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The omnipresent temp

Lisa the Temp:
OK, peeps, Lisa wants and Lisa needs an Aeron chair.


Lisa the Temp:
You know what I'm talking about. Make it happen.


Lisa the Temp:
But enough about me, let's talk about you.


Lisa the Temp:
Yes, you. Because even afer all this time there is so much you don't know about Lisa.


Lisa the Temp:
For instance, did you know that Lisa is actually my middle name?


Lisa the Temp:
It's true.


Lisa the Temp:
My first name is Mona.


Lisa the Temp:
Doesn't that just send a shiver up your Dan Brown hole, peeps?



...and I'm a Mad Hatter. LOL

the presentation for the chair is a little creepy. I kept waiting for it to show me the 'Reach Around' function for maximum comfort at the workplace.

The reach around is extra.

Mona Lisa the Temp... that's enchanting, actually. Now I need to know more of her backstory.

What is up with the random poodle in the office in that Mirra ad?

Anyone else as psyched as I for Ozzie Guillen in the booth for the WS? I cannot wait to see what leaves his mouth. The FCC must be salivating over the potential fine monies....

That will require me to actually watch the World Series, which I don't plan to do. Philles or Yankees? Meh.

I figured, given Lisa's emphatic request, the Aeron would have features like the IT monowheel. For chair control of course.

Then she could live up to her first name.

Remember: Lisa's chair fund has nothing to do with the World Series or the Yankees. I'm cereal.

got the chair, not that special


You might think differently if you had Lisa's ass.

if he had Lisa's ass would she be a Mona?

When Lisa takes off her jacket and reveals the full glory of her wheelhouse, we are all Monas.

What a quieter place the comments are without Bob. Abby, I trust he is on the mend. Do tell him we are all thinking about him and wishing for the speediest recovery, so he can come back here ASAP and wish us something to yak about.

After yesterday's strip I didn't know what to expect today. I am fascinated by Lisa's brilliance. And 'reach around'? I pooed myself a little laughing.

Yeah, what Nat said....

I miss the big lug

"Wheelhouse" - one of my favorite turns of phrase. Snicker.

Millsy to the Astros. A real loss for the Sox, but excellent and well deserved for him.

That along with Jed Hoyer to the Padres. The Redsox have quite the management farm system, eh? Too bad all we get in return is a new item on HR's open position list.

http://picasaweb.google.com.au/soxdownunder/VTG#5369654906452008050 "> BoB just emailed to say he is out of hospital and on the mend. He asked me to update you creeps. I'll leave him to fill in all of the details but here is a quote from the big man:
'Now you poor people will have to deal with one of those insufferable yakkers who were actually dead for two minutes. (BTW, defib paddles aren't all warm and fuzzy. More like a 16-wheeler filled with elevator weights crashing into your chest.)'


Bob emailed and is out of hospital. Woo hoo. He asked me to update you creeps.
[This may end up being a kinda double post because my last, better, effort just got spammed or something]

Sausage sandwiches with Sriracha - 1
Bob - 0

[Voice of Tim McCarver] "Something to keep in mind -- if you go into the white light, you may not come back."

great news, sdu. Welcome home, Bob.

Don't walk toward the light Mom. Welcome back to the land of the living.

Voice of Joe Morgan: "Well now you see if your heart stops beating bad things are likely to happen."

Bob - welcome to round two. Glad you're on the mend. I'm sure Abby will sneak some scotch and sriracha into your room.

Clearly Bob has more than 1 life. So do cats.

Bob. Cat. Bobcat.

Coincidence? I THINK NOT!

Or something. Welcome home, Bob. We tried to explain to Abby that she's supposed to poison you AFTER the wedding if she wants all of your stuff, but she wasn't having it.

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