticipation of the end of the season.

Even Lisa the Temp got the day off!
Jeez, root for the Choking Tiger or the (pitching) Hidden Twins? How exciting a choice.
the NY papers are noting that this could be A-Rod's chance to amend for his countless playoff vanishing acts. I'm perfectly content with him continuing to don his ghost costume a few weeks early for Halloween

Vermonter, are you there? Yesterday's thread made me look this one up. This was the culmination of the golden age of "the code" in the NHL.


Two shots in the dark, now Huey's dead.

You're next, Angels.

That's just the way it is.

Yo damn right, foo'.

Holy Ogie Oglethorpe! That was a good one, Jason. Thx.

JO, I'd never seen that before. Holy shit; that was a great brawl. Jay Millah wouldn't have lasted that long.

I found ">http://www.nola.com/crime/index.ssf/2009/10/naked_burglar_in_slidell_break.html"> big bri warning not suitable if you have an overactive gag reflex.

Sorry to bust in on your Stankees Fan-bashing, NolaSox, but: mentioning Jay Miller earlier got me a-googlin'. God Bless YouTube.

*** Update 10-07-09 ***

Game 1 time/day has been announced, but I've still got nothing to fill a strip with.


Jason...that was a good one. Two of the old-school big boys, McSorley and Probert. Mutual respect. I did some looking myself yesterday and found some old-timers like Jay Miller, Stan Jonathan, Brashear and Domi from the mid-90's, and that's only the recent past. There have been some really tough dudes in hockey over the years and they just quietly answer the bell, sans chest-thumping and mouthing off...just doing their job looking out for their teammates. Being 5'6", 180 myself and a Bruins guy from way back, check this out to see my (and possibly all of Boston's) favorite pugilist ever!


That was a great game last night. I still love the OC, even if in his post-game interview he looked like he'd downed one too many white crosses. Love the intensity. The Skanks I'm sure loved the extra innings, too.

Serious Questions Only

The best part of Cabrera's post-game interview was when he said it was the most incredible game he's ever played in. Really, Orlando? The most incredible game? Does 2004 ring a bell, by any chance?

Now, I realize in the euphoria of the moment he wasn't going to sit down with a pad of paper and write down a list of all the great games he's played in and then rank them according to incredible-ness. But still, I was expecting him to turn to the camera and give a big wink right after he said that...


I'm back from vaca trying to get caught up on some Soxaholix only to find out hb was off, too. Good hockey fight talk, though. Vermonter, think PJ Stock took offense to comments about that God-awful uniform? da kine, Jay Miller is now a bar owner down the Cape where a friend of mine plays guitar regularly. You still don't want to f with him

I wish Stock had stopped by the booth at intermission to clock Darren Pang for saying "holy jumpin"

I saw him last season as a pre-game guest host with Ron McLean on Hockey Night in Canada, good to see the guy with a post NHL gig.

And I'm guessing Don Cherry loves PJ.

Welcome back, Buck.

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