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Technically, this is a "hiatus"

Lisa the Temp:
Welcome the Peeps Republic of Lisa with your host, Jackety Jane.


Lisa the Temp:
Oh, yes, peeps, Lisa the Temp knows all.


Lisa the Temp:
For instance, Lisa knows that earlier this year an internet sex tape somehow surfaced starring everybody's favorite blue blood and trust fund bon vivant.


Lisa the Temp:
Of course, in this day and age, the sudden net appearance of a youthful indiscretion is fairly common, right?


Lisa the Temp:
I mean an amateur double-penetration gang bang? Big friggin whoop.


Lisa the Temp:
Am I right or am I right?


Lisa the Temp:
But what if this XXXer starred not only Choate Rosemary's baby but also members of the Trenton Thunder Double-A baseball club?


Lisa the Temp:
Talk about a donkey punch. Even a Red Sox agnostic like Lisa knows that would be seen as sacrilege in this town.


Lisa the Temp:
So what's a Back Bay bimbo to do?


Lisa the Temp:
How about maybe having her incriminating tramp stamp removed for starters?


Lisa the Temp:
You know, grainy footage, poor lighting and it's all "It caaaan't be me, Duncstah, as you know, I have no tatoos. No where did you hide the caviaaaah, daahling."


Lisa the Temp:
And let this be a lesson to you, peeps. Don't fuck with Lisa.


Lisa the Temp:
Meanwhile, back to work, peeps. Lisa has some important temp tasks to complete today.



Comments are fixed!

I see Circle having no problem just shooting Lisa square in the forehead, in between drags on the cigarette, without even breaking her cell phone conversation. Just taking out the trash - a necessray chore.

Then I see Lisa getting back up, batshit crazy, removing the bullet from her forehead, throwing it on the ground, and going all fucking Juliette Lewis in Natural Born Killers on the bitch.

Before this is done, someone is going to spitting out a chunk of another's earlobe.

are you sure?

Too bad Matsui and his .500 average are going to be riding pine for 3 games. If CC pitches Game 4 against Blanton, that's probably a NY win. if Gaudin pitches game 5 against Lee, that's probably a Philly win. Makes tomorrow's game really really important.

although not really RS related, this week has produced some real masterpieces, HB. This hiatus is really fitting you nicely.

This celebrity death match has some real pay-per-view appeal. Just a way to pay for another chair.

I'd take Circle in 8 rounds.

http://picasaweb.google.com.au/soxdownunder/VTG#5369651412858210146 "> Without soul

The best thing about game 2 of the 2009 WS was watching replayes of Pedro throwing poor old Don Zimmer to the ground.

http://www.slate.com/id/2233957/ "> oops, stupid link

I thought Petey pitched pretty well last night. Better than expected in fact.

Anyway, I'm back at work on Monday, so hopefully I'll be back here on a creepily regular basis.

Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

Is that Bob posing as Abby or just Abby being Abby?

Either way Bob shouldn't work on Monday so soon after paddles to the chest and Abby, I'm pretty sure Bob still needs some TLC...or at least a video of LTT and Circle throwing down.

I am reminded that a visiting friend from the SF Bay Area recently advised that the current term of art for the "Tramp Stamp" out there is the "Santa Cruz License Plate."

I am reminded that a visiting friend from the SF Bay Area recently advised that the current term of art for the "Tramp Stamp" out there is the "Santa Cruz License Plate."

Dammit, h.b. Your strip has a broken link. You know, the one about the amateur d-p gang bang.

Could you please get it fixed pronto? Thanks! :-)

um. yankeez suck

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