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The crows are roosting

Unknown Yankees fan:
And this morning a whole world is grateful...


Unknown Yankees fan:
For a World Series without the Yankees is not really much of a thing at all, is it?


Unknown Yankees fan:
So to the entire world, we say, you're welcome.


Unknown Yankees fan:
God is in his heaven, the Yankees are in the World Series, and all is right with the world.


Unknown Yankees fan:
Even Gaia, Mother Earth herself, roots for the Pinstripes, for a New York to Philly series leaves a very small carbon footprint.


Unknown Yankees fan:
So shines a good deed in a weary world.


Unknown Yankees fan:
It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in the Yankees.


Unknown Yankees fan:
27 Rings to cower them all.


Unknown Yankees fan:
One team to rule them.


Unknown Yankees fan:



And a long primal cry goes out to the Northeast. The Curse of Papi and his PED Sox are born.

And in the darkness bind them.
Hey Marty,
It didn't seem to hurt A-Rod!

Let's go Phillies *Clap Clap Clap-Clap-Clap*

Cali failed again? There's a shocker. :P

Great strip. Spot on.

Can we finally put to bed the meme that the Angels do "The Little Things" to win games? Because jesus christ, I've coached 8 yr olds to field and run the bases better than they did this series.

Oh god, this reminds me exactly why I can't bring myself to be truly happy for my little brother and other friends who are Yanks fans. If they win this WS (which is likely, given the NL is the JV league), the smugness is just going to be unbearable. Go Phils!

Should NY win the series, it only proves that they have little to no farm system and all they can do is spend $$$$ to win.

Fuck you, Mahty. Fuck all the Mahties in all the world, but especially the one who should have been pink-slipped from Lehman Brothas or where'er he works.

great, now we're getting ads for the Yanks ALCS victory on the sidebar.
stop talking about it people!
oh wai...

If the Phillies win, then we have to hear about how we're not the only team to win multiple titles since the new millennium.

If the Yankees win, we have to hear all sorts of crowing about their trophy count in complete denial of how they purchased their way back on top.

Either way, I have a feeling the umps this year are just going to completely screw the pooch in ways unimaginable.

Can we just agree that this World Series is going to suck no matter what?

Walks and errors cost LA the series. Kinda hard to believe that the Phils will blow games like that. Hoping for the Phils to take down the empire. Help us Obi Wan Howard, you are our only hope!

Let's go Pedey! Better to see him win a new ring than Demon

Already ready starting with the $$$, huh? That's rich. Only one of our teams has a billionaire owner. And only one failed to sign Teixeira because of childishness. The Sox could have easily signed him and it could have easily been a different season, one in which the Sox were constantly one bat short.

And funny here that folks hold anything against Damon. He simply got a better contract. The Sox meanwhile paid more for less with Nancy Drew.

I take solice in things such as these... (becuase I sure can't get it from the upcoming WS puke fest)

27, 28, ... 40 does not even compare to the elation of a fan to hear "For the first time in 86 years.." No yankees fan can ever be as happy as we Redsox fans were in '04. They can't buy that feeling with all the wishes or $ in the world.

Growing up a Redskins fan in DC, Superbowl 17 and Theisman, Riggins,... after shit since 1972. You just can't appreciate a win like that unless you walk through sports hell for awhile ahead of time.

I still remember every moment of my first Dead show. I couldn't even tell you where my 27th was held - oh, maybe there were other reasons for that. Nevermind.

Um, I agree with Rob. The $$ thing is a giant canard....

Sorry but that's what I still believe, canard or no canard.

Boston has money and I will never deny that, but again not to that scale.

"Boston has money and I will never deny that, but again not to that scale."

Sure, they do...when the owner is impetuous and opens his wallet (see Dice-K and Beckett and Schilling). Meanwhile, their payroll is $40 millon less than it was in 2007. They could have easily afforded Tex.

The Sox failed b/c your management did. Enough with the excuses.

Oh, Robbie. We don't dislike Damon because he left for more money. We dislike him because he then spent three years blathering nonstop about a zillion different reasons instead of just saying yes, it was about the money. Much like 'My wife wanted me to be a Yankee' Teixeira.

Remember, too, that the "$" on the building isn't simply about the Yankees but more about New York City itself and all that it symbolizes.

And the two are intrinsically tied, at least in my head.

For instance, when I hear about Wall St asking for taxpayer bailouts one month and then then next month paying out billions in bonuses, whether that is right or wrong, I can't help but think "motherfucking New York you sonzabitches"

The Sox failed because they couldn't gel together as a unit for the whole season. Manny left, Ortiz slumped, Tek became worthless, and team unity/spirit was lacking. I like Bay a lot but he had no zest like Manny did. They had all the right tools but no instructions.

The Sox failed because they couldn't gel together as a unit for the whole season. Manny left, Ortiz slumped, Tek became worthless, and team unity/spirit was lacking. I like Bay a lot but he had no zest like Manny did. They had all the right tools but no instructions.

Rob - if you want Redsox fans to be so honest about our team's failures, that is fine. But you might try the same about your favorite team and player's sucesses and failures. And ditto to ponch's comment re: Damon.

Sox were clearly one bat short. Tex was that bat. There was exactly no reason they could have bidded right with the Yanks.

Money: NYC :: Racism : Boston.

See how fun oversimplifications are!

Well, as I've pointed out a couple hundred times in the past 6 years, this entire site is
1) an oversimplification
2) a hyperbole
3) unfair
4) biased
5) meant for fun and not accuracy
6) not real
7) not a news site
8) a comic strip

And, yes, Rob, oversimplifications are fun.

I believe (though I could be mistaken) that oversimplification is often the root of much comedy, (cf., "What's the deal with...") as is hyperbole (cf., "The Aristocrats" joke).

But if you want to take yourself so seriously and come over to a Red Sox site to argue your point, by all means, rock on, guy.

Just for the record, not all Robs are good looking, erudite workers-out of women at squash clubs...

Some are just asshats.

Not "Rob", but "Rob in CT".

Nice strawman Rob.

How about taking your head and sticking it in between your ass cheeks?

You presume that you, an ordinary reader of sporting news - like all the rest of us ordinary folk, actually know what went on in the various Tex negotiations and that in fact it was all about money and Redsox ownership being stupid. It is a fairly safe assumption that the Redsox ownership and upper management team did not get to the level of financial success they have by being stupid all their lives. It is also a safe assumption that they know more about the business of baseball and certainly more about the detailed negotiations than either you or I.

Given that, it is an oversimplification to say that they were too stupid/cheap/selfish/shortsided to complete the Tex deal. Like the rest of basbeall, if it were that simple they wouldn't even need to play the game.

You're complaint of oversimplification is a bit one sided.

Texiera, or lack of, made the difference this year?

Not 8 other poor hitting Redsox?
Not Papi Slumps?
Not CC?
Not Kate Hudson?

I for one think Kate Hudson is solely to blame for the Yankees 2009 success. She has accomplished what neither Vadge nor Jeter could - stiffened up the bat when it counts.


Today, I witnessed a man arguing with a comic strip. I can't imagine what tomorrow will bring...

"Should NY win the series, it only proves that they have little to no farm system and all they can do is spend $$$$ to win."

Player : From FS? : How? : When?

Damon: No. Free Agent '01
Mueller No. Free Agent '03
Ramirez: No. Free Agent '00
Ortiz: No. Free Agent '03
Millar: No. Claimed off waivers '03
Kapler: No. Free Agent 03
Varitek: No. Traded from the Mariners in 97
Bellhorn: No. Traded from the Rockies in '03
Reese: No. Free Agent 03
Martinez: No. Traded from the Expos in 97
Wakefield: No. Free Agent '95
Schilling: Yes, traded away for 14 years, then re-aquired in 03.
Lowe: No. Traded from the Mariners in 97
Arroyo: No. Claimed off waivers in 03
Alvarez: Yes. Drafted and debuted with and for the Red Sox.
Faulke: No. Free Agent 04
Garciapara: Yes. But was traded away in July.
Cabrera: No. Traded from the expos '04
Roberts: No. Traded from the Dodgers '04
McCarty: No. Claimed off waivers in '03
Gutierrez: No. Traded from the Cubs 04
Astacio: No. Free Agent
Kim: No. Traded from the Diamondbacks 03
Mientkiewicz: No. Traded from the Twins in '04

Cano, Cabrerea, Jeter, Hughs, Chamberland, Posada, Pettite, Rivera, Coke, Robertson, Cervelli, Gardner. Yes, yes, yes, yes, et cetera.

Do the Skanks spend money to win? Yes. Arguably so do the Sox. The Sox may do it smarter, but do they really do it differently? I'm just sayin.

Neat. I've always wondered what it feels like to be a Phils fan. This year I get to find out. Go Phils!

Neat. I've always wondered what it feels like to be a Phils fan. This year I get to find out. Go Phils!

Yeah, actually I wasn't arguing with the strip. I know enough to see Mahty as a useful foil. No, I was arguing with some of the asshats that post here.

As for Teixeira, no matter what was "reported" the Sox clearly walked away from the table thinking Boras was bluffing. You do remember Henry's email, right? Whoops!

And there's also no doubt that the Sox had the resources to sign Teixeira. They certainly aren't making less money than they were in 2007. Instead, another $40 million, at least, went into the billionaire owner's pocket.

As for Colin, you must have missed the part of the season where they had no choice but to trade for another bat. Think if they had that bat all season long.

It is not a matter of per year spending - it is a matter of dollars commited. Of the five largest MLB contracts in history, four were granted to current mfy (A-Rod, Jeter, Tex and CC), and the fifth (A-Rod) was to a player the mfy acquired in the middle of of the contract. The mfy have the financial flexibility (coutesey of the NY taxpayers) to make long term mistakes that the other teams, including the Red Sox, simply don't have. Which is what makes it manifestly unfair. Had Tex signed with the Sox for the same dollars as he did with the mfy, and pulled a Carl Pavano or Barry Zito, the Sox would have been sunk for a decade. John Henry is not now nor has he ever been a billionare, and in the current recession he is estimated to have lost over half his wealth. It would have been madness to sign Tex for <$180 Million, which is about half of Henry's current net worth, with the prospect of a career ending injury in spring training.

So anyway, unlike others, I look at this Series as a win-win. If the Phils win, the mfy lose - yeah. If the mfy win, then the Sox become the only team with a chance to win three titles this decade.

Steve, unfortunatley your logic and analysis is lost on folks (of which Rob is just one of many) who let the tail wag the dog on this issue. They can only see one or two possible reasons for Redsox not paying for Texiera (owners greed and/or stupidity) because it supports there existing opinion that the Redsox suck.

For example, because I believe storks bring babies, I must also believe that declining birth rates can only be attributed to greedy hunters taking too many storks home for themselves.

"the Sox would have been sunk for a decade"

You mean like how they dropped 100 million on Dice-K?

What about the 168 million they dropped on Manny?

The Sox can sign any player the Yankees do. Any player. That they don't is just a convenient excuse when they don't get the player they want at their price (see also, Damon and Petey).

Moreover, the Sox had more flexibility to sign Teixeira than the Yankees did. They walked away from the table whining. And now you guys are still whining.

" John Henry is not now nor has he ever been a billionare, and in the current recession he is estimated to have lost over half his wealth"

Shows how smart he is. The Wilpons say hello. Too bad though the Market is up 20% this year.

The Sox made a huge profit in 2009. For your sake, how about you start holding them accountable rather than making excuses.

Moreover, who's the team that's spent the most to win a championship? Cause it ain't the Yankees.

the emporer wears no clothes

" Instead, another $40 million, at least, went into the billionaire owner's pocket."

Rob must be John Henry's accountant to have such personal financial information. He clearly has not provided the necessary guidance to Mr. Henry in the Tex negotiations. The Red Sox shortcomings this year are due to his negligence and if he had any integrity he would resign his position immediately.

Hmmmm, Lazlo. Did the Sox sell fewer tickets this year? Or how about the regional sports network they own? How was it's ratings?

The team dropped $40 million less on payroll in 2009 than they did in 2007. You tell me where that money went. Cause it certainly didn't go into player salaries.

You fanboys want to talk dollars? Let's talk sense.

"Moreover, who's the team that's spent the most to win a championship? Cause it ain't the Yankees."

No, the Yankees are just the team that's spent the most NOT to win a championship.

Thank you, tip your waitress.

Rob, the stock market being up 20% this year has nothing to do with where the Sox were financialy last November. There was no recovery in sight then.

Manny did not pull a Pavano or Zito, at least not until the Summer of the last year of his contract, so the Sox survived his contract. Dice-K still could, and I'm sure that is one of the reasons we see such caution. And recall he only got $51 million - the other $50 million went to the Sebu Lions - including the extra $40 million you presume went into Henry's pocket.

Well said Jeff and amen, Kaz.

Hey Kaz, I'll happily take that title this year! How's the golf course?

"including the extra $40 million you presume went into Henry's pocket."

Oh, I see. They extended themselves $50 million (on an unknown Japanese pitcher) so two years later they could save $40 million. Yeah, that makes sense.

Were they or were they not prepared to sign Teixeira? Cause there's no doubt they could have if they didn't run crying from the negotiating table. They made it *easy* for the Yankees. That simple difference was all the difference in your season. But keep taking the party line hook and line and sinker from management. It makes you guys seem soooo independent.

By the way, do the simple math even as I know it's a stretch for most of you. $50 average ticket price x 40k people x 81 games = 162 million. That's tickets alone. Now add in concessions and advertising and TV revenue. Where does all the extra money go? To the Jimmy Fund?

Who knew this innocuous throw away almost-a-hiatus strip would be the catalyst for so much discussion.

I'll concede that Rob brings up some valid points. The Red Sox can be kind of cheap and are out to make profit first.

We all remember how the difference between having A-Rod and not having A-Rod was pretty small and, if I recall, the amount deliberated was like 1/2 of Larry Luchinno's salary. Certainly A-Rod is worth at least 1/2 a lucky.

With that said though, I think there are many times when players have every intention of signing with the Yankees and just use the Red Sox as a foil.

I'd put Texeira in that group. Along with Damon. And several years back, Bernie Williams. Oh, and El Duque is in that group as well. I'm sure we can come up with others.

Most times the Sox lose the bidding war with the Yankees. And it isn't so much bidding, as sometimes the Sox offer more, but it's, and I hate to say it, that Yankee "mystique" factor.

In recent memory, we've only one-upped the Yankees on two occasions -- getting Schilling and getting Dice-K.

One of those gets led directly to the 2004 victory and the other played a lesser role, but still played a role, in the 2007 victory.

That helps take a lot of the sting out of the fact that Yankees do and will continue to beat the Red Sox on the signing players front.

Regarding Damon, I read his book Idiot during the week after the 2005 season ended. I told my wife, who was big Johnny Damon fan, that if she wanted to read the book and enjoy it, she better do it soon, because Damon was soon to be a mfy. It was very clear to me that in Damon's mind (and probably most other players') that "respect" translated to dollars. Unlike the rest of us poor peons, there was no considerations whatsoever about what might make business sense to his employer. Damon was clearly going to go to another team if they offered one dollar more than the Sox. That, IMHO, is the real "mystique" of the mfy, from a player standpoint - they offer more "respect" to their players, even if their fans and media are among, if note the most, disresectful in baseball.

To Colin... You mentioned Manny's "Zest" and Papi's "slump"...Is that what we are calling them, now? Not the cream and the clear?

Look we had a bad year, in that, we didn't make the world series. So be it. But have we truly become all that we once loathed in that NOT making the World Series is the basis for considering our season a failure?

We were, in my mind, one of the top 3-4 teams in baseball. Is that reason for success. Sure we failed this postseason but odds are we have a terrific chance at getting back to the big show next season. With some tweaking and some healthy performances we should be fine.

The fact is we aren't much different than the Yankees when compared to the rest of the league. It makes no sense complaining about them spending money to win because that is the nature of the game and the folks in Florida, KS, Minny, etc don't view us any differently than the Yankees. We buy our share of talent and cultivate the rest. So be it, it's the nature of the game.

I hate the fact the Yankees are in the World Series but I'm not going to sell the team short. The accomplished the task of reaching the Big Stage and have a formidable task ahead of them. Let's see if they can close the deal. But let's also stop crying over the injustices of the game. For 10 million more chances are we would have had Texeria and been in this spot right now. None of us would have been complaining. Rather we would have been hyping the brilliance of Theo and the Henry regime.

What pissses me off is not Tex - it's Tex AND CC AND AJ in one free agent season, on top of the A-Rod deal last off season, while at the very same time they are borrowing a billion dollars from the New York taxpayers, in a bad economy.

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